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Lann de Morgandy - May 6, 2011 02:32 PM (GMT)
There are some things in this world that I love. One is sewage systems. The other is a solid hinge. I'm not going to ask about hinges.

Basically, how does Escova deal with human waste? Are we talking bucket and throw onto the street? Bucket and throw into the water? Are they throwing the waste into water they use for drinking? Or sea water? Do they have a sewage system? Is it extensive?

Yeah well, I just want to know if it's good or not and if the good-ness of waste disposal depends on whether or not you're living in some place rich. It's just going to affect the prevalence of disease. Also whether the refugees/citizens drink beer or water.


My next question is related to sexuality. Is it just a matter of taste? Some people like bannanas, others like apples, still others enjoy a good fruit salad? Do some kinds of couples receive some kind of social reward? Are some outright discriminated against?


Gender wise, I get the impression that things aren't so bad as it was in medieval Europe but men generally lead. Women have traditional roles and those traditional roles are the same as what we consider traditional gener roles? (I guess I'm wondering if Escova's take on gender reflects modern day Western countries.)


Thanks muchly!! (And I do apologise if the human waste question seems really odd. It's just astounding how the simple matter of poop has an impact on a range of other things.)

Brody Adelard - May 6, 2011 03:08 PM (GMT)
Dun here with a quick answer or two to start, at least:

I should probably let Uz tackle waste disposal for Kyha, but I'm probably the authority on that topic for Maristheum. ;) The conditions in the refugee quarter, at least a notable portion of it, are rather dismal-- including those matters pertaining to waste management. You will find sanitation problems there- with a lot of waste of various kinds ending up in the streets. There is something of a sewage system in place in Hightown (where the rich reside) and nearby areas, and conditions throughout the market district are fairly clean, but the refugee quarter is undoubtedly a problem. Waste is not tossed into the River Isak, from which a lot of drinking water is taken- the only exception would be downstream in the refugee quarter where some might have little concern for the cleanliness of the river as its condition upstream is mostly due to its religious significance (Pryists have great respect for bodies of water and give them spiritual value).

A lot of the social norms depend on Pryist customs and beliefs because the religion plays a big role in Escovan society. As a result, heterosexual relationships are typically considered the only way to go, in line with the combining of the 'male' and 'female' Spirits and the union between the Seer and the Martyr.

Gender roles are about what you would expect from a Medieval society in many respects. The society's largely patriarchal (with men leading families and being the first in line to inherit noble/governmental positions), but woman have some options beside staying at home and popping out babies. The best bet for a woman to gain power is to go the monastic or priesthood route. Women have the opportunity to gain a lot of power over business and receive a great education by entering a monastery (the downside-- chastity! :P). Women may also join guilds in many cases, especially if they are widows of craftsmen who wish to take over their deceased husbands' businesses. What's particularly unique to Escova is the opportunities in the military. While women in the military should be a rarity, you will find some female battlemages and a few female military members who aren't mages.

uzair - May 6, 2011 10:21 PM (GMT)
Oh man...

I took a year of Archaeology at University, and sanitation was always my big concern. I always asked myself, 'would I live here?'

I know traditional Middle Age societies were big on throwing waste out in the street. In some cases, there would be dedicated outhouses built in which people went in, took a dump, and then used a brush to clean up. These outhouses would be cleaned every few years and it was a big nasty deal.

I don't think Escova is much different. We've built a somewhat class-based system, and the different social classes tended to congregate within their own areas. So the richer areas probably have sewage systems-- not extremely advanced ones, mind you, but definitely better than elsewhere. In the Refugee Quarters, its all fair game. I doubt anyone has created a system there, so it's probably pretty disgusting. There are probably communal outhouses here and there, and because we're talking Kyha here, the sea is always close; so throwing waste into the sea, although heavily frowned upon by Pryists, wouldn't be unreasonable in the Refugee Quarters. Elsewhere in the city, you can assume there is some system of waste management-- even if it's just taking a dump in dug-out, earth-covered, shitting holes.

In Maristheum, if I were playing a refugee (and I do), I would probably orient towards the river for cleaning up. That's where Nyarai washes her clothes, anyway.

And since I can't stop talking, I'll also point out that human excrement was an important component in leather working back in the day. Kids would be sent out to collect chamber pots and latrines, and they would be brought outside the city to the leather making area and would be used there...:/

I also guess it's nice to know it rains a lot in Escova so stuff eventually gets cleaned out...

...Or gets diseased. Your call.

Lann de Morgandy - May 8, 2011 03:38 AM (GMT)
Brilliant! Thanks guys :wub:

(That leather making thing, so very cool. I can see alot of refugee kids doing that for some brass, probably being paid less than lower class citizen kids who do the same job.)

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