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Welcome to "Dirty Little Freaks", a Glee AU RPG! Feel free to take a look around and get a feel for the crazy little universe we've created here!

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 The Rules
Posted: Mar 29 2011, 10:32 AM

The One and Only

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The rules are posted in two places. There can be no excuses for ignorance.

This game is 18+. If you are not 18, please feel free to click the back button on your page. This is not an invitation to go any farther. If we find out that you have joined the game and are not eighteen you will be immediately banned, and unable to return.

We take no legal responsibility for what is written on your screen, regardless of your age, race, or gender. Proceeding further than this screen means that you waive any legal action towards the staff, players, and anyone else that may or may not be involved.

Site Rules/Etiquette are as follows:

1. Please respect all members of this site. Do not put anything offense/derogative in your avatars or signatures. When you are talking in the OOC forums, do not disrespect ANY members of the site. You will get an automatic ban for such behavior.
Remember: Disrespecting someone because of sexual orientation, race, age, gender, etc will NOT be tolerated. (Note that this applies to OOC things. For IC rules please go to the Roleplay Rules topic.)

2. Don't harp on other people for their roleplay style, the way they type, etc. Everyone has different styles and there is no reason for anyone to be judgmental against another player. If you want to get judgmental against another player, we, the admins, will get judgmental against you. And trust us, you do not want that. So, simply put, Do not be mean.

3. Please keep OOC stuff PG-13. We will allow the R-rating in the roleplay areas but out of the roleplay, keep it clean folks.


Roleplay Rules:

1. 1.This RPG is open to any character in the Glee Universe, whether they be apart of New Directions, The Warblers, Vocal Adrenaline, a staff member of one of the schools, etc etc.

You absolutely may not play a character until he or she has been approved by one of the admins. This means that if the topic does not get moved to the Approved Characters forum, you can not begin play with this character. Any questions regarding this matter should be PMed to an Admin. Any questions or comments regarding your application will be sent to you in a private message. You should only be receiving these from an administrator, if a member of the site not specifically colored in red has sent you a message regarding your application, please notify one of the admins immediately.

Do not create an account for the character you are applying for until you have been approved to play. Failure to follow this rule will result in automatic denial of your application. No exceptions will be made.

2. Stay in character in the Role-Play Areas! This is pretty self-explanatory. If minor OOC notes need to be made on a post, feel free. Please make sure these notes are in italics, and a different color, either at the top or bottom of your post. We would prefer you put them in parenthesis as well. Do not hold out of character discussions in the roleplay areas.

3. Any sort of power playing and godmodding without prior permission from the parties involved is absolutely out of the question. For those of you that are unaware of what godmodding is, though I hope you all are, do not take control of another player's characters when posting. You may not control another character’s actions, thoughts, or otherwise.

A good example of this is:
Player A: Insults Player B
Player B: Gets angry and punches Player A in the face, which sends Player A sprawling tot he ground and sobbing like a little baby while Player B walks off into the sunset.

If we see you doing this or hear that you are playing in this way, it could result in you loosing privileges, getting warned, or possibly getting banned. So please do not do this.

4. If you are planning on having some major event happen, you must contact all parties that you wish to involve. If they do not want to be in on this specific plot then do not involve them. Doing otherwise is disrespectful and will result in warnings, and possibly suspension.
(Example: I want to start a roleplay arc involving all the New Directions kids, you must contact all the players of said characters to ask if they would like to be involved. Do not just walk characters into scenes and involve them in plots without their permission.)

5. Let it be known that this RPG, on site, allows up to the rating of R. If you and other players want to do something beyond the rating of R, you must take it off site. If we see any kind of NC-17 or beyond you will be automatically removed from the game, and risk losing your right to appeal to have your character(s) returned to you. You are allowed to hint at/instigate at sexual themes, rape, etc but you are NOT allowed to play them out in full detail on the boards. Alluding too and using vague wording is fine but this board is visible to the public and we do not want the board full of things that could potentially get us in trouble.

6. This RPG does allow ALL types of relationships, whether they be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or other; please do not get carried away with this or we will restrict it. Bashing any player for their choice in sexual preference regarding their character will be followed by severe consequences up to, and including complete removal from the game. Remember, we're AU, you can change things up and should be able to do so without any kind of rudeness.

7. If you notice someone breaking one of the rules posted do not handle the situation yourself. Contact the Admins and they will take care of the situation.

8. The Fourth Wall: It exists. Remember it exists. Your character may be a rude, slimy, disrespectful bastard. This does not mean that you need to be. In character drama needs to stay in character, and out of character drama needs to stay out of character. If you have made it this far, bravo to you! In your application, where it asks for it, please give us a sentence about elephants without naming the animal itself. They should never, ever mix, and if they do perhaps you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the way you’re handling yourself, and where this game sits in your life.

Take it all with stride okay? Remember, it's just a game.

9. Posting order generally follows the line of the first poster, then who replies after them.

So say Bob makes a post. Sue replies, and Mary follows. The posting order from there would be Bob, Sue, Mary. Greg jumps in between Sue and Mary. From there the posting order would either go Bob, Sue, Greg, Mary, or perhaps after that Greg would fall in step after Mary. If there is confusion MAIL each other, the site has a message system.

Posting order will be enforced on this site and there are no exceptions to this rule. We do not want to see people getting skipped over constantly in threads because other members can post more often and do so. For the larger threads (I.E. All the staff members, all the students, etc) posting order will run as normal BUT if for some reason the next person in order does not post after three days, they will be skipped and it will move onto the next person. (If you have permission from all parties involved not to bother with posting order, specifically the thread starter though, then obviously this rule does not apply.)

10. We do accept original characters but there are stipulations but into place on original characters for the time being. At current you must take a canon character first and be active for at least a month in game with said character before you will be allowed an original character. (You can, however, take another canon character during this time period if you wish.) Please see The Site Policies for more regarding characters.

11. This RPG is heavily modded. We will not stand for people acting out against the rules and there will be no exceptions to any of the above-posted rules. Admins and no one else will handle all rule-breaking situations. There will be NO exceptions to how we handle situations; it does not matter if you are a long time RPer with the site or someone brand new. All players are subject to the same ‘punishment’ if they break a rule. (I.E. Warning, suspension, banning, etc)

12. Have fun! Plain and simple.
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