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 Vyfairen, About the Aliens
Posted: Jan 14 2011, 02:01 PM


Group: Admin
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Click The Vyfairen Click

The Vyfairen (singular and plural) are the alien race that landed on Pern during the Turn 1995. Four extremely large ships were spotted in the skies near dawn, and within the next 24 hours, they landed on the Pernese territory. Capable of verbal speech, the way that the aliens communicate most commonly is through telepathy. They are almost strictly carnivorous with no qualms against eating dragons, fire lizards, humans, or any other meat. They will sometimes devour the elders of their species if they are extremely low on food. However, this is a rare occasion, and they prefer to not feast on their own. The survival of their species is what comes first.

Vyfairen do not have a human appearance. The shortest of their species is six feet tall, the tallest nearing nine feet, though those are the extreme cases. Usually they are between seven and eight feet in height. They possess very long limbs, and have a willowy/dainty appearance. Their skin is slightly transparent, near white. Various degrees of silver tints can be seen beneath the flesh, showing their veins.

Beginning with the head, the Vyfairen do not have hair as we see it. Instead, they have a multitude of long, slender, fine ‘antennas’ that have the appearance of thick hair, but that can be flexed, or moved through nerve endings; they have full control of these antennas, able to twist only the very tip of them if they please. These antennas are used as a means to transmit their telepathic waves as well as sense motion and atmospheric pressure. Their antennas, called ‘Shrii’, grow until they are around mid-back. The Shrii is most commonly seen as a waving mass down their back, or curled around their necks. Their ‘hair’ ranges from white to dark greys, along with silver, and they may have tints of brown or blue. They always have a metallic appearance. Continuing onward, the next visible difference between them and humans are their eyes. Instead of horizontally placed eyes, these creatures have vertical eyes, with two separate eye lids. Their eyes are three times the size of those of a human, and their whole eye consists of the iris (a colour range of green, yellow, orange, red, and purple), and a slim pupil. Their first eye lid is transparent and is used for flying, and when underwater. It protects their eye from the impurities of the air, while their second eye lid is one that closes horizontally, much like a human’s. Next, their ears have the appearance of draconic frills. They are able to stretch them back against their head or flare them outwards to look more intimidating. They possess thin slits for nostrils, but thankfully their lips appear mostly human. Protruding from their cheekbones are frills that act like hands. Each frill has four fingers that will fold downwards and cover their mouths and nose, clipping to their jaws, and each other. It looks like they have two folded hands spread across the lower portion of their face (a mask of sorts), that is made up of two frills.

Their bodies, whether male or female, are the same. They are very slim, but compact with no means to differentiate between the genders. Their hands only have three fingers and a thumb each, while their feet are more like clawed paws with an elongated heel and long clawed toes for balance. They walk upon the balls of their feet. Protruding around the hip-bone area are two long frilled-hands that spread and protect their lower body, concealing and holding their genitalia.

Scattered across their body are thin scale patches. This is actually the way to distinguish between male and female apart from their hidden genitalia. Around their necks, females have a long v-shape scaled patch while males have a more rounded collar-like patch. They also have scales on the inside of their thighs, as well as around their wrists, hands, feet, and ankles. Most of the sensitive parts of their bodies are protected by these scales. The scales can be any range of colour, but usually they are darker, and dull.

When it comes to breeding, it is unknown if the Vyfairen are compatible with humans. However, amongst each other, it is a consensual pairing between the two that choose to mate. The male will first open their hip-frills and wrap it around the female’s lower back, while the female will wrap her hip-frills around the male’s thighs and lower body, locking to mate. However, when it comes to same gender pairings, the placement can be different.

Females go into ‘mating seasons’ around twice a year unless they are fertilized. If a female is fertilized, it can take up to three years for a female to go A female will form between 1-3 eggs inside her body, and lay those eggs after incubating them for three months. The egg is then left to harden and watched by the community for another four months (as it is clutched early, and can not be touched in the beginning), until it hatches. Their young are covered in soft scales, and from birth are fed regurgitated meat, until they have canines (which they grow at six months) to be able to chew the meat themselves.

A Vyfairen matures quickly, having the mental capabilities of an adult at around 13 years. However, their height only reaches its full growth at 40 years. They have a life span of around 200 years.
Posted: Jan 16 2011, 01:58 AM


Group: Admin
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Quick Look at Vyfairen

General Appearance
  • White-translucent skin with silver veins
  • Vertical eyes (eye colour: green, yellow, orange, red, and purple)
  • Two eyelids (first clear vertical eyelid for flying and underwater, second lid is thick)
  • Thin antenna hair (called Shrii) (shrii colour: grayscale, white, silver, and light blues or browns… All metallic)
  • Nostril slits for nose.
  • Frilled ears.
  • Three fingers and a thumb on each hand.
  • Long willowy frame.
  • Frilled-hands starting from their cheekbones, closing around their mouths and noses.
  • Frilled-hands coming from each hip and wrapping around their waists, and their lower torso.
  • Scales around neck (v-shape is female, collar-shaped is male)
  • Scales can be any colour, but they are dull and dark.
  • Scales are found around their thighs, wrists, hands, and feet.
  • On average, between 7-8 feet in height.
  • Have clawed toes, as they walk on the balls of their feet.

  • They speak telepathically.
  • They are technologically advanced.
  • They have the knowledge and technology to genetically alter trees.
  • They have an intricate filtering system, which is why they breath through their frills.
  • They are strictly carnivorous.
Posted: Jan 18 2011, 07:43 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 13-January 11

All About the Vyfairen
I’m going to try and answer as much as I can about them. However, if I miss something, please let me know. =) Their language, however, is still a WIP. Once I have a few base concepts down for it, I’ll gladly share it.

Anakri was the world from which they came. With violet skies, bright green water, and where the land was a chalky white in colour, it was a place that they called home. They lived on that planet with millions of creatures. Some, insects that worked the ground, others herbivores and omnivores. They were not the highest trophic level of prey, nor were they the lowest. The Vyfairen, compared to many of the other creatures were actually a smaller race, if only considering the fact that they had the ability to hide.

There were bright colours in the jungles, and duller colours out in the tundra where the Vyfairen lived. They were the third species to first gain the grasp of technology, having stalked some of the larger ones aeons ago. It began as a simply stalk and mimic. The other species used their primitive technology to be able to hide, to be able to create sharp objects to defend themselves or to hunt. Not a species for ‘cheap kills’ as they call it, they stole many ideas, and items from the other species, and simply decided to branch off into what they called ‘creative learning’.

In the end, it was their curiosity that got them to learn technology; all the questions of ‘what would happen if I…’ came to their minds, and they ran with it. They tweaked things, improved things, worked on things, stole things, and kept building up through the generations until they have arrived at where they are today. A technologically advanced species that has computers and the ability to code and read DNA, to change things to their whim, all with their insatiable thirst for knowledge. However, if there is something about this species that hasn’t changed much over the years, it is the fact that being underground, or indoors, isn’t their style. They prefer to live one with nature, rather than lock themselves away from it. There was no purpose if they were simply going to waste away..

Of course, as time would have it, as they tweaked away at their technology, building ships that could move, creating teleporters between the ships, learning about particles and matter… Their planet began to change. It was subtle at first, but as years go by, and due to their ‘unnatural’ DNA tweaking, their own bodies weren’t adapting to the new chemicals that were being introduced. Their planet had been having a chemical shift, and they had been unaware. It wasn’t until their bodies could barely process and digest the food that they realized that they were in trouble.

It was then that they split into over three dozen groups, and split apart. They brought with them creatures that were helpful to them on their own planet, but without the time to create more and more ships, and to try and create an artificial environment, they were forced to leave on what they had.

The Journey
The Vyfairen that landed on Pern were in their ships for over five decades. Most of the Vyfairen were frozen, while the others scouted out different planets, and tried to determine what they had done wrong on their own home planet. They lived off of supplementary nutrients that they grew in certain parts of their ships, as well as the young of certain creatures that they had brought. Since food had to be rationed, keeping most of the community in slumber was the best way for them to be able to search without having to use up more than their creatures could create.

They investigated many planets, travelling far and wide, slowly losing contact with the other colonies as the distance between ships grew, and certain parts of their technology broke down. After 40 years in a ship, it was easier for them to no longer fix the communication system that was attached to the other groups searching for a home, and to focus on saving whatever equipment they may need if anything in their ship broke down.

The sight of Pern wasn’t an ecstatic one. A planet with blue skies and green land… They had rarely seen such planets, and the ones that they had seen hadn’t been hospitable. When they decided to edge closer, and pull up images on their screens, the first thing that they noticed was the abundance of greenery. Hopeful, they continued to circle around the planet for days, watching the life that existed. It wasn’t until they noticed the dragons that they decided to land. Thus making their mark on Pern.

The Landing
Landing on Pern, and having acknowledge that they could indeed survive on the elements outside their door as their internal filtering system handled it well, they started first by awakening the Vyfairen. They lived in their closed ships for a couple of weeks upon landing, slowly adjusting the gravity inside the ship to match the gravity outside the ship. This way, they wouldn’t have to deal with that much of a sudden shift in gravity. It was a quick adaption, and when they finally decided to explore, they decided to go on a mutual hunt. Living in the ships meant rations, and being on rations, what they needed was fresh meat. Thus, they became on large group, and slowly made their way across the smaller holders near them in the Northern continent.

It surprised and saddened most of them that the creatures that they were hunting had less defence than most of the insects on their planet. However, they were secretly thrilled that there was another species there for them to be able to interact with when the right time came. They’re simply waiting for their own people and creatures to adjust before they try to adapt to a new way of living. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t willing to learn.

Vyfairen society evolved differently than ours. Being in a society where each member played a part in their survival, the Vyfairen established a structure where there is no trade or material gain. Everything is shared amongst their people, and they don’t have much in the sense of personal items. They are very communal and because of the way that they live, are forced to depend on one another for survival as each Vyfairen will choose one to three areas in which they will spend their lives specializing. They will then learn the basics of other skills. A healer, or an artist, is just as welcomed and important as a Xaitu tamer, and a scientist; this is because no one in specialized in everything, and each play different, important, roles in their community.

Since each Vyfairen is important to them, and they do not have a hierarchy within their social structure, when it comes to important decisions they have spokespeople, Sekurn, in each branch of specialization. The Sekurn are Vyfairen who have the most experience in their skills. They do not have a rank above the others; however, they have the responsibility to take all the accepted ideas of their branch and report them to the Sekurn of other branches, when they meet monthly. They, then, discuss the ideas of each group and try to determine how they can mix ideas together, and to try and find the path of least destruction to both their species and the other species with whom they must coexist. Sparing damage to the planet is a big thing for them, especially after relocating when resources are now low. It's all about learning how to ensure that each species can survive without all their culture, knowledge and history being forgotten.

The Vyfairen specialization can range from art (keeping history), to hunting, Xaitu taming, riding, many branches in science, engineering, healer, etc. Basically, if one can think about it, and figure out how to make it work, they can specialize in it. Usually they have multiple groups working on concepts or taking turns doing whatever task that they are specialized in. There are also some other Vyfairen who prefer direct contact discovery and seem a little bit more solitaire than the others. It all depends on their passions, and what pulls them. Saying this, they are very much a society built upon the survival of the species as a whole which means that actions that are only meant for personal gain are usually frowned upon. Concepts such as murder are harder for them to grasp, as they are raised with the belief of take only what you need, and give back as much as you can.

With those views, they are are more of a pacifist society preferring to study and learn rather than fight. That does not mean that they won't fight if they are threatened. One life is less important than the lives of their whole people.

Having evolved in a world where they were both prey and predator, the Vyfairen have a different outlook on life than humans. They do not fear death, and they can step back and understand that they sometimes have to eat other sentient beings, the Xaitu, or even their own during rough times. There is no moral sympathy from them, as they can understand the necessity to survive. Also unlike humans, they hold no ill-wishes against those who would wish to hunt them for survival as well. It is a give and get structure, and one that they had to accept on their homeplanet. Death is sad if you knew the other well, and were attached, but it is simply part of a cycle and there is no fear towards it.

Though they do not have a specific form of religion, they are very respectful to the earth and the planet. They believe that they can be born to follow a path, and born to do great things, but they acknowledge that people influence their own paths. If there is something out there, which some of them may believe, it is something that would directly influence nature, and one who would bring good and bad.

When it comes to their views of the community, it is less common that you'll hear a Vyfairen saying something about them in particular. Usually, they refer to themselves as part of a whole. Yet, when it comes to cruelty or negative behavior, the Vyfairen are not kind. Senseless harm means that it will become more and more difficult to approach other species and to have interaction with them. Cruelty is viewed in the same negative light. If one can't show the same respect to the world around them that they can show themselves, the Vyfairen don't want to have those members as part of their society. They will often ostracize them partially, until they change their ways.

Another important part of their culture are the children. Children are very important to the Vyfairen. They are the ones who will continue the species, and thus they are raised under the whole guidance of the community as a whole. A mother will give her child to the community, and then everyone will be able to influence that child's life, and play a part in teaching it new things.

The Vyfairen are known to be psyonic creatures. They have a grasp of telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, as well as creating mental images and projecting them to another. They earned these abilities through genetic manipulation throughout the years, as well as a necessary need to survive in their old homeland.

Their weapons are their mind, as well as their claws, and fangs. They are able to project sounds, and send images to other creatures as a way to confuse them. However, they are most recognized for their telekinesis. The species can comfortable lift something their weight without using much energy, however, the farther they wish to move it, and depending on what precision and aim they desire, they are most often seen with something similar to metal needles. Thinner and lighter weapons give them an advantage as they can carry it with their minds all day, if they needed to, while an object their weight would only be able to be lifted for at most an hour. Size doesn't play a large part in their ability as they can lift something up to five times their weight.

When it comes to their range, they can control something up to 100 meters. It takes a lot of energy unless they are wielding their light needles. Usually, they stay without a 20 meter radius as they can control most objects comfortably, gain a lot of speed, and keep aim within that distance.

Outside of battle, they use their abilities in a communal way, such as story telling. They can weave intricate stories where they can send the image of what they are imagining to those around them, as well as the sounds. Their stories are a mixture of songs, images, and narrative that can be told mutually, or alone. It is a treat to them, something that they do to relax. It also helps that they can send out waves of what the emotions would be like to heighten the experience. It's a form of art to them, like music.

As for their way of communication, the development of telepathy allowed them to communicate quietly in an otherwise silent land. Being both prey and predator, silence is expected, and it allowed them to cover more ground by using their Shrii as a method to make their communication broader. They do also have the equivalent in music as their natural voices and mental voices have a long range of sound. They had instruments of sorts that they'd make out of wood, metals, and various glasses. They can communicate verbally, but it is easier to be silent than noisy unless you know that you are safe. However, they can speak verbally, in their own tongue, and can send emotions and images as well. It allows them to give a clearer message to each other as the emotion of fear and caution can connect to more people than trying to explain a situation.

Birth & Growth
Females go into ‘mating seasons’ around twice a year unless they are fertilized. If a female is fertilized, it can take up to three years for a female to go back into oestrus. A female will form between 1-3 eggs inside her body, and lay those eggs after incubating them for three months. The egg is then left to harden and watched by the community for another four months (as it is clutched early, and can not be touched in the beginning), until it hatches. Their young are covered in soft scales, and from birth are fed regurgitated meat, until they have canines (which they grow at six months) to be able to chew the meat themselves. Their young then encouraged to spread themselves as far as they can, and to make life a game. They aren't forced to take responsibilities until they are mentally mature.

At 13, once they reach mental maturity, they are allowed to choose a name, as well as to begin interest in the skills that interest them. Usually they'll choose a skill or two in which they will specialize between the ages of 13-40, and from there, they often spend the rest of their lives gaining all the knowledge that they can get, though they are encouraged to follow whatever they fancy.

At 40 years old, they gain full physical growth... They'll begin to accept mates around the age of 45, and from there they can live from anywhere between 170-270 years old, if they do not die of disease, or accidents.

The Vyfairen do not have a naming scheme. Usually, their names consist of sounds that they enjoy. Usually, they are shorter and sharp. The children, once they reach maturity (13), choose their own name, which will be their official one. They can change it again once they pick a specialization.

Rarely aggressive
Proud and loyal
Usually social creatures
Varying personalities from daredevil to all work-and-no-fun
Not known for cruelty towards other creatures

Rarely kills unless for food
Known for their curiosity and creativity
Known for their sense of community
Known for their 'stealing-in-the-name-of-discovery
Known for their ability to use technology (about 95% of Vyfairen have an in-depth knowledge to their computers, crafting, and programming)
Known for their stories
Known for their taming techniques

They Vyfairen have a taming system built on honour and trust. When they want to tame a creature, and allow that creature to keep their wild nature, they would take weeks to years to gain the trust of a creature, and learn their ways. It isn't uncommon to see some Vyfairen who live the same lifestyle as the creatures that they wish to tame--more wild than communal.

However, because they weren't the only beings who focused on taming larger creatures, they developed a device to help them. The Vyfairen have a circular device that is implanted in their bodies to connect to nerves and their brain. It is an optional implantation that nearly all those who wish to tame receive when they are certain that this is the path that they wish to follow. The device is then synched with a unique code that will be entered into a pendant-like device through wireless feed. In these pendants, they can enter more codes to synch other devices to their own.

Because of this, the Vyfairen will tame creatures through implanting a device near the creature's spine, to create a direct feed from the creature's device to their own. When synched with the Vyfairen device, there is a direct transmission of emotions, and it allows for easier telepathy conversation between both creature and Vyfairen. The Vyfairen use this as a quick way to know if their creatures are in danger, or to sense how far they are, as it can be used as a tracking device as well.

A Vyfairen with a normal implant can 'tame' up to 5 creatures at once, if they wish to be connected to more, they must upgrade. However, the more upgrades that one has, the riskier it is for them.

Another way of 'taming' is through paints. The Vyfairen will paint, or tattoo, creatures that belong to them, or their companions. This shows that the creature belongs to one of the Vyfairen in the community, and alerts other sentient creatures that that creature is off-limits at risk of angering another. Though this doesn't allow them to be more closely connected with their creatures, it is a quick visual cue that something isn't a quick snack.

To come

Dass - Means year
ait- - A prefix added to a noun to mean many or to make that noun plural. Example: ait-dass can be many years, or simply years.

Posted: Aug 6 2011, 07:00 PM


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