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 Game Changing Trial?, 3-27-12 (Evening News)
Posted: Feb 25 2012, 02:02 AM

The One and Only

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"--We go now to our local news coverage and the hot topic of the day: The trial of Sebastian and Vincent Smythe versus their father and the government. As many of you have already heard, the Smythe brothers, students at the local Dalton Academy for Boys in Westerville, were apprehended last week for being unregistered mutants. The case and the trial that occurred today have turned into much more than a debate over their registration, or lack thereof, since allegations have been brought against the boys by their father for power abuse and other such charges.

While the younger boy, Vincent Smythe, was not allowed to take the stand by order of the judge, the older boy did and wasn't afraid to say exactly what needed to be said.

"Your power is a rather deadly power, why not make it easier on yourself and just take the cure? You would no longer pose an immediate threat to society and you wouldn't have to be registered."

"Guns are pretty deadly too and yet people still have them. So are knives and scissors, oh don't forget box cutters. And a person doesn't need a power to be deadly so why should I have to erase a part of myself?"

"But it wasn't a part of yourself last year, was it? This isn't like your homosexuality, you weren't quote unquote born with it. It's as much a violation of who you are as your brother's actions against your father was a violation of him."

"This is now, that was then. I can't change what was done to me to turn me into amutant but I can embrace it and learn to live with it, just like everyone else needs to as well. What my brother did was self defense because my father decided that we were good punching bags and outlets for his anger. How is what my brother did a horrible violation and yet my father beating us and putting us in the hospital at times isn't?"

"Allegedly. Your father was never convicted. In fact, there isn't much proof either. How many teenage boys get into scrapes, hmm?"

"And how many lawyers get paid under the table to keep their mouths shut about things they damn well know got brought to light then were quickly swept under the table?"

The floor was opened after the older brother's testimony and several speakers took the stand voicing opinions both in favor of and against the brothers. One speaker in particular, Dr. Nathaniel Essex, came forward to speak about his experiences with mutants and the research he had done into the mutant genome, testifying as an expert in mutant physiology and psychology.


"While powers are dangerous so are the guns that humans tot around and the weaponry in general that humanity insists on using. Perhaps instead of pointing fingers and calling we mutants weapons you should look at yourselves, as humans, and realize that you yourselves are the monsters, the horrors that we should all be afraid of. That man, the father of those two young man, treated them as if they were property and the youngest brother used his abilities to protect himself, his brother, and his mother. From what I understand, outside of that, the only other thing he did was convince his father to let him attend the same school as his brother, where he received a scholarship so their father didn't pay a dime of it, so that they could both be safe since the children are the ones that get the brunt of the abuse. Was it manipulative? Perhaps, but it was no worse then what their father did to them for the entirety of their lives. So if you lot want to sit here and tell me that those boys are the monsters for protecting themselves in a particularly non-violent way, then I think it is only fair that we, as the audience of this trial, assume that you are all abusive parents, spouses, individuals in general because you condone the behavior that their father has displayed. Being a mutant does not automatically make you a monster. Being a sick individual who takes his anger and frustrations out on his own children makes you a monster."

The trial is to continue tomorrow morning and by afternoon we should have a verdict. Activist groups from all over the nation are putting their support behind the two brothers and I think I speak for all of us when I say that we cannot wait to hear the final verdict but, at the same time, we fear what could happen if the verdict is not what the popular opinion wants."
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