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Posted: Sep 12 2011, 03:12 AM

Cake or Death?

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.Name/Nickname: Nobi
.Age: Enough
.Time Zone: EST
.Did You Read The Rules? Dumbo... DUMBO.

.full name: Daniel Dror Carrow
.age: 15
.gender: Male
.occupation: Student
.nationality: Russian, touch of Scot
.hometown:Anchorage, Alaska
.played by: Cameron Monaghan

.weight: 150 lbs
.hair: Red
.eyes: Blue-grey

.personality: Emotionally simple. He has a basic understanding of how feelings work and postive versus negative but when it starts getting complicated he starts getting confused. This results in a struggle to communicate with others and difficulty in social circles as he's often miss-stepping and being generally awkward. Conversations he gets lost in, phasing in and out as interests shift and usually says the first thing that comes to mind without too much filter.

Luckily, this also comes with a childlike innocence. Danny literally just doesn't get things, jokes and innuendos often blowing over his head. He doesn't pick up on a lot of social cues either, and struggles with knowing when to stop talking or when to start.

Though he lacks much of a temper, usually very content, he does have his moments. Breaking Danny's temper is a feat, though this also makes him seem uncaring about things. Its not that he doesn't care, he just doesn't know how to show it. His other notable aspect is his obsessive behaviors. He throws himself into things with a passion that can't be beat, making sure whatever he chooses to obsess over results in perfection. Mathematics, mechanics, physics, computers, anything that he can get his hands dirty with and his mind working. He had a fondness for numbers, but a low sense of true creativity and has difficulty with arts and literature.

.abilities/talents: Maths, mechanics, computers, hacking and programming, remembering things and following direction, can speak German fluently and a mishmash of other languages from video gaming online, track and field, anything he can imitate successfully really.
.likes: Numbers, video games, films (especially animated), Rammstein, hard industrial music, Hitler in his early years, gumballs, pingpong, the rain, Finn
.dislikes: Summer reading, autotuned pop music, Hitler in his later years, the military, matters of artistic opinion, yelling and major confrontation

.family:Nicholas Carrow (Father) :: Venetia Carrow (Mother) :: Julia Carrow (Older Sister)
.religion: Jewish
.school affiliation: McKinley
.grade: Sophomore, Advanced Placements

Danny was born on a snowy day. He wasn't exactly like normal kids growing up, which upset his father who always wanted a son. But Danny didn't quite grasp things the way other kids grasped things and seemed to become lost in the social world. So Danny was shuffled off more onto his intellectual mother and spent time learning intellectual pursuits. Throughout childhood, his relationship with his father was near nonexistant. The only times Danny ever spent time with his father was whenever he was having issues socially.

The biggest thing Danny remembered from these moments with his father was being told that there was nothing wrong with him. Everyone that spoke poorly of him were wrong. The one thing he should always have was confidence in who he was, regardless of any ill words.

This of course laid the groundwork for a very eccentric young man. Danny still spent much of his time closed off from other people, usually under the care of his older sister when he did venture into the world. His habit of following after Julia and listening to her orders is rather obvious, and while he doesn't always agree with his sister he still follows whatever she tells him to. This has left him feeling unable to overall function on his own without someone there to guide him. Or really, he lacks the courage to try.

Moving to Ohio has proven to be a hidden gift though. Away from people who knew him Danny entered McKinley High with a stronger sense of self. Maybe if he'd been aware of the bullying he'd still be terribly closed off, but Julia did well in shielding him. This resulted in his growing ability to speak his mind and express himself.

Though moving to Ohio has resulted in Danny's increasingly odd behavior and a distaste for touch that he never had before. It seems to be signs of deeper autism but its still rather unusual. His thoughts have been on other things though, namely a new circle of friends that for once he dragged Julia to and a boy in particular that he decided he was quite absolutely in love with.

.rp sample: No.

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