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 Jolee Spit, "Swallowing's better"
Jolee Spit
Posted: Jul 3 2011, 10:47 PM

taking it all instead of taking one bite

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Jolee 'Joe' Spit

user posted image

30 | Refugee (Dreschi) | Butcher / Informant

the sketch.

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 182 lbs
Build: Tough, fit
Eyes: Bluish gray
Hair: Black
Other: Um
  • Loves a good fight, and will go out of his way to find one.
  • Same goes for a good lay. Or a pretty good lay. Or just, you know, some random woman who's horrible in bed. Look, he likes sex, and having it.
  • Back to the fighting--he's a scrapper. He can use a sword, just not very well. He much prefers his fists. Which he's rather skilled with.
  • He doesn't mind talking about his personal life. It's your personal life that he doesn't want to hear about.
  • Compulsive liar.
  • He likes the name Jolee, and doesn't think it's a girl's name. He doesn't care what you call him, or if you make fun of his name. Though he might use it as an excuse to start a fight with you. Just for shits.
  • Very much enjoys pissing people off, and has become rather proficient at it.
  • Doesn't back down. From anything. Ever. He has a certain determination and drive that his mother always said would get him far in life.
  • It hasn't.
the story.

"Jolee?  Iddin that a girl's name?"

"I'm not a girl.  And it's my name."

"Right.  But I mean, normally it's a girl's name."

"I've never met anyone named Jolee besides my grandfather."

"Right, but--"

He turned to the man and looked at him squarely.  "You want to pick a fight?  Say something about my mother."

The man looked surprised.  Then he let his eyebrows settle to their normal height and pursed his lips.  "Fine.  Your mother's a--"

Joe's left hand curled into a fist so hard that he felt a popping sensation in his fingers, then the fist threw itself into the jaw of the taller man.  Then the right fist found the man's stomach.  Punches followed punches in rapid succession until the taller man was on the ground, never given a chance to throw back.

Jolee leaned forward to get a look at the man, his face already swelling and bleeding.  "Oh sorry, friend," he said, shrugging and wearing a face that said, 'Shit happens.'  He reached down and gently patted the man's cheek.  "Didn't mean to interrupt you.  What were you saying?"


"Swallowing's better."

"I meant your name.  It is Spit, right?"

Jolee looked at the man, obviously a soldier.  He wasn't in uniform, didn't even have a noticeable weapon on him (unless you counted the knife he thought was hidden well in his belt), but he had the look of a soldier.  The walk of a soldier.  "That's right.  You Tev?"

The soldier gave a solemn nod, as formal as you'd expect from a man with a nautical vessel anchored in his ass.

"You've never done this, have you?" Jolee asked, seeing that it was obvious.  The man was young, probably younger than Joe.

"No.  Is it obvious?"

"As a pink elephant riding a blue horse."

Tev winced.  "Look.  Do you have it, or not?"

Joe grinned, happy that he was making the man uncomfortable.  He turned away from the man and went over to sit on the ground; there was nowhere else to sit.  "The guy you want goes by Kemmler.  He operates out of Hightown, supposedly.  Not sure if that's true."  Joe looked at the man again.  "Word is he's with the Exchange."

"Wait.  The Exchange?  As in, the Körbl Exchange?"

"That'd be the one."  His smiled widened as Tev looked worried.  He obviously knew of the Exchange.  Everybody did.  It was the biggest smuggling ring in Escova, even reaching to the Mainland.  "You need anything else?  Or are you gonna pay me so I can actually feed my kids tonight?"

Tev looked surprised yet again.  "You have kids?"

"Nope.  Just hoping that that would make you pay me faster."

The soldier rolled his eyes and pulled out a little pouch of coins and tossed it to Joe.

Joe caught it, gave it a little heft, then nodded.  "Thanks.  Have a good one."  He mocked a salute and was off, whistling as he went, leaving Tev there to think.

OOC Connections.

PB claim: Michael Ealy
Player name: Jeff
Contact info: shell-cell
The Seer
Posted: Jul 3 2011, 10:50 PM

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"You," the Seer began, trying not to smile and failing so completely that he finished with a laugh, "You won't live long." - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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