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 Maristheum Description
Posted: Apr 20 2011, 08:51 PM


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    The capital city, Maristheum, is a place with undeniable history. Its architecture is most reminiscent of Romanesque architecture, with semi-circular arches (windows and doors), thick walls, columns, Corinthian capitals, and arcades (rows of arches on columns). In some buildings, particularly those of great importance, pointed arches may be found, but overall the style is simplistic, with the exception of the castle and the Great Temple. The stone most commonly found in the city walls and buildings is limestone of various shades of gray, with some granite. Most of the homes throughout the city are built with the same stone as the official buildings of the nation's government.
    The size of homes in the city varies. While the poor might live in one or two-room homes with thatched roofing, those in the merchant class might live in two-story homes with tiled roofing. Few people own land within the city beyond the occasional, small patch of grass between their home and the street, but those who are affluent or even of noble birth may have a small amount of land in the wealthiest districts. More often than not, however, the large estates are without land and in close proximity to other, large stone homes with two floors (perhaps taller than the average home, with high ceilings).
the streets
    The streets in the wealthier districts and close to the most notable locations are cobbled with pale, gray stone. They are typically fairly clean and the drainage is surprisingly quite good, with few notable puddles scattered throughout. Maintenance on the roads in these parts is mostly acceptable, with the occasional missing stones or unevenness. Elsewhere, some of the streets are simply dirt. Holes and ditches begin to appear in close proximity to the refugee quarter. During the rainy seasons, drainage becomes a problem. Sanitation is poor in these areas, with unpleasant smells flooding the streets and garbage being littered in odd places. In some places, beggars and homeless people sit at corners and lie in alleyways.
notable locations
  • The Castle of the Crown - This is the home of the royal family and their servants, the meeting place of The Council, and the center of Maristheum. It is a fairly massive castle of dark stone, square towers, and arches, behind thick walls and raised up above the city.
  • The Great Temple - As the home of the High Priest and the primary house of religion in the nation, this temple is the largest and the most extravagant Pryist temple on the islands. It is located on the river and decorated with sculptural depictions of the creation story above the main doors and throughout the interior. Some of the small windows are filled with blue glass. Others are open, supported with columns to add strength to the heavy walls around them. Inside, the walls are lined with massive, decorated columns. The river flows straight through the center of the temple, with a bridge connecting both sides on the interior. Larger than life statues of the spirits stand on the far wall flanked by smaller statues of Pryyo and Tristella.
  • River Isak - Named for the first king of the Islands, this river runs through the city. It is a common prayer site for the most faithful Pryists, and due to its importance, it is kept surprisingly clean.
  • The Refugee Quarter - Occupying the southwestern portion of the city, this quarter is characterized by filth, general poverty, and an almost exclusively refugee population.
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