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bowa - June 18, 2012 05:03 PM (GMT)
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<b>.Name/Nickname:</b> Kait<br></font color>

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<b>.full name:</b>Lucy Quinn Fabray <br>
<b>.age:</b> Sixteen <br>
<b>.birthday:</b> February 12th <br>
<b>.gender:</b> Female<br>
<b>.occupation:</b> Cheerleader <br>
<b>.nationality:</b> Irish American<br>
<b>.hometown:</b> Westerville, Ohio <br></font color></p>

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<font color="white"><b>.height:</b> 5’6” <br>
<b>.weight:</b> 123 lbs<br>
<b>.hair:</b> Blonde (originally red/brown) <br>
<b>.eyes:</b> Hazel<br>
<b>.played by:</b> Dianna Agron<br> </center><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.personality:</b> Quinn acts like perfection. Her grades are good, her extracurricular are good, and her volunteer work is good. She is the perfect student. She worked hard to get where she is, and she’s going to stay there, no matter who she has to take down in order to get it. She’s never going to go back to being Lucy Caboosey. As a result of that, often times she’s seen as a bitch. It’s a price she pays however. Being on the top of the food chain is worth it.<br><br>

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, and it doesn’t take much to raise Quinn’s hackles. She worked hard to be at the top, and anybody who tries to take all that she’s worked for is going to get her anger. Quinn had a hard life growing up, and the thought of anyone being able to bring her back down to what she was before is unbearable. She works out constantly, gives her all to the Cheerios, eats beyond healthy and hardly ever eats meat because she doesn’t want to go back to being fat. She works endlessly at her homework because she hates when her parents look at her and say Frannie or Deliha did better, why can’t she? She does everything she can to be the perfect well-rounded student that people expect from a Fabray girl. Her words tend to be the worst, she’s not one for physical violence because who knows what could happen to her perfect body if something went wrong? She’s more than happy to leave that part of attacks to Santana.<br><br>

Underneath it all she just wants to be accepted. She worked so hard to get where she was because she wanted to be accepted. She wanted her parents to love her and be proud of her; she wanted her classmates to look up to her, to want to be her, because that was how she used to be. She used to want to be that popular girl who always had a string of guys behind her and her best friend at her side, laughing. She wanted to be liked by people because she felt like if other people liked her, she would have it all. Her life has been planned to the minute, starting at the beginning of high school. Her life <i>has</i> to go to plan otherwise she’s not going to be happy, she knows it.<br><br>

She can be cold at school, a little harsh, but once she’s by herself, away from the pressure of school and her family, she can be quite a sweetheart. She loves small children, has a way with them that makes people stare in awe, especially people who know her. It’s rare that this side of Quinn comes out though. She’s hardly ever far from her family, and her family is even less far away from her mind. She goes through her day with their voices constantly in the back of her head telling her she could be better, why can’t she be more like her sisters, why is she just sitting around when there is so much she could be doing.<br><br>

Lucy Fabray may have been a shy little girl, but Quinn Fabray is anything but. She’s going to make her dreams come true if it’s the last thing she does, and she’s going to look wonderful while doing it. She believes that with enough hard work anyone can do whatever they want and she gets angry when people go easy on themselves. It’s probably why she likes Sue so much. Sue understands, like her, that the only way to get things in life is hard work, no matter how hard you have to push other people to get them to do hard work. In a way, she looks up to Sue. She wants to be as self confident as her, because she knows that underneath it all, she’s running scared. She may look perfect, and act perfect, but it’s a constant act because she’s always going to be Lucy Caboosey in the back of her mind. She may be tough on others, but she’s even tougher on herself.<br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.mutation:</b> Force Field Generation<br>
<b>.abilities/talents:</b> Singing, dancing, gymnastics, cheerleading<br>
<b>.likes:</b> God, being in charge, being in control, singing, dancing, cheerleading, praying, teasing but not pleasing, little ones, cute things, Jason Mraz, reading<br>
<b>.dislikes:</b> Being second best, gossip, when people go after things that are hers, being compared, rock music, Lima Losers, showing weakness</p><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.family:</b> | Father: Russel Fabray | Mother: Judy Fabray | Sister: Frannie Fabray (24) | Sister: Deliha Fabray (20) |<br>
<b>.religion:</b> Catholic<br>
<b>.school affiliation:</b> William McKinley High School<br>
<b>.grade:</b> Sophomore (10th)<br></font color></center>

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<font color="white"><b>.history: </b>Lucy Quinn Fabray was the third (and last) daughter born to Russel and Judy Fabray. She was the end to their perfect family. Three girls spaced four years apart perfectly, the Fabray family couldn’t have been happier with the life they had made for themselves. Their daughters were described as pretty and perfect; they were extremely talented in all they did. People tended to forget about Lucy when they said that however.<br><br>

Lucy was the outcast of her family, short and cubby to her sisters tall and skinny, brunette and brown eyed to her sisters blonde hair and blue eyes. Lucy hated it. She was kind and sweet, shy, perfectly simple, and because of that she was often times overlooked. The other kids at school were horrible to her, nobody wanted to be her friend or work with her simply because she was fat in their eyes.<br><br>

It wasn’t until the end of middle school that everything changed. Lucy discovered ballet and gymnastics. Sure, her older sisters already had discovered them, sure her older sisters were perfect at them, but they didn’t connect like Lucy did to them. Lucy had been forced to watch her sisters excel the sports, but had never felt safe enough to try them herself, she was short, overweight, she didn’t have a chance nor did she have the confidence to try. She knew she was going to fail.<br><br>

Except she didn’t fail. She did wonderful at them. She loved to dance and soon the weight that she so terribly hated was starting to fall off. And then came the wonderful news that they were moving just in time for Lucy to start high school. It was a completely different school with completely different people, people who didn’t have to know anything about Lucy’s past as a chubby little girl.<br><br>

Along with the move came a bonus. Lucy begged her father, begged and begged and begged, to let her get a nose job, and eventually he gave in. The summer before the move, she got her nose job. She dyed her hair blonde. She couldn’t do anything about the brown eyes, but decided to call them hazel. Hazel was much more beautiful than brown. She even convinced her family to start calling her Quinn, leaving all traces of Lucy behind. Soon, she looked like she fit into the Fabray family, and it was perfect.<br>br>

Once at McKinley she joined the cheerios, the cheerleading squad, and since then she’s been on the top. Nothing can bring her down, and if anyone tries? Well, she’s going to bring them down first.</b>
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<font color="white"><b>.rp sample:</b> Quinn’s fingers ran slowly over the tiara collection. They were her mother’s, Frannie’s, Deliaha’s. The tiaras had a glass case for their own, each woman having their own section. Everybody but Quinn. She hadn’t been pretty enough as a child to join into pageants. Her mother and sisters had been however, and the glass case was just a constant reminder that she was nothing like them, at least not before.<br><br>

Now that she was perfect she couldn’t enter, her family had decided that pageants were just for little girls, and either way, Quinn didn’t have enough time for them now. But she wanted her own crown. She wanted to feel that rush of accomplishment, that rush of happiness, that came with winning one.<br><br>

She was only a sophomore, it was only the beginning of the year, but she had plans already. Plans that were going to come true, she knew it, because she wouldn’t allow them to fail. She was going to be prom queen. She was going to win her own crown, and be happy. Deliha had never been prom queen. Her mother had only been on the court.<br><br>

Quinn smiled to herself, running a hand over the pillow case that the largest tiara was on. She would have her own section come next year, she knew it.<br><br>

The blonde slide the glass door back, turning sharply. She had a lot to do before then. </p><br></font color>

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