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 Adoptable Characters and Ideas, Wanted characters of all kinds
Posted: Apr 22 2011, 04:16 PM


Group: Admin
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Adoptable Characters: Characters up for adoption
Adopted Characters: Characters who have been adopted
Open Positions: Notable positions within Escova's government and other areas
Character Ideas: Ideas to help you come up with a new character

Adoptable Characters

Want to add a character? Reply here w/ Form

The information found here pertains to characters which have been partly pre-made by players as NPCs and/or fillers for existing character backgrounds, families, plots etc. Any existing member may contribute to this list, and anyone may pick up a character from this list. It's recommended that you try out a completely original character before picking up one of these, but that isn't mandatory by any means.

Note: You should try to get in contact with the original creator of the character you're interested in prior to completing your application. That player will have to approve your application before you can begin playing that character (unless otherwise stated).

Note #2: Adoptable characters do not have mandatory play-bys attached to them. They may have PB suggestions, but none are mandatory. Any important physical traits should be noted in the character's summary.

How reservations work: You do not have to make a reservation here. You have 1 week after you register an account with an adoptable character's name to post a complete application for that character. If a complete application has not been posted within that week, the account will be deleted to make room for other interested players (if the character's full name is specified in this list). If you need an extension for some reason, please PM or otherwise contact an admin ASAP.

If the player of an adoptable character is inactive (not present and posting) for more than a week without any notification of absence, the adopted character may be put back up for adoption (depending on the needs of the requester). If your adopted character is at risk of being put up for adoption again due to inactivity, you will be contacted through PM and e-mail with notification and given three days to respond.


Age 18-19 | Requested By Dun | Possible PB Alexander Ludwig

Occupation Lord
Summary Brother of Elaine Chevalier :: Gabriel (called Gabe by his sister, whom he calls Elly) tends to be very straightforward and honest- to the point of being unintentionally offensive at times. He has always been very close to his sister, despite his being much less patient and gentle than she is, and he's incredibly protective of her. His opinions about her choosing to become a priestess after the death of Jason Matthiasen are very strong.


Age 9 | Requested By Pleti | Possible PB Thomas Sangster

Occupation Noble
Summary Son of Myron Gethsemane :: This young and blond boy has the serious nature of his father, perhaps because his mother died in childbirth. His father loves him, though he isn't terribly demonstrative in his affections. Henry has a governess and tutor to keep him busy.


Age 37 | Requested By Pleti | Possible PB N/A

Occupation (Mini) Crime Lord
Summary Father of Corvie Daw :: Fair-haired and friendly-looking, he doesn't seem like someone who would deal in smuggling and stealing and selling things for too much to refugees. . . but that's Jack. A generally congenial sort, he loves his family and doesn't get involved in murder or anything like that. He's also somewhat religious but doesn't let that interfere with his "work".

________ KHALIL

Age 26+ | Requested By UZAIR | Possible PB CLIVE STANDEN

Occupation Soldier
Summary Zaman Jaraei's best friend and roommate. Has passive magic (heightened senses: eyesight) and is not only an excellent swordsman, but probably the best damn archer in Escova. Tends to be the 'straight man' to Zaman's nonsense, but can also lay down the hilarity like no one's business. Oh, and he has a complicated relationship with Nyarai Khartuul


Age 87 | Requested By Lina | Possible PB Robert Redford

Occupation Master Seer at the Mage Academy
Summary Grandfather of Isa Karun, supervisor of Cada Eastfall (related to all Lina's characters) :: Known for his bluntness-- he has had problems with nobility and authorities for it. He has been working in the Academy since his graduation, 70 years ago. He's therefore very respected amongst his cohort and a very influential member of the Guild. He's one of Cada's many teachers but is probably the most important. I'll be happy to brainstorm family history with you, from Isa's perspective.

_________ KAUDDEN

Age Late 20s | Requested By Jeff | Possible PB Ashley Zukerman

Occupation Something simple
Summary Brother of Wendel Kaudden, son of Vorn Kaudden :: He came with his father to Escova. He was always expected to be successful and prosperous . . . but he isn't. He's gotten his act together and is at least trying. He probably doesn't think much of Wendel, for various reasons-- Like, for instance, not coming with their father and him when they left the Mainland. He's not as honorable as his father; would steal or even kill if he had to -- but that doesn't mean he'd enjoy it. Other possible PBs: Joshua Jackson, Topher Grace


Age 32 | Requested By Dun | Possible PB Alessandra Ambrosio

Occupation Priestess
Summary Sister of Lance Westley, well-liked by Elaine Chevalier :: Born into a prominent family with a history of military service, Lilith was encouraged to pursue the life of a priestess rather than a marriage. She's smart and ambitious and very well-respected by her younger brother, with whom she has a sort of maternal relationship. Lance practically idolizes her, and yet it seems a constant battle for her to gain the respect she thinks she deserves from others in the priesthood. Her honesty and honor are often questioned, though whether she deserves that skepticism or not is up to you!

"NAS" Nickname

Age 23- 25 | Requested By Sammy | Possible PB N/A

Occupation Leader of Criminal Underground or Owner of a Slave Market
Summary In case you do not understand, this character is not nice. He enjoys watching other people suffer and will step on anyone to get what he wants. He attacked Aurelia when he was still a teenager with a specific purpose. If you're interested in this character then PM Aurelia Karun.

QA ________

Age 40ish | Requested By Lina | Possible PB Michael Clarke Duncan

Occupation Viscount Eastfall's Bodyguard
Summary Bodyguard of Cada Eastfall :: Huge, imposing, and bald, Qa is obviously quite good at his job. He has been assigned to guard Cada since the boy's birth and has been doing a good job of it so far. He's from the very south of Paras, so he speaks with a heavy accent from that region. He's also very skilled in fighting and quick, despite his large size. He's hosted in the castle when Cada is at the Academy-- he doesn't like that. So he basically doesn't have anything to do, unless Cada decides he wants to go about, in which case he shadows the boy. If you want a different PB- go for it (just keep him huge, imposing, and bald).


Age 59 | Requested By Jeff | Possible PB Ron Perlman

Occupation Former Colonel in the Seljiki Military
Summary Father of Wendel Kaudden :: A colonel in the Seljiki Military before retiring, Vorn has actually been in Escova for 15 years. He's proud of both of his sons (despite not having seen Wendel in 15 years). Big on honor and responsibility, he believes in equality, especially between refugees and citizens.

FORMS FOR ADDITIONS (reply to this thread with the HTML or with the simple code-- either one's fine!):
<tr><td valign="top"><img src="IMAGELINK" width="100" height="100" /></td><td valign="top"><h1>CHARACTER NAME</h1>
<h3><b>Age</b> X | <b>Requested By</b> YOURNAME | <b>Possible PB</b> PBNAME</h3>
<p><b>Refugee or Citizen</b><br />
<b>Occupation</b> <br />
<b>Summary</b> A brief summary of the character. Include links to characters who are related to this one.</p></td></tr>


[b]Image link:[/b] If any
[b]Your main account link:[/b] The account you use most-- for PMs, though you're welcome to specify other contact info.
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Requested by:[/b] Your name
[b]Possible PB:[/b] Optional
[b]Refugee or Citizen?:[/b]
[b]Occupation:[/b] If it's necessary to specify
[b]Summary:[/b] Please note any relationships to existing characters and provide links if applicable.
Posted: Apr 25 2011, 11:18 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 282
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Joined: 15-April 11

adopted characters
Many thanks to those of you who have adopted these characters!


Evyleen Karalis :: Added by Dun :: Played by: Tiff
25 - Kitchen wench/server
Mother of Johara Karalis (a precocious, mischievous girl) and friend of Brody Adelard (a passive mage with a talent for trouble)
Traveled to Escova on the same refugee ship as Brody and has been a friend to him since they set out about a year before Johara was conceived.
Doesn't know (or won't tell anyone) who her daughter's father is.
Doesn't know about Brody's magic.
Ask for more info if you're interested.
Her reunion with Brody.
Her additional involvement in the riot plot (with Brody and Johara)
PB: Alexa Davalos
Garron Mason :: Added by Dun :: Played by: Megs
19 - Journeyman stonemason
Half-brother of Cuinn Mason and Marryna Mason
PB: Max Thieriot.
Grew up hanging around Cuinn and his friends-- was sort of the mascot of the main group. He learned to fight from Cuinn and is still very loyal to him, despite his issues with their father. Cuinn has come in to back his brother up in more ways than one on more than one occasion.
Was always the athletic and strong one, despite not being a behemoth.
Is often underestimated by people who don't know him and his family.
Has strong opinions, strong fists to back them up, and loves to have a good time.
Jacen Brant :: Added by Dun :: Played by Lina
28 - Occupation unspecified
Friend of Brody Adelard (+ more relationships- contact Dun!)
PB: Philip Winchester.
Is a citizen and a former soldier pretending to be a refugee.
Met Brody in northern Landis about a year ago and traveled to Escova with him recently. Has only just arrived in Maristheum after spending time in Kyha and plans to spend time between the two cities.
He has a place with Brody in the Refugee Quarter of Maristheum at which he may stay whenever he's in the capitol.
For more info, contact Dun-- there's more to chat about!
Jackson Tooth :: Added by Jeff :: Played by Alex
PB: Merveille Lukeba
Occupation Whatever
Summary Friend of Pike Daw :: He's more serious than Pike, but he has a sense of humor. Jax enjoys watching Pike's attempts at wooing women and making fun of his friend afterword. Jax may just be a nickname, but that's up to you! Go nuts.

Johara Karalis :: Added by Dun :: Played by Duckie
7 - Little Refugee Child
Friend of: Brody Adelard (known since birth)
Born and raised in Maristheum.
Is rather precocious and sassy.
Doesn't react well to being bullied (may take it to heart or punch a kid in the face).
PB: Joey
Kellen Winterborn :: Added by Lina :: Played by Ash
10-12 - Lord of Landis
Second son to Sven Winterborn
Brother to Rune, Wilhelm, Tyr and Freya Winterborn.
PB: Nathan Gamble
His mother died a year ago.
Is less strong-natured than his brother. Has more of Sven's personality than his mother's.
Greatly fond of dogs and magic tricks.
Was very, very shook up by his mother's death.
All Winterborns have their own pet.
Liam Stormguard :: Added by Uzair (and Ash!) :: Played by Buster
10 - Inventor and Problem Solver
Son of Arik Stormguard & Joscelyn Stormguard
Possible PB: Barney Clark
Very intelligent and smart.
Is a great problem solver and quite intuitive.
Possibly doted upon by all his siblings.
Take him! Do this!
Margot Daw :: Added by Pleti Pie :: Played by Lina
33 - Housewife/fake brew maker
Mother of Corvie Daw
PB: Jessica Chastain
From the mainland somewhere, came to Escova in her younger days
Bit of a spitfire, but knows a "woman's place" in the world; lives in the moment
Makes fake potions and salves for Cor and others to sell to unwitting refugees and other dupes
Loves and enjoys her family very much, even her husband who got her pregnant and then married her
Not all that religious
Pike Daw :: Added by Pleti Pie :: Played by Jeff
16 - Pick-pocket
Brother of Corvie Daw
PB: Alex Pettyfer
Loves Corvie but shows it as any older brother might show love to a younger sibling
Likes to brag about the fun he has picking pockets and helping their father
Loyal to family, probably dotes more on their mother than Corvie does
Sven Winterborn :: Added by Dun :: Played by Lina
40 - Duke of Landis
Younger brother of the late King Fenrys Brother in law of Queen Astraea
Refused the crown rather strongly following his brother's sudden death (for unspecified reasons), allowing Astraea to take control of the nation.
Doesn't appear to get along well with the queen.
PB: Ralph Fiennes
Wilhelm Winterborn :: Added by Lina :: Played by Pleti
13 - Viscount of Landis
First son to Sven Winterborn
Brother to Rune, Kellen, Tyr and Freya Winterborn.
PB: Freddie Highmore.
His mother died a year ago.
He's probably not happy that his father's getting married.
Didn't want to leave Landis.
May be acting out, but he's otherwise a good kid.
All Winterborns have their own pet.
Posted: May 2 2011, 09:32 PM


Group: Admin
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Joined: 15-April 11

open positions

The character concepts listed here aren't nearly developed enough to be considered actual characters in need of adoption, but we are providing this list to make sure you are aware of some of the positions that we would like to see filled for plot purposes. The basic concepts listed below might appeal to those of you who would like to have an idea to start with as you go about deciding what you'll try with your next character. They may also appeal to those of you who want to make sure your new character will have a purpose within the story as he/she gets started.

You do not have to reserve any of these positions beforehand, but it would be great if you could post here or let an admin know if you intend to post an application for one of these spots soon. Reserved positions will be marked with **.

Due to the inherent power and deep involvement tied into these characters, we prefer that new players begin the game with another character before approaching one of these concepts.

To see where there are openings in the nobility and government, you may also look at this post in Government.

Chancellor :: Late 40s+ :: Male
The chancellor is responsible for managing the clerks who write and distribute legally binding orders on behalf of the queen. He resides at the Castle of the Crown and has an external office in Hightown from which business of distribution of documents is conducted. He works closely with the king and queen, the steward, and the royal governor of Maristheum.

High Priest :: Late 40s-70s :: Male
The highest authority in Pryism, holding power over all temples and monasteries in the Island Nation and across the sea (though how much he actually manages varies). He lives and serves at The Great Temple in Maristheum and frequently interacts with The Council, though he has no direct influence over the government of the nation.

Openings in the nobility and government may be found here.
Posted: Mar 13 2012, 07:39 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 282
Member No.: 1
Joined: 15-April 11

Character Ideas

Free-to-use character ideas to get you started with plots in mind

This list has been put together to help new players that might not know what types of characters could easily be integrated into the game and its plot hot-spots. It's also here to help current players that might want a new character but aren't sure what to do. You're welcome to use this for inspiration or take a character concept right off this list to make a proper character out of it.

The concepts are vague to ensure that they can appeal to just about anyone. If you don't like the gender attached, change it. If you don't like the age, change it. You don't need to claim anything or make a reservation (though you can have an idea marked as reserved while you work on using it, if you'd like). Absolutely everything here is a suggestion that you can disregard or alter without permission. As ideas are used up, they'll be removed from the list.

If you have questions about how one of these concepts might work in the game, feel free to post in Questions for player and/or admin feedback!

A Concerned Baron

Age 40s+ | Sex M | Possible PB Gary Oldman

Occupation Baron
Summary This man is typically loathed or deeply respected. Having control over land just outside Maristheum, he spends much of his time in and around the capitol and has quite the reputation in the area. He is involved and active in politics and has strong opinions related to current events. He has voiced significant concerns about Queen Astraea's involvement in the governing of the nation since she began to attract more attention as a participant in Escovan politics years into her time as queen. Currently, he's making waves with talk of the unresolved nature of King Fenrys' death, Astraea's possible involvement, her mistakes as queen, and what might be going on behind the scenes with Sven's reign alongside the foreign queen.
Good for Interacting with politically involved and noble characters + influential plotting related to the state of Escova's government

The Refugee Merchant

Age 25+ | Sex F | Possible PB Jana Mashonee

Occupation Merchant
Summary She came to Escova with nothing, but she has managed to gain status and wealth through various, not-always-entirely-legal means. She has a reputation for being someone worth working with and buying from, but she isn't stopping here. Above all else, she is ambitious. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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