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Title: Kylea Bourne

CWolfeh - July 19, 2011 01:37 AM (GMT)
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<b>.Name/Nickname:</b> Wolfeh<br></font color>

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<b>.full name:</b> Kylea Bourne<br>
<b>.age:</b> 16<br>
<b>.gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>.occupation:</b> <s>Badass</s> Student<br>
<b>.nationality:</b> Australian<br>
<b>.hometown:</b> Perth, Australia<br></font color></p>

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<font color="white"><b>.height:</b>5'4"<br>
<b>.weight:</b> 120lbs<br>
<b>.hair:</b> Blonde<br>
<b>.eyes:</b> Blue-Green</center><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.personality:</b><br>
Have you ever met one of those people that exudes an air of confidence? That clearly just has no issues with doing whatever the hell they want whenever the hell they want? No? Well, meet Kylea. She’s one of those people and just doesn’t give a damn who she might offend or upset in the long run.<br><br>
The first thing you need to know about Kylea is that she’s got a serious rough and tumble type of personality. She’s very abbrasive at times and crude when she wants to be, the way she jokes rather filthy in nature and blunt as all get out. She seems to have lost the filter between her brain and her mouth at some point in time but honestly doesn’t care. Think her racist? Whatever. She’s equally racist towards everyone including herself if that’s the case. Think her a smartass? Well, she’d like to think she is so that’s a compliment to her! It takes a lot to really throw her off her game, Kylea taking everything in stride and just being nothing less than who she is.<br><br>
There’s no dark underside to this girl because nothing horrible happened to her or anything like that. She’s got her ups and downs just like the next person but at the end of the day, she’s still herself. Every once in awhile homesickness will settle in and she’ll get kind of mopey but get her singing and you’ll have no issues.<br><br>
Be warned that Kylea does have a horrible temper and can get a bit physical if the moment strikes her, known to lash out and hit things just because she can. She tends to ramble a lot and swear up a storm when really pissed off as well, forgetting about everything going on around her in the process. (More than once she’s exploded in front of a teacher and ended up in detention.<br><br>
Kylea is fiercely loyal to the point that she won’t hesitate to grab a bat and go after someone that threatens her friends and family. Her temper really shows itself during these times and while she is definitely a lot of bark, Kylea has quite a bit of bite to her as well. Just stay away from the people she’s close to and you won’t have any issues got it?<br><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.abilities/talents:</b> Singing + Dancing + Playing Guitar + Writing<br><br>
<b>.likes:</b> Dancing, listening to music, being outside, kiwi birds, causing trouble, partying, staying up late, sleeping in, writing stories, writing music, Cadbury Picnic bars, fairy bread, surfing <br>
<b>.dislikes:</b> Stupid people, overly sensitive people, being away from the water, being stuck indoors</p><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.family:</b> Grant Bourne (Father), Anne Bourne (Mother), Riley Bourne (Brother)<br>
<b>.religion:</b> Christian<br>
<b>.school affiliation:</b> Crawford Country Day<br>
<b>.grade:</b> Sophomore <br></font color></center>

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<font color="white"><b>.history:</b><br>
Born and raised in Perth, Australia, Kylea's life was pretty average for a girl that grew up around the Outback and has a twin. She grew up practically living outdoors from the start, her mother and father big on making sure their kids wouldn't be afraid of what was out there. They learned the ins and outs of the Outback through the various trips their parents went on, several times of the years having brushes with death in the form of a spider or snake.<br><br>

Everything was pretty cut and paste for Kylea and her brother, the pair attending private school after primary school and just growing into their own individuals. Around the time they reached eighth grade that their father was transferred to a branch of his company in the United States.<br><br>

Ohio to be exact.<br><br>

Kylea was extremely heartbroken over the move but learned to cope well enough and made it through eighth grade in the states. When they finally hit high school her brother started attending a school called Dalton Academy while Kylea went to Crawford Country Day. Now, almost two years after the move, Kylea has adapted to her new life and tries, every chance she gets, to make a name for herself.<br><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.rp sample:</b><br>
"G'Day Riley!" Kylea said in a horribly obnoxious voice as she flopped on her bed, not caring about the fact that she was wearing a skirt or anything like that. Modesty was for people that were ashamed of themselves after all. "How's life at that hoon school of yours?" She grinned to herself as she listened to her twin fill her in on what was going on at Dalton, snorting a bit here and there before rolling over to lay on her stomach, kicking her legs up in the air a bit. It was a common thing for the pair, one calling the other each night just to chat. They weren't that far away from one another but it was still odd not to be at the same school.<br><br>

"Right, right, how're your mates? Still kickin'?--Oh you know exactly what I mean ya' ratbag!--Right back atcha!" she snapped then rolled her eyes, reaching for a small kiwi bird plush near her pillow and tucking it under her chin. "Studyin' for finals?--She right! You'll do ace, Riley!--Wha--Oh, right. Alright, off with ya' then. Hooroo!"<br><br>

Hanging up Kylea rolled onto her back with a heavy sigh, the kiwi plushie resting on her chest now. The blonde eyed it, poking the bird between the eyes before wrapping her arms around it in a hug. "Bloody borin' place this is sometimes." </p><br></font color>

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