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 The Plot, The overarching plot and premise
Posted: Apr 20 2011, 08:42 PM


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the plot
a quick glimpse at our story

welcome to escova
    The Island Nation, separated from the war-torn mainland by the Sea of Atros, is a collection of islands united under King Sven and Queen Astraea. The queen, crowned only just over a year ago following the death of her husband, has recently married her first husband's brother. Now they control the three main islands of Escova, Landis, and Sathyr, in addition to many smaller islands, few of which are habitable. The islands are generally cold, rainy, and difficult to farm, but they are safe with protection from a ruthless military and an order of feared mages . . . for now, at least.

    Many changes are brewing for the Island Nation, starting at the heart of the nation in Maristheum, the capital located inland on the island of Escova, not far from Kyha, the largest port in all the islands. . .
the refugees
    Over the course of the past few decades, refugees have been pouring into the Islands of Escova, fleeing a devastating war between an invading barbarian horde and the kingdoms on the mainland. Many have come to the Islands to wait for the end of the war, but because the war is still raging with no end in sight, many have settled in the Island Nation more permanently. Some refugees continue to cling to their traditions, even if they are incompatible with Escovan society. Others hold out in the hopes that they will eventually return to their homelands.

    With the social bond between citizens growing tense and isolated incidents of violence resulting from the tension, it is only a matter of time before things spiral out of control. A New Queen, a war encroaching ever so steadily on the country’s doorstep, and a large population of refugees are beginning to take their toll on Escova.
Welcome to the Islands of Escova.
Play a soldier, a priestess, a noble, a mage, a fisherman, or a refugee. Play the daughter of a weaver or the son of a duke. Change the history of an island. Change the history of an entire world.
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cbox and information

ESCOVA is officially OPEN!.

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