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 Inweer Covall, 58 | Citizen | Governor of Maristheum
Inweer Covall
Posted: Mar 14 2012, 10:02 AM

Lexi | 58 | Governor of Maristheum

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The Royal Governor Inweer Covall

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58 | Citizen | Governor of Maristheum

the sketch.

Height: 5’9”
Weight: 160ish lbs.
Build: It is obvious that Inweer was once a muscular, fit man, but he has become a little less sturdy and a little more stocky.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light gray/white; also bearded
Other: Inweer dresses in finery that reflects his title – royal robes, along with pins or draped jewelry of the governor’s office. There is a rather impressive scar that covers the back of his right shoulder and extends down the majority of his arm’s length. Once, there was a great deep and damaging gash where this scar had been.

Skills. Personality. Quirks.
  • Patient – Inweer can sit for hours listening to the problems of the people. He also knows how to wait for laws to go through or to hear back from the others of the court. He has worked long for such power and such position.
  • A thoughtful listener – No matter the person, Inweer tries to take everything that people tell him into careful consideration. This doesn’t mean that he always acts on what he takes in, however. Some things are meant to help in the future rather than the present.
  • An excellent planner – He knows how to think ahead and assess a situation from many different angles. This comes in handy when he’s trying to serve the people – or even himself.
  • Very well educated – His family life required him to be so. He was sent off at a young age, and being naturally curious of the world around him, as well as determined, Inweer quickly took to learning.
  • Inweer is quite charismatic and can even seem charming. He’s always had a sort of magnetism that draws people to him. His knowledge, seeming wisdom, and careful consideration lend to this.
  • He has always been very dedicated to Escova and the ruling of Maristheum. He has a loyalty for his city and land that he certainly feels cannot be surpassed.
  • Inweer fancies himself empathetic or even compassionate with others. In reality, he tries to solve problems that will be most beneficial to Escova as a whole, but when he ever does give in to those such as the refugees, he feels he has done a great social service.
  • Inweer is proud, no doubt. This mostly came to be after his years serving the military and the accident that forced him to leave it. He has long since lost sensitivity to the issue, but he is still a little vain when it comes to any past accomplishments.
  • He can certainly be arrogant (at least internally) about his position and responsibilities. The subjects of Maristheum come to him for problems, and because he’s the one that gets to address most of them, he feels can have the pride of taking care of the capital city.
  • Inweer can be jealous of others with power. He can hold a certain amount of resentment – perhaps even a grudge – towards those he feels shouldn’t hold such.
the story.

QUOTE (A Child Destined for Greatness)
“But he’s so young, Reevan.”

Inweer crept up so that he could peer around the corner. They were talking about him, he knew. His father was taking him on a journey out of the city tomorrow. They would head to one of the better monasteries, where Inweer would be educated over the next several years. Inweer hadn’t questioned this; his older brother had gone before him several years ago, though he had forsaken the strictly scholarly path in favor of becoming a priest.

“I told you, it’s not to be questioned. The Covall family has done this for many many decades. Our son will be educated.” Inweer could practically hear the scowl that his father made. “Someone in our family has to continue the Covall’s traditional place within the military.” His mother remained silent. She was religious – or at least of great deference – and didn’t approve of such talk regarding their eldest son’s choice. “We leave in the morning.”

Inweer sucked in his breath as his father swept past, heading off to his room to sleep. He jumped as he realized his mother was upon him. She knelt down, cupping his face in her hands. “Don’t worry, sweet one.” She gave him a lingering kiss on the forehead, obviously distraught but not wanting to bring anxiety to her son. Pulling back, she looked him in the eyes. “You are destined for greatness.”

QUOTE (The Road to Maristheum)
“Cover your defenses, Kaegal!” Inweer hissed at the younger man. He clasped the sword in his left hand, sizing up the other. He wasn’t quite so old himself, merely in his latter twenties as opposed to this late teenaged male. The swords clanged again, and Inweer blocked a sudden fury of attacks brought on from his opponent. He suddenly had to up his defenses, but not necessarily because of any increase in skill or concentration on the part of the other. Kaegal had merely given in to his impatience; anger – when introduced into a fight – could be dangerous, even with lack of ability.

He pushed forward suddenly, using the dulled sword to ward off the increasingly messy attacks. He dove into the Kaegal’s defenseless territory, nearly knocking the breath out of him with the flat side of the sword. The man stopped and glowered at Inweer. “Messy fool,” he pronounced. “Your anger leaves too many openings. Concentrate your mind and your defense, and then maybe you’ll win.”

Inweer began to turn around, but the unmistakable sound of spitting made him stop and turn ever so slowly. The insolent young man was crouched on the ground, using his sword to steady himself while holding his bruised side. “You even dare to use such language with a viscount, Corporal?” Kaegal jeered through labored breath. “Perhaps if you had been able to avoid your own incident, your military career would have taken your further.”

Inweer swooped forward and kicked the sword, making the man fall forward onto the side of his face. He stood over him, practically growling in return. “Make no judgment, Viscount. I was well into the army at your age and you can barely hold your own with a sword.” He turned haughtily and took off for the exit of the courtyard. He paused just before he left. “Please inform your father the baron that he shall be in need of finding other suitable instruction for his insolent son.”

Leaving the courtyard behind – as well as the past year of tending to the whiny viscount’s education and training – Inweer headed back towards Maristheum. It was where he should have gone anyway, upon being honorably discharged from the military. That was where he would make his mark.

QUOTE (Dreams of a Clerk)
Being a clerk had been a good start into the life of being a government official in Maristheum. But that was what it had just been: a start.

Obviously this wasn’t enough for the likes of Inweer, the type that liked to find out just how high he could fly. He dreamed big, and one day, he wanted to be chancellor.

That was until he considered being the Governor. Maristheum’s governor – such a high position, being in large control of capital city of Escova. Sure, the king and queen lived there and they had the overall power, but to be able to rule and help the people from there.

No dream was too big. No task was too small. Inweer would do whatever he had to do in order to rise to this position. He was meant for great things…

QUOTE (Message from the King)
He was dead.

Cerwyn Forell, the Royal Governor of Maristheum, was dead. It had been a few days, of course, but there wasn’t a thought that went through Inweer’s mind that wasn’t at least followed by this marvel. There was a chance now that he could come upon such a position. Forell had been a baron before governor, but it wasn’t as though the arrangement was determined by blood or any particular other prerequisite.

Besides the obvious – a good, strong leader, a hard worker – Inweer was someone that could really lead and help the people.

Despite being a clerk, he had risen in the ranks and had helped the Chancellor much. Perhaps he had put in a good word for him. Perhaps his former lieutenant had put in a good word for him. Perhaps his actions spoke even louder than these words. Perhaps –


Inweer was brought out of his reverie. “Yes?” he asked, standing up quickly from his chair to greet the messenger at his door.

“Message, sir, from the King.” Inweer’s eyes widened. He went forward and took the scroll from his hands. The messenger bowed deeply before leaving. Upon unrolling the scroll, Inweer allowed himself a grin. It was time – his time.

QUOTE (The Governor's Business)
It had been another long day. Inweer was left to his dinner, actually able to dine alone this evening. Many times, his duties as governor required that he entertain others, even after a long day of other duties. A servant left him with his steaming plate and newly-poured wine. He inhaled deeply before taking a drink.

Things had certainly gotten messy over the last few years since he had come into his position. He had done his best to serve the people, to concentrate on his own duties. But with all the changes that were happening in Maristheum, on Escova in general… Well, it was disturbing, to say the least.

As his concern got to him, Inweer picked up the chalice and abandoned his food. He walked over to the window, gazing out over the city. Particularly, he gazed in the direction of the refugees. Though the city seemed pretty quiet at the moment, he knew that there was great insurrection, even as he stared from his royal home.

Not to mention, all that business with the King Fenrys’ death…

Inweer shook his head. One didn’t like to dwell on such things. After all, he should never question the intentions of royalty. He was completely loyal to Escova and her queen. Even if… Even if there were a problem, Inweer knew it was his duty to cater to the people. Other things were none of his business.

He turned and went back to the table. Sitting down, he picked up a piece of bread, staring at it for a moment before taking a bite. Yes, none of his business.

OOC Connections.

PB claim: Derek Jacobi
Player name: Lexi
Contact info:, or PM
The Seer
Posted: Mar 15 2012, 06:17 AM

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