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Title: Idumea: Candidate: female

Fellis - March 10, 2012 11:12 PM (GMT)

Username: Fellis

Name: Idumea
Nickname(s): Ides
Age: 17
Sexuality: Nearly asexual, not too interested
Rank: Candidate
Craft: Heler
Location: Ember Weyr

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Build: 5'8, skinny
Overall Appearance Idumea is tall and thin like a rail. She has a boyish build, and not much in the way of curves. Her bust is small and her legs are more athletic than womanly. The way she dresses only detracts further from her femininity; she hates cumbersome dresses, and only wears pants and comfortable shirts. Her hair is her one vanity. It is completely straight and raven black, and it falls midway down her back. She has a medium complexion. Her eyes are light green, with flecks of light brown.

Likes: Gross things, studying the human body, watching people fight, rainy days

Dislikes: Overly cheerful people, hugs, girly clothes, canines

Fear: Something will prevent her from being a Healer

Quirks: She is extremely morbid and likes looking at dead things, and she sometimes bursts out laughing at very inappropriate moments.

Overall Personality: Idumea is the weird kid who sits in the back of the class, usually saying nothing but occasionally doing something really weird. Simply put, she is offbeat. She is not very talkative or sociable, although people fascinate her. She prefers to study them, rather than get involved. Idumea is often caught staring at people, and she doesn't seem to realize that this is rude. If someone objects, she'll either ignore them and wander off, or reply with a snarky comment and start a fight. It depends on her mood.

She is extremely morbid, and has a fascination with death, blood, and gore. If she finds a dead thing lying around, she'll dissect it. Idumea has a twisted sense of humor. She isn't a masochist, per se, but she is amused and fascinated by things that most people would find sick or dark. Blood doesn't faze her one bit. She has horrible bedside manner, but she never gets freaked out about seeing other people's injuries. In fact, the worse a person is, the more fun she has taking care of them. She wants to be a surgeon someday, sewing up the most ghastly wounds.

History: Idumea's mother was young, only 16, and she got pregnant after a one night stand with a Journeyman Harper. The pregnancy was an embarrassment, and Idumea was raised by her grandparents. Besides that, she had a normal upbringing. If anything happened to trigger her weirdness, she doesn't remember it. All she knows is that from the time she was six or seven, she was already seeking out dead animals she found outside, poking at them and examining them as best she could with a stick.

Idumea didn't play well with others; she spent most of her time alone. Her grandparents were relieved when, at the age of twelve, she announced her attention to be a Healer apprentice. She went off to the Healer Hall. Idumea was incredibly studious, and she had a special knack for anatomy. However, she continued to have difficulty making friends. She didn't really care, or notice, and mostly focused on her apprenticeship.

She was Searched recently and brought to Ember Weyr as a candidate.

Mela - March 10, 2012 11:38 PM (GMT)
Accepted, though please keep mind that Deep Freeze is in an ice age setting. Most of the time dead things are frozen stiff when found, if found. Scavengers abound in this universe.

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