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SOG Admin Posted on Oct 22 2011, 08:46 PM
user posted image
    With the seven demigods of the prophecy named, and together at Camp Jupiter, gods, creatures, and demigods alike are hoping for the best. The gods are trying to unite as one against Gaea and her army of monsters, and their raging attempt to take over and end life as everyone knows it. Fighting back against such a powerful army, however, is a lot harder than it seems.

    Jason is getting re-acquainted with Camp Jupiter, and re-uniting with Reyna, Percy is going back to all of his friends in the Greek camp, especially Annabeth. There are reunions happening, welcoming the leaders back to their original camps. That being said, at the same time, they're both testing the waters with each other - the Greeks still expect hostility from the Romans, and the Romans still expect to be betrayed to Gaea by the Greeks. Nothing is going as smoothly as anyone hoped.

    In the mean time, a familiar face is floating in the back of the Roman camp - one Luke Castellan, who was helped back from the dead along with Hazel Levesque by Nico di Angelo. The Roman camp accepted him as just another camper, and everything went along smoothly. Now, with the Greeks there, his reputation has come out, and now Luke is very close to becoming an outsider between both camps.

    Jason Grace, Piper McLean, Leo Valdez, Percy Jackson, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, and Annabeth Chase - the seven demigods of the prophecy - need to figure out a way to make things work. They need to figure out a way to make sure that Nico di Angelo, who has been kidnapped and is being held in Rome, is brought back alive, because he's important to the propechy, too - just as Thalia Grace is, just as Hylla and Reyna are, and everyone else involved. But with everything going haywire at the same time, and the two different camps needing to unite, will the gods really be able to win against Gaea and her army? To win, everyone knows this - we have to STAND OUR GROUND.

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