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 Yohana zu Heltzer, 23 | Citizen | Waitress
Yohana zu Heltzer
Posted: May 6 2012, 04:54 PM

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Yohana zu Heltzer

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23 | Citizen | Runaway bride...of Pryyo Tavern Wench

the sketch.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 133 lb
Build: Slender, willowy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark brown

Skills. Personality. Quirks.
  • Pros: Friendly. Flirty. Optimistic. Outgoing. Playful. Curious. Sympathetic. Generous. Emotional. Imaginative. Romantic.
  • Cons: Impulsive. Immature. Loud. Shallow. Vain. Spoiled. Sheltered. Self-centered. Melodramatic. Flighty.
  • Literate and educated as befitting a noble lady. Can draw, paint, sing, dance, and sew/embroider. Doesn't do windows (or any other sort of cleaning, really; she's a slob in her personal spaces) and is a disaster in a kitchen.
  • Aesthete, with a particular taste for finery. She knows her materials, and can't be cheated on value with low grade knock offs. That said, she also has an eye for finding beauty in all things, even places unexpected or mundane.
  • Former initiate at a Pryist monastery; she stayed at the cloister long enough (roughly four months) to memorize a few chants, hymns and poems, make books (she has excellent calligraphic skills and penmanship), and learn some basic herbal medicine. Giving up material wealth and living in seclusion did not sit well with her. Not at all. Besides, the robes are tacky, and who would ever want to wear a veil over a face like hers?
  • Eldest daughter of Baron Gereon zu Heltzer, patriarch of the dominant ruling noble family on Ilia. Her siblings are Harald (30; lord and heir), Kaspar (26), Yelena (18), and Maximilian (15).
the story.

There is little fortune in being a second son, and even less as a third-born daughter. Not that you could have told that to Hana; she was daddy's little girl, and when your father was the wealthiest Baron on Ilia, no one could ever tell you 'no'.

Not until the Usurper -- better known as her little sister -- was born, anyway. Hana's charmed life ended at age five, the moment that wailing little beast entered the world and stole the title of 'Baby of the Family'.

She didn't hate her sister, not really. Only sometimes, when she refused to play games with her, like Princess in the Tower, or Tristella on the Cliffs. (Hana always played the angry invaders, while Yelena had to be the martyr, but she didn't see why that could possibly be a problem.)

No, Yelena was a fine playmate when she wasn't burying her nose in books or spending time with the farmers and the sheep. (She was studying animal husbandry, she said. And Yohana thought that was fitting; who else would want boring, precocious Lena for a bride besides an animal?)

It was that shrill one-year-old biter that was the bane of her existence -- her youngest brother, Max. All he had to do was gurgle and shriek, and he had the whole household wrapped around his chubby, stubby little fingers.

Yohana threw herself at her father's feet, sobbing, "BUT DADDY! I LOVE HIM!"

She didn't, not really. Karl was a sweet boy, yes, but he was also an oaf, had poor hygiene, clumsy hands, couldn't tell satin from taffeta, and worse yet, had no sense of adventure. He would be happy to live and die on this tiny island, swaddled in the wool of his tiny little herd. One day, he would make a decent husband for a peasant, for some milkmaid with a plain face and child-bearing hips, perhaps, but not for her.

It sounded good, though. And who didn't enjoy a tale about a forbidden romance between a lady and a pauper?

The Baron, for one. He bent and grabbed her by the shoulders, not too roughly, but hard enough to sit her upright and pry her from his boots. One hand gently swept away the tears on her cheeks, though his voice was stern and resolute, "Hana, sweetling, you are not to see that boy ever again, and that's final."

"But I hate him!" she shouted, throwing herself dramatically on the bed, face first so that her cries were muffled by the duvet.

"You've only met him twice, Hana. How can you say you hate him when you barely know him?"

She clutched a pillow to her chest as she rolled over to look at her sister. While she flailed, Lena sat calmly brushing her hair out in front of the vanity. Hana wrinkled her nose, "He's absolutely repulsive."

Lena set the brush down, turning in her chair to scoff, "Are you blind? He's handsome. Every girl in town would be jealous." Including Lena herself, Hana suspected, though she'd never admit to her envy.

She had a point; her parents' chosen suitor was quite striking, the physical embodiment of tall, dark and handsome. It was a pity those looks were a mere facade. "There's such a thing as inner beauty, too. I'm not all about appearances."


"Shut up." Hana stuck her tongue out, then propped herself on an elbow thoughtfully. "Anyway, he might be...comely, but he's so...boorish. Did you see the way he was leering at the maids when he came in? And all he wanted to talk about was hunting and riding. After lunch, I showed him one of my paintings, but all he said was 'that's nice, though I prefer things with a little more color and shape.' It was a monochrome self-portrait! Ugh. For Pryyo's sake, he doesn't even like music! What am I to do with a husband with whom I share nothing in common? I can't find anything about him to like."

"Well, you don't have to like him to be married to him," the younger girl replied sagely.

"Says who?" she huffed. Lena's mouth had opened to answer, but Yohana cut her off, "That was rhetorical." Yes, she knew what that word meant, too. She sat up, throwing her legs over the edge of the bed with a sigh, "Just...why can't I choose who I spend the rest of my life with? I don't want to simply be married. I want to be loved."

"You're joking."

"No, we're absolutely serious about this, Yohana."

"B-but I..."

"Your father and I gave you a choice, a very nice array if I may say so. But you denied all of the men we presented to you, some of them quite rudely. So, this is what you're left with."

"Please, no. I can't. I mean, look at me! Me. Can you imagine? Maybe Lena would have--"

"She didn't, though. Your sister has her engagement, and her dowry, and her wedding all set without any fuss, at all. You, on the other hand..."

"Sorry, I'm sorry! Anything but this, please! What if...what if I try to talk to them again? Maybe Sir Jor--"

"Yohana, it's too late. You had your chance and you blew it. And with Harald's wife expecting again, they're is going to need to make more room. You can't stay here. We've...already made the arrangements for your travel. Your ship to Kyha leaves in a week, and you'll be at the monastery outside the capitol by the following day. Say your goodbyes to your friends, and don't worry about packing."

The innkeep gave her a scrutinizing stare, like a hungry, fat tomcat eyeing a skinny, quivering mouse. "What's yer name, lass?"

That gave her pause. "Hana. Hana z--um, Hale." Her hesitance was stupid, and a dead giveaway that she was lying, but he didn't seem to care. A pretty girl was a pretty girl.

"Hana Hale? Hmph. Your parents had an odd sense of humor. Well." He tossed her a soiled apron over the counter. If her reflexes were any slower, the dirty canvas might have smothered her instead of being caught in both of her soft hands. "Get to work, girl."

OOC Connections.

PB claim: Oona Chaplin
Player name: Lee
Contact info: idk my bff PM
The Seer
Posted: May 14 2012, 03:54 AM

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