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Title: Contest!
Description: Prize: Team Choice

Eskerne - January 18, 2011 04:49 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Ness;Charm)
If a gold were to rise, a Syffer or a Zil male could intercept her flight and catch her in midair as they would one of their own females. :D

longer slinky body, not as whiplike, with pernlike muscle, one main-set of wings, onen secondary set of wings lower down, whisker-like shrii which are shorter and less plentiful. She's green and black, but lacks scales. she has headknob like horns, which can conduct electricity, but may only transfer that by touch, and makes the choice to do so so she does not shock her rider. Has to discharge against rocks or trees to release pent up energy. smaller then a zil. she is sterile, like a mule. :C

QUOTE (Lena;Nihil)
* A Zill wraps around a gold before she gets off the ground. There's a spark in their relationship, and their shocking and unconventional romance is simply sizzling.
* Female, sterile
* Sinuous, mother's size, stunning yellow with thick, jagged black markings, three pairs of vestigial wings, horns instead of headknobs, soft scales, a reduced number of stubby shrii on her muzzle
* No flaming, static electricity, more endurance than Pernese dragon, gliding, more maneuverable than Xaitu
* Mind-bond works same as Pernese dragon's, but not as strong("a step up from wher but still not quite up to par with a dragon pair")
* Dangerous Impression; more likely to maul

Tal and I are judging =)

Eskerne - January 18, 2011 05:04 AM (GMT)
Both pairs were remarkably alike. One went into detail about impression while one went into detail about their abilities, as well as kept plausible the fact that Zill and Syffer could catch a Queen as well. =)

Because of the very close similarity, and both dragons being plausible, we decided that Ness and Charm would win if only because of their speed at responding. =) Night left early in the chat, so they didn't have the advantage of a third player.

So Ness, Night, and Charm won! =) They may discuss a prize of their choosing.

The Xaitu, by closely reading their descriptions, are slim dragons made to be long and not bulky. We did this purposely so that they could mate between the Pernese and Xaitu. The Syffer, and the Zill are dead give aways. Having wings, and large enough bodies to wrap around the Queen. It'd be easy for them to swoop down, wrap, and lift the female into the air, hovering.

For the Kiske, we discussed it prior and deemed that it could potentially be possible for a Kiske to pounce on a female Queen while they are on the ground, blooding. Since she is in heat. =)

Since those were the original ways that we thought out before creating the site, I thought I'd share them with you.

As for the children. Both the children that you described were wonderful. =)

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