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Title: Adrien Shaw
Description: Possession is 9/10ths of the Law

Nobi - October 14, 2011 01:46 PM (GMT)
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<b>.Name/Nickname:</b> Nobi <br>
<b>.Age:</b> Old <br>
<b>.Time Zone:</b> EST <br>
<b>.Did You Read The Rules?</b> Yes, trunkerton.</font color>

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<b>.full name:</b> Adrien "Remy" Shaw<br>
<b>.played by:</b>Andrew Garfield<br>
<b>.age:</b> 23 <br>
<b>.gender:</b> Male <br>
<b>.occupation:</b> Troublemaker <br>
<b>.nationality:</b> Romanian <br>
<b>.hometown:</b> Columbus<br></font color></p>

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<font color="white"><b>.height:</b> 6'0"<br>
<b>.weight:</b> 150 lbs<br>
<b>.hair:</b> Brown <br>
<b>.eyes:</b> Brown </center><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.personality:</b> Adrien exhibits some signs of sociopathic behavior, though not all. He is outwardly charming and adaptive, able to meld within society well enough but can display aggressive and often deceitful behavior. He has shown an ability for forethought towards his actions but in moments of stress he can act impulsively, often moving on wild instinct that doesn't always result in the consequences he desires.<br><br>
There is a demanding air, almost a sense of entitlement, as if he were particularly special. His belief that he's earned his position and deserves this special level of care stems from primarily delusions, though its not to say he hasn't done his fair share of hard work. He's proven that he is loyal, often to a fault and to the wrong people, favoring those who give him the attention he craves for. His work ethic and dedication to those he carries a torch for is phenominal and when he loves he loves with all aspects of his being.<br><br>
Perfectly capable of these deeper emotions when one has broken those walls down, Adrien has in turn exhibited signs of potential good. He's expressed sympathy and even empathy for people before, often taking certain people into special consideration. This doesn't always result in remorse over horrible actions. He blurs the line between right and wrong in his mind and struggles with grander ideas such as good versus evil, which fuels his interest in how others feel and think about things. <br><br>
It could be said that Adrien is, deep down inside, a good person waiting for the right guidance. It could also be said deep down inside he's just been twisted into an absolutely terrible human being and should be locked away. He savors his state of dark gray that he's lived in for some time now, so long as he's where he wants to be.<br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.abilities/talents:</b> A rather crafty pickpocket, with skill in sleight of hand and card tricks. Skilled at surviving on the streets and evading arrest. He has a sharp mind, proven to be a quick learner. Most other skills he's picked up over time and are only half remembered. Speaks Romanian, learned from his grandfather, and snatches of Spanish, learned from the street.<br>
<b>.likes:</b> Dr. Sinan, Jack, cards, hospitals, the rain, smoking, snowy days, cold weather, the way the world looks when its moving by quickly, the city, stillness beyond stillness, confusion of noise, trains, riding in cars, frogs, fog<br>
<b>.dislikes:</b>Open wide spaces, bright places, the buzzing of flourescent lights, pencils, trees rustling over head, deep water, things with human faces/shapes (paintings, statues), birds, elevators</p><br></font color>

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<font color="white"><b>.family:</b> <br>
Stellan Halifax (Grandfather) :: Natalia Halifax (Grandmother, Deceased):: Rycroft Halifax (Father) :: Janie Shaw-Halifax (Mother, Deceased) :: Cecil Halifax (Older Brother)
<b>.religion:</b> Sinanism<br>
<b>.school affiliation:</b> None<br>
<b>.grade:</b> Drop out<br></font color></center>

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<font color="white"><b>.history:</b> For all intents and purposes, Adrien was born into a good, stable family. His father was a well to do medical doctor, from a good line of Romanian men. His grandfather was a professor of European histories, until comfortable retirement and his mother was a teacher of sociology. Such good lineage of intellectuals, boiled down to Adrien. <br><br>
Adrien early on was bright but there was something missing, a disconnection somewhere. He openly reviled his father, for little reason other than that his father punished him for things he did wrong and clung to his older brother instead. When his mother died suddenly he was left without a buffer between himself and his father (who, honestly was a kind and gentle man but Adrien rarely saw it that way) other than Cecil who was oft times on Rycroft's side.<br><br>
This lead to driving the oddly detatched boy to flee from the home in early teen years, causing quite a bit of grief on the family. He moved in with his grandparents, who were struggling at the time with Natalia's hoarding. This cluttered lifestyle did nothing to relax Adrien's jittery mind and he soon began running from home, disappearing out into the city around him. When Natalia died it left his grandfather emotionally unavailable and Adrien was shuffled back to his father, though by then he'd dropped out of school and had become increasingly rebellious.<br><br>
Then it happened rather suddenly, at 19, Adrien was snatched up off the street, the very block on his way home. He did well in fighting, kicking and screaming to save himself but little was to be done at that point. To the police he was a runaway delinquent, hooked on drugs while to his family he was still a child lost...<br><br>
Not that he'd know. He was delivered neatly into the hands of one Dr. Sinan, one of the good doctor's first subjects (at least, one of the first that didn't die) It was there he formed an almost cult-like attachment to Dr. Sinan, who had given him these opportunities to really live. Got him off the hard drugs and the drink, provided him with everything he could need and even helped him survive his body's betrayal. In return Adrien gave him body and heart rather willingly after a time, savoring the attentions even when it involved being on the table. Perhaps most often when on the table...<br><br>
Its not to say his heart forgot his brother Cecil though and it's caused a note of wanderlust. He can't seem to sit still and as much as he always enjoyed being in the facility, as soon as he was able he was back out on the street, as if searching... But always drawn back inevitably to the place he now calls home.
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<font color="white"><b>.rp sample:</b> <br>
Why can't you answer me why?<br><br>
Adrien stepped lightly over the concrete, heels clicking, black hair tossed over his shoulder. He walked with an air of confidence she never had. He gave this good week to her out of charity and she couldn't answer him why?<br><br>
I don't know why. I just do, its how these things work. Please let me go... <br><br>
Out onto the bridge Adrien went, walking with such a strong sense of purpose. Look at me every step said, every sway of the hips. It felt unnatural, almost in this form. It wasn't a walk it was used to, the shoes far from its usual. Heels, tall, to make those legs look longer. A tan on that skin, skin that had never been tanned like this before.<br><br>
He'd created a beautiful woman, confident and perfect, able to get what she always wanted. Except she couldn't get him, could she? Even perfect and confident, eyes continued to look away and Adrien couldn't get the attention. Impossible to walk to him, impossible to get his attention.<br><br>
Last chance.<br><br>
Don't do this. Please don't. Its not my fault, its not, he just didn't want me, please let me.. <br><br>
If you don't know why then what good are you? He should have noticed you.<br><br>
M-maybe a blonde...?<br><br>
... Perhaps. If I could just have both, you see.. life would be perfect.<br><br>
The wind tossed the skirt around her legs as she stood on the bridge rail, shoes left on the concrete. If only he could see.. and come and stay with Adrien. They could make a set. Dr. Sinan would be pleased to have another disciple as well. Adrien and Cecil were always stronger together.<br><br>
I don't want to die, don't do this, you'll die too!
The woman stepped off the edge of the rail and tumbled down. The impact on the water snapped her neck and soo--<br><br>
Adrien opened his eyes. It was a half an hour from the moment of impact. He'd been near, waiting, waiting for it to happen. His body felt sluggish and foreign for a moment until he fully settled and he stretched on the bed, rolling under the covers. He blinked slowly at the small photocase, set open every night so he could open his eyes and see the familiar green.<br><br>
He sat up and rubbed the back of his neck, where it was a little sore, reflective of bones snapping against water on high veolocity impact. He had to get dressed and move on from here. And call Dr. Sinan to check in. Let him know all was well, find out if he was needed anywhere....
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