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 Evyleen Karalis, Tavern Cook
Evyleen Karalis
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 01:14 AM


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25 | Refugee | Kitchen Wench/ Server

the sketch.

Height: 5'6
Build: Slender, with curves.
Eyes: Hazel-almost blue
Hair: Dirty Blonde/Brown

Skills. Personality. Quirks.

[*] Blunt- No-Nonsense - Stubborn : Evyleen is a tough woman, as a single mom she doesn’t have much time for tom foolery, much like her daughter likes to engage in. She’s a blunt woman who puts things straight, often without thinking of the results of her forward nature. She isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, and stand her ground. If you irritate her or make her upset, she’s more than willing to let you know. In this respect, it also takes a lot for her to forgive or accept an apology, she will eventually, but she’s a stubborn broad. Don’t try to kiss up to her though, she finds flattery, gifts or such things pointless and will scoff at them, typically making her even more irritated than before.
[*] Protective - Loyal : If there is one thing that Evy is absolutely steadfast on is her loyalty to her daughter, and to her friends (currently consisting of Brody). She is a fiercly protective woman who will step so far as to use physical intimidation to defend her daughter or her friends. While not a fighter, and certainly not built like one, she isn’t afraid to try if it comes down to it. She has learned the art of deception and scrapping, and can usually provide a swift kick when necessary or a good slap or hit with an object to put her point across prior to making a hasty retreat.
[*] Skilled cook : Evy is an exceptionally skilled cook. She knows how to make a meal and make it well, even with the shoddiest of ingredients. It’s said that you could give her week old food and she could still make a feast of it worthy the Queen’s table. While she won’t put it out there herself, she does take pride in her cooking. So much so, that she’s been known to get defensive against those who say that it’s simply ‘okay’. In this regard, she loves being in the kitchen, or in the market shopping for ingredients.
[*] Cheater – Dancer/Singer : While not always a stubborn sour-puss, Evy does know how to enjoy herself. She is a very good dancer, when she allows herself the enjoyment of it, and moves with a rather surprising grace for her personality. If she ever indulges too much in drink, she is also an exceptional singer. Though when she doesn’t feel like letting these rather playful sides out, Evy does enjoy a bit of a gamble, beware though, she cheats at cards and most of her dice are weighted.
[*] Simple Beauty : Evy is no goddess or Queen, but she has a remote beauty that can be called ‘simple’. She’s not an overly curvaceous woman, and it’s often wondered how she ever had a child. Nor is she endowed by any means. Her face is simple enough, and she keeps herself clean and well kept. Her most outstanding feature would be her smile…if she ever really smiled that is.
[*] Bitter :As a refugee living in the quarters, Evy is a bitter woman. She sometimes tries to reign it in as best she can, but more often than not it shows through with abundance. She keeps to herself often, and really only allows herself time to smile and enjoy life when in the presence of her daughter, alone at home of course. It’s perhaps only her daughter and Brody that have ever really seen her smile or laugh, and those are rare and fleeting moments. She remembers her life before coming to Escova, and often misses it. Rarely will she share such thoughts, and perhaps only does with Brody.

the story.

“What are you doing Evy?”

”I’m making soup…what does it look like…and don’t call me that.” Evyleen stirred the water with a stick, mud mixing the grass, twigs, leaves and berries she’d gathered from around the yard and placed into the puddle. “That’s not soup.” The little boy crossed his arms angrily, speaking as if he were some dignified prince. Evy snorted. “It’s pretend soup stupid you have to pretend” she lifted up some of the mud-soaked leaves and dropped them back in with a splat, spraying muddy water onto her linen dress. The little boy marched over to her, and kicked at her puddle of soup, spraying water and wet fauna all over. [b] “Hey!” Evy stood up, angry and clenched her hands into fists at her side. “What was that for Matteo!” The boy gave her a grin, sticking his face out towards her with his hands on his hips. “I just pretended to kick your soup all over the-OOF” Matteo fell over with a woosh of air from his lungs, Evy stood there, angry. She’d shoved him as hard as she could, and it had sent him sprawling backwards into more mud. That’s for being mean!” Evy kicked mud at him “And that’s for calling me Evy.” She stormed off, chin held high with solid stomps in her steps.

Stupid boys.

“HEY! Evyleen! There’s some men ova’ there who are lookin’ for a’ somethin’ to drink oi?”

The barkeep was a fat man, with a fat face that was always flushed or blotchy. He wheezed ninety percent of the time and snorted the other ten. Evyleen sighed angrily as she wiped her hands on her apron. She was trying to make the stew that so many of these patrons liked, and that this fat man always demanded she made. But instead of hiring wenches, he expected her to rush around the place and give them ale as well. She didn’t have fifty hands, but he seemed to think so. Perhaps he couldn’t see through those fat eyelids. “Ya’ Ya! I here ya!” She marched over to the table, and rested a hand on her hip. “What’ll it be boys?” She rose an eyebrow as they looked her up and down, grinning with gap-tooth smiles. They ordered tankards of ale, and Evyleen was quick to bring it to them before rushing back into the kitchen to resume her cooking.

She threw more vegetables, potatoes, a chunk of cheese and chunks of lamb into the pot, stirring before turning to chop up more herbs to season it with. She paused mid cutting and sighed, reaching a hand up to wipe her forehead of the light sheen of sweat that was on it. She wondered if she’d ever find freedom somewhere…away from all this. From the demands, the stares, the lewd gestures and the feeling that she was nothing more than a cattle for men to examine, price, and purchase. Thankfully she was the kind that liked to bite, so she avoided the whole…purchase part.

Escova. She was finally going somewhere else. Freedom was but a shore’s span away from her. She stared out at the sea, wishing and hoping that her chance was just across the azure waves. She leaned on the railing of the ship, ignoring everyone else that was also boarding. She wasn’t the only one seeking freedom, and she knew that.

Sighing, she pushed her dirty blonde hair from her face, the wind having whipped it across her nose and eyes, and she smiled. Finally, no more lewd men, no more bar-wenching, no more fat bartender. She had a chance to make something of herself here.

She had hope.

”Brody I can’t…I can’t do this…Brody…” She was clinging to his hand, her grip tight as a vice. She wasn’t ready for this, she didn’t even know how, or why this was happening. Her body was contracting, her swollen-pig sized belly was heaving angrily, and she felt pain shooting up her core, right from the point where her legs met her body to her neck. She wasn’t ready to give up her freedom. She had just found it…though it wasn’t what she hoped, what she dreamed. But she had a chance, or so she thought. She knew she could’ve made something here, she had something here…even if she was shoved aside like everyone else in the pitfalls of the city, left to squalor in the part that was practically forgotten. Now she lost that chance, the pain reminded her of her failure to free herself. The pain became the strongest chain she would ever have to endure, and she didn’t think she was going to like it.

Tears filled her eyes. She screamed.

  Evyleen watched her go out the window, a smile ghosting her lips. Johara was so full of life, so sweet. Evyleen couldn’t believe how much she’d grown, and how much she’d attached herself to Brody. Her little ray of sunshine…

Her freedom.

OOC Connections.

PB claim: Alexa Davalos
Player name:Tiffany
Contact info: PM (either Evyleen Karalis or Maeniel Keskhari)
The Seer
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 03:20 AM

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The Seer smiled slightly, just watching her for a moment. "You could probably make this world your slave, if you wished it to be so," he said plainly. "More likely you could simply be much, much more than you are now with enough desire. Courage and honesty would do it, but that's the same for most, I suppose." Raising a finger, he added, " Don't forget that part of being a good mother is serving as an example. All you provide will mean nothing without an example of how to use such resources and lessons . . . and really-- that Brody fellow is not a good example." At that thought, he had to shake his head. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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