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 Solitary Torture, Closed to Sam | 5-24-12
Posted: May 3 2012, 01:35 AM

The One and Only

Group: Senior Council Member
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Joined: 29-March 11

When Sam and Sebastian were brought into the camp, the pair had immediately been split up and taken to different parts of the buildings. Sebastian was just some young punk that could linger with the rest of them for all the higher ups within the MRD cared but Sam. Oh Sam Evans was someone they had been wanting to get their hands on for awhile now.

The boy that was supposed to be in prison and had apparently escaped but seemed pretty well taken care of for an on the run convict.

He'd been thrown into solitary confinement the day he arrived and was left there for almost a week, collar around his neck as he was left alone in the darkness with no noise and no visitors outside of the once-a-day meals.

It was the evening of the sixth day that the door was opened wide and several figures entered, two MRD agents moving in to grab the young man and haul him up while a third figure stood in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest as she watched.

"Bring him down to the lab," she instructed and turned, heading down the hallway, her heels clicking on the tile floor as she left. The MRD officers drug Sam out then, following the same path the woman had taken to deliver the prison to his apparently new locale for the evening.

Or maybe longer.

The lab looked more like an operation room in a hospital, Sam dragged inside and over to a table where he was immediately hauled up on top of it and forced down onto his back. Two more MRD agents approached and between the four of them they managed to get the young man strapped down with body straps from shoulders down to his feet. A final pair were locked in place across his head and chin, keeping his head in place for whatever it was they were planning.

"Mr. Evans, you have been a bit of a thorn in our sides for awhile now. The entire case surrounding you was just full of holes," the woman from before said as she came around the table, looking him over, checking a few monitors that were being hooked up to monitor his vitals. "You seem to be doing well though. How nice for you."
Sam Evans
Posted: May 3 2012, 04:19 AM


Well at least they were feeding him, which was more than he was expecting, considering they knew who he was and seemed to be very enthusiastic about having him. His bones hurt him, pulling down heavily on his muscles. He spent part of every day, or... whatever the time period were, exercising. Push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups. Whatever. He couldn't let his body deteriorate while he was in here.

The darkness and silence were unnerving. It reminded him of being in jail after the murders, except at least there he had light and minimal human interaction. Here he had nothing. Just the food every day. That was how he told time.

And now they were dragging him, and he was so surprised that he didn't struggle at first, and then he struggled, and then he decided that he could use his weight to his advantage and went limp, causing his assailants to take all his weight. It slowed them some, but not too much. Then he was being strapped down, and he struggled again, but with no results.

God, it was like being back in Essex's first lab. Whoopee. Was he going to become someone else's pet now? Being flat on his back caused all sorts of new problems, namely his own rib cage pressing down on his internal organs. Awesome.

"Something I can do for you?" he asked, his diaphragm not quite working to full capacity making his voice sound strained. "Need a work-out routine? I can help you with that. That and a good diet. Then maybe you could look this good."
Posted: May 3 2012, 10:56 AM

The One and Only

Group: Senior Council Member
Posts: 646
Member No.: 1
Joined: 29-March 11

The woman's lips twitched into a glimmer of a smirk at the sound of his voice, reaching out to brush her fingertips over his stomach as she paused alongside the table.

"You sound strained, Mr. Evans. Are you alright?" she drawled, clearly well aware of why he sounded the way he did but it was all about having fun right? She started to walk her fingers up his stomach and over his chest then, moving slowly up the table until she was standing beside his head, fingers tracing a line along the curve of his jaw to his lips. "What we need from you, Mr. Evans, is that wonderful power of yours. And maybe your brain. I hope you don't mind but I'd really love to borrow it for a bit, maybe indefinitely."

She smirked again as a machine was rolled over to the table and one of the assistants helping her removed a small wire face cage with nodes attached to the ends of the wires. It was placed over Sam's face, the young man still able to see what was going on as the nodes rested against different parts of his skin.

""So, Mr. Evans, before we get started I was curious," the woman purred, stroking her hand back down his chest. "Where have you been all this time, hm?"

Sam would feel it then, the small pulses coming from each node, a throbbing, electric sting that seemed to be slowly increasing with each passing second.
Sam Evans
Posted: May 3 2012, 03:06 PM


He sneered when she asked about his voice. It was clear that she knew. Well fuck her anyhow. He could breathe fine when he wasn't laying down. He was like a beached whale like this, though. Slowly being suffocated by his own weight.

"Yeah, sure, not like I was using it or anything," he said through gritted teeth, his mind racing through the implications of her statement. Did they know how to genetically splice someone with another person's power like Essex did? But that didn't make sense. Why would they even want it? "I was under the impression that the MRD didn't like mutant powers. What do you want with mine?"

And then the... whatever it was. Dammit. This was more or less why he thought he wasn't going to live long enough to start a family, why he had been stuck so firmly on Olivia and the idea of marrying her and starting a family with her early. Now he probably was never going to have that chance.

"Funny, that. I never left Ohio. Oh, and your mom says hi." It was immature, he knew, but he was scared as hell, and he wanted to say at least one more cocky thing before pain took over and he couldn't say anything else.
Posted: May 5 2012, 12:58 AM

The One and Only

Group: Senior Council Member
Posts: 646
Member No.: 1
Joined: 29-March 11

"Such an attitude you have. It's going to get you in trouble one day I bet--Oh, wait," she mused, tapping a finger against her lips as she continued her path around the table, a wicked curve touching her lips as she glanced down at the young man. The pulses would start to increase and his head would feel like it was full of white noise as the electrical pulses became more intense and seemed to be synchronizing with him in a way, taking over the nerve reactions going on inside Sam himself.

"The MRD may not like mutants but even we know the benefits of having those powers, powers like yours, in our control," she explained, stopping on the opposite side from where she had been before, reaching down to run her fingertips over the back of his hand.

"To be able to use you for our own purposes. It's a wonderful idea really, a reality actually."

The pulses would get far more painful then and Sam would start to feel disconnected; on the outside looking in. The procedure was one that had been attempted by the CIA but never perfected, which was where the MRD came in what with their far more advanced toys. By taking control of the nerve pulses, they could essentially fine tune Sam to do what they wanted. The young man would eventually be put into a vegetable like state, unable to control his own body because his brain was put into stasis but, by using the machine, they would be able to make his body--specifically his power--react and function whenever they wanted.

First though, came the implants.

While he might have felt disconnected Sam would still feel the pain as the wire node mask was shifted and his head was shaved first and foremost. Once the area was clear the surgery began, the man in charge slowly beginning to drill into Sam's skull in five different spots all over the top of his head. While the wire mask was keeping him in their control for now, a more permanent set up was needed, thus the need to actually implant the nodes into his skull.

Pain killers? What pain killers?

The woman that had been speaking to Sam overlooked the entire thing, a ghost of a smirk on her lips as the surgeon finished drilling and set the tool aside before grabbing a new tool, one that would implant the chips/nodes straight into Sam's head.
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