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Title: Mutant Activism in Hearing
Description: 03-27-12

Nobi - February 24, 2012 09:31 PM (GMT)
"--Yesterday we covered the hearing of Sebastian and Vincent Smythe, two local mutants who were arrested last week on charges of unregistration. The hearing turned into a talking ground for various mutant and anti mutant groups..."

Images play from the court room scene, various speakers with a heavy focus on Nathaniel Essex.

"Outside the courtroom the drama still played, many activists still speaking their minds even after the court had adjourned for the day.."

QUOTE (Kurt Hummel)

"No, I don't know how this trial is going to go. Ohio is notorious already for unfair judgments and biased hearings. Hopefully with how many people came out in support and with people like Dr. Essex speaking on their behalf we might actually get somewhere with equality in the judicial system."

QUOTE (Jesse St. James)

"--And I, for one believe its a travesty. I really hope that the boys, when they're released, of COURSE they'll be released, will take the opportunity I'm going to be offering them, excuse me, I see my wife, thank you...

"Courts have reconvened and our own Elizabeth Placard is waiting for the verdict..."

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