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 Fire and Blood, A Pre-series Game of Thrones RP
Daemon II Targaryen
Posted: Apr 15 2012, 09:30 AM


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fire and blood

you've heard of "a game of thrones" and the book series "a song of ice and fire". you know the story and the rich history, now is your chance to live it. a game of thrones roleplay unlike the others. instead of taking place during or after the first book or season, this rp takes place prior to that. in the time where dragons (targaryens) ruled in place of baratheon. before prince rhaegar stole lyanna stark and whisked her off to marry her. before the war and burning and blood that tore the seven kingdoms apart.

fire and blood takes place just before the start of the rebellion. prince rhaegar lives and has just won a small tourney and placed the tournament crown on not his wife's head, but that of lyanna stark causing suspicion and outrage in some. aerys ii targaryen, the mad king as some have started to call him, seems to dance on the very edge of madness more frequently than in the past. the lords of the realm grow uneasy with his vicious actions and seemingly insane paranoid demeanor. will the lords rise in rebellion? will a new king arise in place of the old? will things go as expected, as written, or will a new face come to claim the crown?

while this site does take place during the rebellion era, things will not be forced in the direction of the books or series. instead, players will mold the story to their desires, their dreams and mayhaps do things that bards will sing of for ages!

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