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 Jeremiah Kemp, uhhhthisismycharactermaybehi?
Posted: May 12 2012, 03:51 AM


Group: The Gleeks
Posts: 1
Member No.: 124
Joined: 12-May 12

.Name/Nickname: Emily
.Age: 21
.Time Zone: EST
.How Did You Hear About Us? Tumblr
.Is This Your First RPG? First RP in a group, so I guess sort of?
.Did You Read The Rules? Yes

.full name: Jeremiah Kemp
.age: 21
.birthday: September 21
.gender: Male
.occupation: Former Assistant-Manager at the Gap
.nationality: Scottish/American/FFmaybeotherstuffidk
.hometown: N/A

.height: 6'
.weight: 150
.hair: Dirty blond
.eyes: Blue
.played by: Alexander Nifong

.personality: Jeremiah's main personality is pretty tame compared to the rest. He's got the wangst, "woe is me" thing going on. Despite preferring to slink away to the darkest corners of the room to brood, Jeremiah would actually make a good friend, if given the proper motivation. Unfortunately, Jeremiah just wants to sit in his room and crey.
In addition to the main one, Jeremiah has two other strong personalities that come out when he uses his powers. When using is sexy-times pheromones, his demeanor shifts into more of an outgoing one. He seems almost volatile, cozying up into anyone and everyone's personal space and not caring one damn bit about it. This Jeremiah seems to take pleasure in causing everyone mild to moderate discomfort.
Jeremiah's last personality comes out when he's trying to either incite a riot or knock people out. If his second personality appeared a little violent, this Jeremiah is downright sadistic; he'd run right in the middle of a firing squad with a teammate HE JUST DON'T GIVE A FUCK. PUNCHING HIS WAY THROUGH PEOPLE AND SHIT. GETTIN' OTHER PEOPLE ALL PISSED, MAKIN' THEM TURN ON EACH OTHER.

.mutation: Pheromone Manipulation. Jeremiah can alter the moods/consciousness of various people at will, but there are certain limitations (ie, he has to be touching them or in close proximity).
.abilities/talents: Jeremiah has a penchant of getting fired... from like every job ever. He does fairly well of cooking his own noodles, though :D He also has a knack for attracting various attractive men to his bosom.
.likes: Folding clothes, being an oldy lady hanging out with his three cats, making noodles, BEING LEFT ALONE TO READ LIKE THE SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE HE IS.
.dislikes: People who get him fired (Blaine B|), using his powers too often, making anything but noodles B|, etc.

.family: One father, Bill, location unknown. No siblings, mother deceased. Bill left the area shortly after discovering his son's powers the uh, hard way.
.religion: Agnostic
.school affiliation: Former student of University of Northwestern Ohio
.grade: Dropped out in the middle of his Junior year

.history: Jeremiah's always been a bit shy, but he's made due. He was never surrounded by flocks of adoring peons; he's just had a few close friends. However, when the mutation hit him, Jeremiah was wholly unprepared for the side effects it brought. New personalities - strong personalities - sprung up practically overnight, rendering him unable to function for days on end. Jeremiah destroyed his dorm room, knocked nearly half the boys on his floor out cold, and the other half... well, if they weren't high, they were horny.
When Jeremiah finally did come to his senses, he ran home, hoping his dad would have the answers he didn't. Unfortunately for both of them, that encounter didn't go so well either. His father left and Jeremiah hid alone in his childhood home right up until the anti-mutant protesters started popping up. He wandered for a while, collecting fluffy felines to fill the void, before ending up in the Louisiana area.

.rp sample:
"Well hey there, Jer-Bear," a voice hissed, slinking up behind Jeremiah. Two cold hands settled over his hips, nails biting sharply in. "What say you and me have a little fun, hm?"

Jeremiah whipped around, eyes wide and bright. There was nothing there. "Leave me alone!" he shouted, voice cracking.

"Now, now, Princess, you know we can't do that."

Something hard and blunt smacked into the back of Jeremiah's skull and he crumpled, stars flashing behind his lids. "Fuck," he gurgled, spitting blood onto the pavement. Something hurled him to his feet again and Jeremiah flailed his arms; mist sputtered behind him and the man fell again, scraping his palms across the asphalt to save his face.

"Oh, poor little honey-boo," the monster whispered, growling into Jeremiah's ear. It licked a trail down his jaw, following the blood. "You're never going to win. You know that, right? You're not right enough."

"Screw you!" Jeremiah spat, slamming his head back into thin air. He rolled onto his back, gasping for air. "Please. Please, just leave me alone," he begged, clutching at his ribs.

"Sorry kiddo," the other monster apologized none-too-kindly, raising its claws in the air. "Time to die." It threw its hands down, fangs bared and -

Jeremiah shot out of his cot, heart beating wildly. Practically ripping his shirt off, the blond rolled out of bed, staggering over to the mirror, smoothing his sweaty hair from his face. He stared at his reflection, into the face of the monsters plaguing his dreams. "Leave me alone," his hissed, eyes narrowed and jaw tight.

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