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so say we all

 Egg Description Event
Posted: Mar 10 2012, 01:22 PM


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Hello Members!

As some of you may have noticed the Eggs on the Hatching grounds do not have any descriptions. They were unfortunately lost due to a technical error. However instead of rewriting them I've decided to host an event. All members are welcome to write up descriptions of the eggs. For participating alone you get a mark for every egg description. Should we decide to actually use your descriptions, you get five marks for every one used!

The contest only ends after every egg description has been chosen. All contest entries must be submitted to this thread.

All Eggs are Open
Posted: Mar 11 2012, 03:46 PM


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GAIA: The largest Egg in the Clutch has the distinct golden sheen that marks it as holding a Queen of Pern. Move closer, and faint anomalies in the bright color resolve themselves into faint tracings of leafless branches, wrapping from the base of the egg diagonally across the shell, an autumnal embrace. There are two splotches of white-gold that might be avian figures, circling the barely-seen branches. Despite the bare branches, the feeling of the Egg is of a tree patiently awaiting spring's rebirth, not of bleakness or death. The air near the shell fairly hums with the awareness of the dragonling within, and there is a sense both of measureless bounty and of implacable power. Mother Nature is not always kind.

RHEA: This shell varies from pale grey to charcoal seemingly at random, in a pattern that suggests the tumult of a stormy sky. Some have expressed fear that the Egg is cracked, and indeed, it is, but only by a jagged bolt of white across the face of its shell. The shell itself is unbreached, hardening as steadily as the others. Its size is roughly average, neither especially large nor especially small, but there is something about it that suggests it was once the greatest of them all. Perhaps there is an undercurrent of resentment, but perhaps the whole impression is an illusion; no one can say for sure.

AIODE: This dainty shell is one of the smallest, perhaps only slightly larger than Amphitrite or Oceanus, and one of the simplest. Swathed in a serene white-grey, it has no more ornamentation than a small marking near the base in dark green. The marking forms nothing definite, but is graceful, feminine, flowing smoothly around the base. The texture of the shell is remarkably smooth as well, as if to match the lovely uniformity of its color. Some who near the shell will pause, hearing for a moment faint music, far off.

PERSEPHONE: An Egg of middling size, Persephone is a rich, smooth red-brown, a color like very fine leather. Impressed upon it are darker spatterings, growing leaf-like from the base towards the top. They resemble the shadows of ferns, and another, larger area that dominates the top of the shell looks something like the sun, reaching rays down. There is a sense of fecund earth, deep loam that some will find reaches to a half-forgotten racial memory of forests, and some will find strangling, like being trapped beneath the earth.

DEMETER: Another shell that falls into the average range, this one wears a dignified copper color, traced in lighter gold reminescent of the Gaia Egg. The images of fallen autumn leaves may put one in mind of Gaia as well; are these the leaves from those bare branches? This Egg has a sense of solidness, like welcome bread in the belly, but, too, there is a tingle of change, of how things always move on. The shell is at once reassuring and unsettling; the reactions it gets from those who see it often vary widely.

AURAI: A striking shell of deep, royal blue, Aurai is speckled liberally with a shade of lighter blue, including one large area of near-white that radiates dramatically out in a jagged starburst. Surrounding this brighter area is a nearly perfect circle delineated by the small speckles coming together in a swirling barrier of alternating light and dark blue. The starburst nonetheless pierces this barrier, stretching very slightly free of its confines. The sense around this Egg, despite its darker color, is one of lightness and flight. Some who come to close are struck with vertigo; were they very high up for a moment?

ARKE: Everything about this Egg seems faint, from the pale yellow-green of its shell to its faded markings. These form a faint set of feathered wings, largely unheard-of on Pern, arching from base to top, tips nearly touching. In the right light, they are nearly invisible, but a certain large feather on the left one is shaded in slightly darker charcoal, distinct from the rest. This Egg is oddly uncertain, broadcasting a sense of lightness and one of loss equally. Some, as they step close, will see iridescence at the edge of their vision. Others will feel suddenly the weight of their earthbound life, empty of the possibility of flight.

AMPHITRITE: A pastel, feminine purple, this Egg competes with Aoide and Oceanus to be the smallest of the Clutch. A helix traced in white spirals from the tip toward the base, ever-tighter as it nears the Sands. At its tightest, it's a twist dazzling in its complexity, and may lure more than one into a lengthy study of its intricacies. Stepping so close will bring you a waft of saltwater, and some will endure a sudden sense of rolling motion. Those prone to seasickness will probably not care for this Egg. Those who are not troubled by the sensation will find themselves exhilarated, for a moment, by the immensity of sea and sky.

DEIMOS: This Egg is not inviting. Swathed in deep purple, a skeletal tracing rises, tree-like, in black from the base, obscuring a round area of lighter purple, resembling the full moon on a misty night. The dark colors are not as friendly as many of the other shells, and if someone braves the overall appearance, they'll find themselves with a dubious prize indeed. Nearing the shell brings on all of the symptoms of fear: tightness in the belly, sweating, hairs rising. The feeling increases with increasing proximity, blossoming into dread.

ALETHEIA: A shell almost rounder than it is tall, Aletheia is painted in soft sage green. Lighter green spreads its fingers up the side, similar to the tall feather grass that grew next to Pern's waterways before they were frozen. There is something, it seems, behind those grassy silhouettes, in a deeper shade of green. The shape seems to look like different things to different people. Stepping close to the shell, however, seems to pull back a veil. For a moment, it seems that the truth of all things can be seen, and the shape is recognized with certainty. Upon stepping away, however, that realized truth flees, leaving a chancy recollection, like the memory of a dream.

SELENE: Selene is an Egg of clean lines and cool austerity, colored a pure white that shades, here and there, to grey. The shell almost seems pockmarked by small craters near its base; touching these indentations will reveal them nothing more than a trick of the light. Moving so close to the Egg, paradoxically, results in a sense of distance. There is a faint feeling of loneliness, but it is quickly replaced by a sensation of scrutiny by a serene presence, watching from afar. This wintry gaze is neither friendly nor antagonistic, neither inviting nor repelling. The impression is that Selene will be unchanged by your scrutiny, just as you will be unchanged.

MENOETIUS: Menoetius is one of the larger Eggs, and perhaps the most attention-getting. Colored in wild splashes of crimson on gold, it easily has the most violent appearance, and nearing the shell will corroborate that impression. Menoetius is overbearing, violent, a
savage sweep of conflicting passions. Swinging between overwhelming anger and a sense of sudden action, there is glory here, but it is, perhaps, an ill-advised glory. It is not unknown for some to feel as if they've suddenly been dealt a dizzying blow from Menoetius; there is certainly nothing gentle or friendly about this Egg.

ASTRAIOS: Easily another of the largest Eggs in the clutch, Astraios is an imposing black, the darkest of them all. Unlike Deimos, however, there is no sense of menace to this Egg, speckled with pinpoints of pristine white and brushed with dark, like stars on a cloudy night. Nearing this shell results in a sense of immensity at once impressive in its scale and yet somehow intimate, like the sooty closeness of a warm night in summer. Astraios invites those seeking knowledge to examine and explore, and perhaps to lose themselves in the face of the immeasurable.

OCEANUS: One of the three smallest Eggs, Oceanus's shape is more round than ovoid, similar to Aletheia. But for its smaller size, it could nearly be mistaken for Naiades, which shares much of its appearance. A soft blue-green, it is rippled with a darker shade reminiscent of the pattern the surface of water makes when stirred by a breeze, and further striped in brighter blue. The largest stripes are vertical, cross-hatched by their slimmer fellows travelling diagonally across the shell. Stepping close results in a sense of being surrounded, not trapped nor embraced, simply accompanied on all sides. Some find this unpleasant, but the feeling itself is not negative.

NAIADES: Though similar to Oceanus, Naiades is somewhat larger. The base patterns are the same for both Eggs, but the stripes on Naiades are fewer and sweeping, curving where Oceanus is linear. Stepping close, too, results in a sense of lively movement that Oceanus lacks. There is a sense of grabbing for attention from Naiades, a touch of jealousy radiating from it towards the other Eggs, and a sense of pleasure warms anyone who sets their study upon it.

TARTARUS: Tartarus is a bit bigger than average, brooding in tones of deep maroon. A collection of stripes and circles resolve themselves into written music, easily recognized by Harpers, concentrated at the base of the shell. A strange avian, foreign to Pern, sweeps across the top, colored in a lighter red. These images are not necessarily unpleasant, but the feeling of the Egg is decidedly gloomy. Nearing the shell can result in a sudden sense of peering down into a yawning pit, but there is a sense of strange melody coming from far below. - The best sales, coupons, and discounts for you

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