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Welcome to "Dirty Little Freaks", a Glee AU RPG! Feel free to take a look around and get a feel for the crazy little universe we've created here!

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 Kurt Hummel
Posted: Jun 1 2012, 02:08 AM

Cake or Death?

Group: Senior Council Member
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.Name/Nickname: Nobi
.Age: 25
.Time Zone: EST
.How Did You Hear About Us? Jesus
.Is This Your First RPG? No
.Did You Read The Rules? Is it still pachyderms?

.full name: Kurt Hummel
.age: 15
.birthday: July 30th
.gender: Male
.occupation: Student
.nationality:European, graced with French
.hometown: Westerville, Ohio

.height: 5'11"
.weight: 140lbs
.hair: Brown
.eyes: Blue
.played by: Chris Colfer

.personality: Kurt Hummel is not as strong as he always tried to be.

He is the type of boy to hide behind flashy clothing and big words to protect himself. He held so many people at a distance out of fear of people getting close that he never formed the emotional fortitude to truly handle people entering into that deep inner circle. The cold, holier than thou show was just that, it was a show and once the mask is broken it is broken for good. Beneath the surface is a frightened, sensitive boy who's internalized his hurts to a point where its left him scarred and broken.

Afflicted with what appears to be a rather nasty case of bipolar he spends much of his time any more on a downward swing. His little bursts of happiness, when found, are a truly warming experience. He's one of those people with a smile that lights up a room and a sharp wit and cool intelligence to carry a conversation confidently if the time is right for it. He can fake the confidence but does so less and less any more, and usually only for the sake of strangers looking in. His temper with people is short and his barbs nastier when his fuse is blown.

Still that confidence he plays at having is, at the core, near completely fake. His self esteem has been shaken to pieces and time spent in the mirror any more is trying to keep up appearances. He prefers the smart dress and perfect style but much is also keeping up apperances. The lack of self esteem has left him feeling undeserving of much of what he actually has and when given the window he often throws his opinions around loudly in a desperate attempt to be heard and have his words followed. This obviously stems from dealing with his old peers, who rarely took note of what he had to say and even teachers, who seemed to harbor little interest for his ideas or even talents.

His reactions to people are of a mixed sort. He falls into a naturally submissive stance, feeling a sense of anxiety that leads to defensiveness when he pushes towards a more dominant role though when his temper breaks or his mood is good he has flashes of this strong, dominant soul. He harbors a lot of potential, coming off as the type of young man people look to and mutter 'what potential he has' before shaking their head in disappointment. It seems that Kurt's desperate desire to do anything but disappoint has led him to strive harder and reach further than most people would for a sense of approval. He still clings to his personal dreams, like armor, to have a purpose. He hates coming in second place which has been a near constant in his life.

His greatest desire is for the people around him to be happy though his years of keeping that careful distance, particularly from intimate matters have left him quite unable to handle these interactions with others. He offers his body rather quickly, as if it were the only thing of even minute worth, despite his attempts at tempering that reaction and his view of his own relationships are often in black and white. He fears losing even the smallest amount of love from another person despite harboring a more monogamous sensibility. He struggles to let go of love, holding a string of people he holds at different levels in his heart and he desires to please each of them, giving them their own time and pieces of his heart. Despite this, he favors the one on one intimacy of a monogamous relationship... though struggles with the level of trust and intimacy it demands.

A hard working individual, though sadly to the point of exhaustion. He has a very blinders up mindset when it comes to work, and he sets to it with a bull headed determination, often forgetting the things and people around him. This comes at a cost to his own physical and mental health but the perfectionist qualities in him make it difficult for him to let go and allow others the room to help or do some things for him. His dogged pursual of that final goal has caused an imbalance and that balance is very difficult to find for him.

Fiercely private, he stumbles through his relationships the most on the end of trust. While he trusts the people closest to him he finds it difficult to offer up everything going on in his life so easily. Even with his family he often hides things out of not wanting to burden them with his troubles when he could very well be helping them with their's and this leaves him feeling lonely and desperate for at least a physical presence of those around him. Sadly, this is often contradicted by his distaste for touch and his choice to work in private. He doesn't pursue relationships he feels there is no spark in though often times these relationships are born of a more romantic spark than one of friendship.

One of his worst qualities is his adaptation to a state of pain. He's become used to being emotionally hurt and even finds discomfort in moments of contentment, usually looking for the other shoe to drop and tragedy to strike. He self-victimizes, fearing an attack almost always and finding reasons to be a victim. One would say that would make him a perfect martyr but its only made him into a thorny unsatisfying person to be around. The problem is he's acutely aware of how poor his company is at times.

.mutation: None
.abilities/talents: Singing, piano, dance, cooking, designing and fashion, snark, inevitable failure
.likes:Fashion, Broadway, success, being center stage, absolute perfection, that ah-hah moment, all forms of design interior and otherwise, scarfs, handsome boys
.dislikes: Football, bullies, being overlooked, fashion blindness, awkward conversations, that awkward moment when..., being touched without permission, SPIES, furry things getting fur on his things, changes

.family: Burt Hummel, Father ; Carole Hummel, Step-Mother ; Finn Hudson, Step-Brother

.school affiliation: Dalton
.grade: Sophomore

Born to one Burt Hummel and his lovely mother, Sarah, Kurt was a happy bouncy child and definitely a mama's boy. He was a little fabulous, with a penchant for following after his mother's guidance but otherwise seemed healthy... then his mother died. His mother's passing hurt him quite a bit, possibly more than he was able to show to his father at the time who was just as devastated by the loss.

Kurt's personal struggles began around then, the death triggering some darker emotions in his heart. He learned to hide his pains well enough, though he did so by hiding behind an aloof, cold shield. He chose not to open himself so easily to others, outside of his father, though event hen he still struggled

Around the time the bullying at school started to get bad was when his father started to step out of his widower pains and begin dating again. Kurt didn't take it quite as well as they hoped he would, particularly when he realized that it was the mother of one of the football players at school. He gave enough effort to be seen as trying but otherwise was rather cold towards poor Finn, not knowing how to deal with this new person in his life and in his house.

The bullying became bad enough at McKinley that after meeting a locker one too many times he went home begging to his father to transfer schools, in a rather embarrassing show of emotional hurt. He was given his request at least and he closed himself gently back up as he moved to enter into a new life at Dalton.

Somethings never changed with him though. He adored singing and dancing and other such things at his old school, and struggled to kep them up even through the bullying, wanting that spot light but it was very difficult considering he was male and he sang like a girl. He wants to join the clubs and activities that would bring out that more confident side of himself but.. He is a bit stuck and a bit afraid.

.rp sample:

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