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 The Newbie Guide, A walkthrough for getting started
Posted: Apr 20 2011, 08:50 PM


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What is Escova?
Escova is an original fantasy play-by-post RPG set in a fictional land: Escova, the main island of the Islands of Escova. The time period is in a fictional past, inspired by various aspects of the Middle Ages from across Europe and the Eastern world. Under the fairly new leadership of King Sven and Queen Astraea, Escova is struggling with an increasing refugee population from the mainland. Across the Sea of Atros, a war has been raging on the mainland for two decades with no end in sight, and it seems that the Island Nation may no longer be able to exist separate from this conflict.

Read the guide below to learn more!

the newbie guide

In order to try to make it as easy as possible for people to explore the game and get involved in it, this guide has been put together to explain the basics of the game and help you get started as a new player. The steps of this guide are set up in an order that will hopefully start by familiarizing you with the game and end with leading you through the application process. Feel free to skip around as you see fit, but try to hit every step so you don't miss any important information.

the setting, plot, and other important info
Well, you hopefully know the basics about the game by now, but there's more to know. The list of threads that need to be read may look like a lot, but don't panic! You aren't expected to memorize any of this right off, but giving everything a quick read-through will help you get a feel for the setting and plot as a whole, and you can refer back to these topics when necessary. Head over to these topics to learn more:You can find more detailed and/or character-specific information in The Encyclopedia.

the rules and questions
Click here to see our simple (we promise!) list of rules. Post questions in the Cbox or our guest-friendly Questions forum if you can't seem to find the answers you need at this point, but be sure to check our FAQ. You can also PM or otherwise message one of the admins, if you'd like.

Once you have a basic idea for a character, at least, register an account with the first and last name of that character (properly capitalized, please). Before you start working on an application, you may want to check the Approved Characters forum to see what current players have come up with and how they've addressed their applications.

the application process
Check out the application template and start filling it out. Once the application's done and posted in the Character Applications forum (with your character's name as the thread title), wait for your application to be reviewed. Please don't post in any IC forums until your character has been approved. If you choose to utilize a play-by (PB), please check the listing of Face Claims so you don't duplicate a PB. Once your application has been approved and moved to the Approved Characters forum, you're ready to play!

getting started
If you don't already have threading or plotting opportunities lined up, posting a thread in the Plotting forum with some brainstorming ideas may be a good way to introduce people to your character and get started. Posting an open thread may be a good option, too. Feel free to PM individual players if you spot a specific character you would like to thread with. Also, consider taking a look at these threads:
    Open Thread Listing: This thread can point you to open threads you might consider participating in.
    Sub-plot Listing: Here you'll find info on a few plots you might like to follow or get involved in. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

topic options

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cbox and information

ESCOVA is officially OPEN!.

Quick Links:

Listed at:
Birthright RPG-D RPGfix

Skin Uz, Dun & Alina

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