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 WIP | Serranya of Lumi Tesserath
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 06:06 PM


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USERNAME: tuathade

NAME: Serranya
AGE: 24
RANK: Wingrider
CRAFT: Journeyman Weaver
LOCATION: Ember Weyr
PETS: None

EYE COLOR: Dark brown
HAIR COLOR: Dark brown
BUILD: Slender
OVERALL APPEARANCE Serranya is one of those luckier girls. 5'6" and slender, although not completely devoid of curves. She's got a bit of muscle definition, the kind you get just by being a rider and physically active, although less than you might expect, as riders are no longer expected to haul around fifty-pound sacks of firestone everywhere. She's got just enough curves up top that she can flaunt it with a low-cut neckline when she pleases. And she does, regularly: sometimes when she's hanging out in the crafter's quarters she models the latest in whatever it is that she's been working on, but when she's off work and safe in the heated caverns she tends to favor flowing, feminine garb in rich colors and patterns. Or... well, when she's not bundled up from head to toe in furs trying to keep warm. But that's only when she's outside on scouting duty with Tesserath, dear.

She's pretty and she knows it. Serranya isn't obsessed with her appearance, but she's definitely not lacking in self-esteem about it, and she enjoys the attention it can sometimes garner her. She has the typical Pernese mid-range-olive skin tone, with almond-shaped dark brown eyes. Her dark hair falls to her chin in ringlets and waves, and she knows just how to accentuate her feminine features when she feels like it. Just as with her outfits, there's a fairly significant difference between Serra off-duty and Serra on-duty: Serra on-duty is practical, brisk, moving with elegant yet precise efficiency. Serra off-duty lounges like a cat in the sun, boneless and smooth and leisurely. Never, never would she dream of letting someone see her careless or clumsy.

LIKES: Rich colors, small luxuries, music, Tesserath, freedom, making people happy, the satisfaction of creating something beautiful as well as useful.
DISLIKES: Combat, overly violent/militant people, pushy men, wild animals, being confined.
FEAR: Falling in love and then having her heart broken.
QUIRKS: Cannot resist gossip. She doesn't spread it, she just collects it like some people would collect stamps.
OVERALL PERSONALITY: Self-assured, witty, and nearly unflappable, Serra is a relentless tease and a walking scandal. It's not that she goes out of her way to break hearts or draw trouble. It's just that she doesn't go out of her way to avoid it either. Whether it's teasing people she really shouldn't be teasing, or frankly questioning the less savory portions of weyr life, the blithely candid way that she approaches sensitive subjects can throw people off-guard. She does have a perfectly functioning brain-mouth filter - and in fact she can be bewilderingly coy when the subject of other people's preferences turns into the subject of Serra's preferences - but she tends not to use it when straightforward honesty will suffice. Really, darling, it wasn't a trick question. She wants to know whether you're fucking your wingsecond. She's not going to judge.

The girl is charming in her own way. She places a great deal of value in how others view her; she moves with a careful serene grace, enigmatic smile fixed firmly, hoping others won't notice her occasional missteps if she just bluffs her way through it... and she never, never lets on how insecure she must be, to put up such a determined and continuous front. Physically, she is far from untouchable - quite the opposite, really, as she's been known to accept the weyr's usual libertine attitudes. Emotionally, however, she's got more walls than Fort Knox. You'll know that she's more than just friendly-attached to you because suddenly the sweet friendly girl turns into a ball of prickly. That, or you actually did piss her off, and the verbal barbs are in retaliation. It's hard to tell, with Serranya. She's a tricky person to read.

She's smart, and talented at her craft. Generous to a fault, Serra has been known to offer startling discounts and make deals so that everyone can afford her work, but at the end of the day what benefits her customers benefits her too. It's possible to be calculating without being cutthroat, after all, and there's no better advertisement for her services than word-of-mouth. Serra grew up in relative luxury (well, relative luxury by the standards of the ice age, which meant she was never in actual danger of freezing to death) and as a result has a bit of a refined taste that clashes frequently with the militant, Spartan attitudes of weyr life during a Pass. She sees nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life, but she isn't greedy or a hoarder - she encourages the same in others. Darling, why are you drinking that? No, no, no. Throw away that wherry piss and have a glass of what Serra's having.

In short, she's a businesswoman. And the end of Pern as we know it is bad for business. But that's all right; it just means she has a brand new market all to herself.


NAME: Tesserath
GENDER: Female
SIZE: 27 feet
PERSONALITY: Tesserath is a lady first, and an unrelenting hellbeast second. She's the sort of dragon that would frown on excessive zeal or distractability - she thinks that this kind of behavior is either brutish or extremely unbecoming. More gentlemanly males are far more to her liking. Tesserath takes great pride in her appearance, and she definitely appreciates the finer things in life. She's not ridiculously hedonistic - she's a dragon, and she'll deal with supply shortages and the unfortunate realities of war, but, if given the chance, Tesserath will indulge.

She's a very clever girl, there's no doubt about that. Ambitious, too - but not megalomaniacal. Tesserath doesn't want to be a leader's dragon. What she wants is to be valued, to not be simple cannon fodder - if not a clutcher (she honestly thinks that hatchlings and eggs are disgusting) then at least a dragon that Ember's brass will think twice/thrice/a lot before sending out to die in the frozen wasteland. For that, she'll do anything.

Dissent? Abscond from the weyr?

Maybe. Maybe. However, Tesserath won't speak up about this until her rider makes up their mind. For all the nastiness, she will always, always listen to her rider. Her rider is the most important person for Tesserath, an ally and a friend, the only one she could possibly trust. And its best not to get on her bad side - there's no screaming, no explosions, none of that ridiculous drama. But it would be extremely foolish to assume that she can't hold a grudge - she can, and she will hold on to it for as long as she can, which is around three to four weeks - an awesome memory span by dragon standards.

Tesserath doesn't kill or physically hurt anyone - she cannot harm humans (but she realizes that the block that prevents her from doing so is only in her mind, and you bet she's trying to think her way around it), and she's too smart and too small to just go and maul offending dragons - but she can and will kill someone on an emotional level. She'll twist you up and tear you apart like a kitten would a ball of yarn. Tesserath knows, darling. Tesserath knows everything about you, every little thing that makes you tick - and she'll use them against you.

She'll be nice about it, too. Remember that Tesserath is a Lady first, and everything else second. Tesserath will be polite and coy, but she will never stray anywhere near true kindness. She's just cold, the sort of dragon that would very much keep to herself and not speak to this...rabble.

APPEARANCE: Tesserath is an incredibly elegant creature. Sleek, small for her color, long-bodied and quick like a whip, she loses out on some of the insulating fat reserves of some of her kin but makes up on it in speed. There is a certain fluidity about her motions, but it is of the precise, insectile kind: Tesserath is made of sharp angles and crisp lines, all legs and slim, curved wings.Hell, everything about this dragon is sleek, even her face - she has a very long, elegant muzzle with relatively delicate jaws and sharp white teeth that are just long enough to peek from under her upper lip. Tesserath's eyes are fairly small and round, but they don't look beady. At all. Rather, they are keen and calculating, like a bird's, with a strangely cruel cast to them.

Most of her hide is an even, deep black and her wingsails are a startling contrast to the rest: they're lined with a bright sea green with dark, almost black edges. They also appear very delicate - so thin they're nearly transparent. Despite that, Tesserath can fly just fine. Really, darling, Tesserath can fly much better than "just fine" - this girl was made to dart around larger enemies, to hit hard and fast. More sea green stripes run down the back of her neck and flanks, making her signals difficult to miss.

SIRE: Bronze Drith
DAM: Gold Tarnith
EGG: The Keen Edge egg
CLUTCH: NPC clutch
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