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Title: Patsy Walker
Description: Fashion is her middle name

CWolfeh - July 22, 2012 11:29 PM (GMT)
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<b>.Name/Nickname:</b> Wolki<br></font color>

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<b>.full name:</b> Patricia "Patsy" Walker<br>
<b>.age:</b> 18<br>
<b>.birthday:</b> July 21st<br>
<b>.gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>.occupation:</b> Student; Fashionista<br>
<b>.nationality:</b> French-American<br>
<b>.hometown:</b> Centerville, California<br></font color></p>

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<font color="white"><b>.height:</b> 5' 6" <br>
<b>.weight:</b> 133lbs<br>
<b>.hair:</b> Brown-red<br>
<b>.eyes:</b> Brown<br>
<b>.played by:</b> Emma Watson<br> </center><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.personality:</b><br>
Patsy lives in the wrong place. She's the type of person that has a loud personality, is very much her own individual, and really doesn't give two shits what other people think of her. She'd be better suited in a big city most likely, the type to thrive on that sort of environment but instead she's stuck in Ohio which proves, day in and day out, to be a challenge for her.<br><br>

Like state above, Patsy is most definitely her own person in every way possible. Sure she likes things that many other girls do but Patsy is passionate about the things that she really likes. Fashion is her life and she eats, breathes, and sleeps for it, her room a mess of fabrics and design books and everything else that she needs in order to create no matter what time of day it is. She's very fashion forward but in a way that's daring and all her own. Many of her clothes are hand made and she goes above and beyond the current fashion styles to bring something new to the table. Others don't like it? They can kiss her ass~<br><br>

She knows what she knows and knows what she doesn't know, never the type to act superior when it comes to something she isn't smart about. Get her going about fashion though and the girl can tell you anything and everything you need to know about it. Her ego only really shows when it comes to her work, Patsy very keen on showing off what she can do and what she's made to anyone that will pay attention. She also adores dressing others up and has been known to just grab people in the dressing room of a store and give them advice.<br><br>

Some people just don't know what goes good together is all.<br><br>

She can be a bit of a spitfire, sharp witted and silver tongued when it comes to bantering with others but she doesn't often lose her cool. When her anger does flare completely though you best watch out because she is ruthless and will tear you apart then stomp on the pieces before turning on her heel in a huff and storming off.<br><br>

Patsy has a very optimistic outlook on life. She knows that there are dumb and ignorant people out there and doesn't believe in the whole "Everyone is good deep down!' thing, but she does think that people can overcome those obstacles and rise above the idiots that are merely there to be stepping stools for the rest. She'll only treat people like idiots though if they insist on acting like one, otherwise the type to get along with just about anyone, mostly keeping her opinions to herself about the way they look and act. (Not everyone can have a good upbringing right?)<br><br>

If you manage to befriend Patsy in between her running from store to store to find what she needs, you'll find yourself with a friend for life. She adores being around people, loving the atmosphere at parties and just with big groups in general, always talkative and always ready for a good time. Her work almost always comes first though but afterwards? She'll be more than happy to play!<br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.mutation:</b> N/A<br>
Fashion design + Making Clothes + Marital Arts + Able to sense Magic and Magical Items<br>
<b>.likes:</b> Fashion, shopping, yoga, designing her own clothes, dressing others up, telling it like it is, cats, magic, bright colors, clothes, pop music, watching movies with a big bucket of pocket while she works, did I mention shopping and designing clothes?, comic books <br>
<b>.dislikes:</b> Idiots, Wal-Mart, bad fashion sense, stripes with plaid, colors that don't go well together, dull music, dull anything</p><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.family:</b><br>
Joshua Walker (father) , Dorothy Walker (mother)<br>
<b>.religion:</b> N/A<br>
<b>.school affiliation:</b> OSU<br>
<b>.grade:</b> Freshman<br></font color></center>

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<font color="white"><b>.history:</b><br>
The only daughter of Joshua and Dorothy Walker, Patsy grew up the apple of her parents eye. Her mother was a comic book writer and her father a teacher so her upbringing was very humble and full of craziness at times because of her mother's work. Unlike most little girls, Patsy grew up adoring super heroes and while she was very much a girly girl, she loved to sit on her mom's lap and watch her work.<br><br>

Her life was fairly uneventful growing up, Patsy an A-B average student all through school, charming her teachers from day one and beyond, and generally just being a very sweet and fun loving little girl. Unfortunately things were bound to change and the life she had grown to adore in California was taken away from her when her father lost his job and the family was forced to move East since that was where the openings were.<br><br>

The Walker family settled down in Dayton, Oh and it was here that Patsy finished middle school and high school, still the same fun loving, hero worshiping girl but instead of rambling on about the hero's adventures, she generally criticized their lack of common sense when it came to their costumes and the like.<br><br>

Despite having wanted to either end up in NYC or at least Kent State University in Ohio--since they have one of the best fashion programs in the Mid-West--Patsy ended up with a full ride to Ohio State University in the fashion program and moved to Columbus to start her new life.<br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.rp sample:</b><br>
"No no no no that's not right at all what are you doing?!" Patsy demanded, sighing heavily as she draped a measuring tape around her neck and stalked over to where one of the other girls in her class was working on a dress for one of their beginner projects. "You cannot honestly tell me that you think that floral print goes with that shade of blue? Have you looked at the two? That's just a horrible mess waiting to happen!"<br><br>


"Plus floral prints just aren't the thing right now, no matter what anyone wants to say. What you should be going for is a more simplistic blend of colors with little accents here and there to make the colors pop more--<br><br>"


"I mean, can you really see someone wearing this? Really?" Patsy asked, tugging on the skirt of the dress a bit as she eyed the girl. "If you say yes I swear I'm going to--"<br><Br>

"MISS WALKER."<br><br>

"What?!" the fashionista snapped rather haughtily, whipping around to glare at the person addressing her before the glare promptly melted as she looked at her professor. "Oh..hello there Mr. Allen.." she said sweetly, putting on a big smile as she batted her eyelashes. "I hope you don't mind me stepping in but I really couldn't stand to watch this train wreck go on any longer~" </p><br></font color>

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