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Title: Dun's Threadsy Bitties
Description: Astraea.Brody.Cuinn.Elaine.Ephram.Kalli

Queen Astraea - May 2, 2011 10:36 PM (GMT)
-Placeholder for graphical bitties-

It's like a directory and all that omg.

. . . keep the coffee away.

Queen Astraea - May 2, 2011 10:38 PM (GMT)
Queen of the Islands of Escova

A Whole New World :: Cada Eastfall ::
    Astraea welcomes her young cousin to Escova.
Business :: Cerwyn Forell ::
    Astraea plays her game with the royal governor and the happy, bickering nobles of Maristheum.
Queens and Court Jesters :: Drustan mac Cruihm ::
    Astraea tries to help sort out a conflict for one of her favorite noblemen.
Disparity :: Sven Winterborn
    Astraea asks some tough questions and puts some pressure on the Duke of Landis . . . who just so happens to be the guy who could have taken control of the Islands after her husband died.
Discrepancy :: Feroza Panahi ::
    Immediately after her meeting with Sven, Astraea asks for Feroza's input on the issue of her remarrying.
Present to Past :: Aiden Dax ::
    Astraea approaches the captain of the palace guard to talk about Cada's presence in Maristheum.
Opinions, Opinions and Facts :: Myron Gethsemane ::
    Astraea asks the steward about the issue of her remarrying.
the plan :: The Council
    The Council members discuss their plans to resolve the riot in the refugee quarter.
The Proposal :: Sven Winterborn
    Sven comes to Astraea with some conditions, and they reach an agreement.
Get Serious :: Sven Winterborn
    Sven and Astraea talk about the details of their agreement.
Parenting :: Sven Winterborn
    Sven surprises Astraea in her bedchamber to talk about Rune.
Effort :: Rune Winterborn
    Astraea attempts to talk to Rune about her father.
For Your Information :: Aiden Dax
    Astraea informs the Captain of the Guard about her plans to marry, but the real conversation is in what they don't say.

Brody Adelard - May 2, 2011 10:41 PM (GMT)
Resident lie-detector and trouble magnet

sundries :: Nyarai Khartuul ::
    Brody bothers Nyarai after a year of Brody-free bliss.
How far do I have to go :: Amaya Nassaf
    Landslides are great for ruining a person's day, no?
You Think You're Better Alone? :: Nyarai Khartuul
    Brody tries to be helpful.
Happy Days :: Jacen Brant
    A conversation about Brody's ridiculous flirting habits turns into something more serious.
A Timely Reunion :: Evyleen Karalis ::
    Riot - Brody goes to Evyleen's home and forces himself to see her for the first time in a year so he can make sure she's kept safe during the riot.
Promises :: Evyleen Karalis, Johara Karalis :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Riot - Brody returns to Evyleen with her daughter, but they soon find the danger to their group hasn't passed.
Yes, I Am Crazy :: Nyarai Khartuul :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Brody visits Nyarai at her home. . . for important business, of course.
"Oh . . . OH. Wow." :: Jacen Brant :: [IN PROGRESS]
    While on their way to a job, Brody decides he wants to chat up a pretty lady. Turns out that lady is the one Jace was supposed to marry before his life got turned upside down. . .

Cuinn Mason - May 2, 2011 10:42 PM (GMT)
Badass corporal and epic builder of things

Bashing Heads :: Ambrose Khalil
    Ambrose proves he isn't willing to sit back and put up with Cuinn's way of handling problems.
Welcome the the Monkey House :: Ari Branth
    Cuinn tries to be nice to Ari, and he soon regrets the attempt.
A Nice Walk in the Woods :: Galia Baryk :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Cuinn's bad day is made worse when he gets sent on a tracking mission with Galia, but one good thing happens-- puppies!

Kalliope D'aher - May 2, 2011 10:44 PM (GMT)
Tribal refugee with no sense of self-preservation

Scavenging :: Torsten van Wieren
    Kalli tries to steal and meets a seemingly generous nobleman.
When Bad Gets Worse :: Rann Cahell :: [IN PROGRESS]
    It's so fun to be homeless and otherwise screwed when it rains in Kyha. . . and Rann's around.
Welcome to Paradise :: Isa Karun ::
    Shortly after arriving, Kalli's caught stealing by The Masked Avenger, who proceeds to try to help her. She doesn't prove to be an easygoing charity case.

Elaine Chevalier - June 4, 2011 09:41 PM (GMT)
The naive noble lady who wants to save the world

With the Furies Breathing Down Your Neck :: Andrezi Damask :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Riot - Elaine encounters Drez while she tries to make her way home during the riot. . . while being annoyingly optimistic.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! :: Rune Winterborn :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Elaine meets the Duke of Landis' daughter at the castle.
Waters Running Deep :: Col Isai :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Elaine goes to the river to pray, not realizing she's being watched by a secret admirer and some scarier fellows, who eventually approach her . . .

Ephram Matthiasen - June 4, 2011 09:45 PM (GMT)
The knight in shining armor

Courage- n. Foolishness :: OPEN - Fadime Al-Din, Galia Baryk ::
    Riot - Ephram rides into the refugee quarter during the riot hoping to find Elaine and finds trouble instead.
Stop, Ruffian! :: Aderyn Llewellyn :: [IN PROGRESS]
    Ephram saves Lady Aderyn from an unpredictable horse then escorts her home, making a new friend.

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