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 A New Arrival [PLOTTAGE]
Posted: Aug 10 2011, 10:18 AM

The All-Knowing

Group: Admin
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Joined: 28-February 11

There was a new Queen, imported from a small hold that still had dragons lying about, and thus a new Weyrwoman. The older, somewhat tired Weyrleader was relieved – the female had made it clear on arrival that she intended to fly and choose a new Weyrleader herself – and so he could finally step down from the stressful job.

Almost all riders – along with many Weyrfolk and Candidates – had been gathered in the large expanse of the Weyrbowl where the new queen sat. It would be like those few times representatives from Timell had come along to offer PD a chance to surrender (and been promptly chased off). Everyone spread out around a small, rock podium-like area to one side and fired questions at the dragon and rider who sat there. This was the first time their new queen had been seen and, what struck everyone as extremely odd was her colour.

Green. A very pale, almost white shade of green that seemed to reflect the sun at stunning angles, making her hide sparkle, but green all the same. Her size discounted the fact that she was a normal green (if the shininess hadn’t been enough) as she was far larger than even the biggest of greens anyone had seen on Pern. Not the size of any gold, though, or even another king. No, the compact, tightly muscled queen was about the size of a small brown. Honestly, it was baffling.

The woman that stood next to her was tall and lithe with a shock of reddish hair and big brown eyes. They looked at each other a second, as they waited for everyone to gather, and the queen turned to the rest of the Weyr. Greetings, Point Drammar. My name is Qlesaith. This rider of mine is the lovely Klasht. She bowed her head, flashing out her large wings as she did so in an introductory gesture. Of course, she also did it to show how the sun glinted off her shiny hide and wings – she knew that, while some muttered about her in the back, that many were taken by her stunning hide. Next to her dragon, Klasht gave her own little bow, still wearing the hardened leathers the pair had flown here in. To be honest, the woman looked a little... surprised at the sheer amount of people before; this was her first time in a real Weyr.

I am here to help make up for your lack of a Queen with much pleasure. I have travelled from a small hold, one that remained untouched by thread, and housed dragons who fled to escape the wars. However, I am here and I will help you. But that is certainly enough from me... Honestly, it was never enough from her, I am here to answer your questions, any curiosities about me. Do speak up, or have a nearby dragon do it for you; no matter if you are Weyrfolk or kingrider, I wish to hear your thoughts and your questions. Speak aloud, too, as we must all be informed of what you say. Her eyes glinted a playful green as she looked towards a particularly stuffy, apparently unnerved, bronze towards the front.

((Also, guys, let us know if you think she would be better as an actual dragon and I shall make Qlesaith and her lovely rider as I am tempted and if you all agree she would be best as an actual character rather than an NPC, then I will. Also, Timell kid graduate next week sooo you need at least, we'll say... to be in 6 of the WL's to graduate. I won't do 8 until people pop into 7 but will go ahead with the graduation regardless. The next Timell clutch begin WL's next week, too wink.gif ))
Posted: Aug 11 2011, 06:22 AM


Group: Members
Posts: 40
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Joined: 2-July 11

Among the masses that had gathered there was a most unusual pair that stood watching the arrival of the new queen. The smaller of the pair was a messy haired man whom was standing rather casually, one hand railing through the messy goatee that was upon his chin. Every so often the man would make a contemplative sound, then turned to the larger companion, a brown dragon, that was stood beside him. Something whispered was shared between them, and the brown laughed huskily while nodding his head vigorously. Yes, it certainly seemed that both Dr'us and Morganth where in a jolly mood today, and the cause for that mood was the arrival of a new pair of females to the 'dating scene' after all the pretty pair where certain not to have anyone in their lives if they had just arrived at the weyr.

'I'd be liking to get lost in 'er booty, sur'n to be some glorious pleasure to be found there' The smooth tones of the brown where proclaimed to his bonded, and as usual the vocal brown had no such thing as a 'in-brain' voice, so it was sure that everyone else around him heard too. Not that Morganth cared, everyone in PD knew how he was personality wise so why should he hide it? Adjusting his body he tapped his metallic peg-leg upon the ground slowly, his eyes whirling with slight hints of purple as he assessed the greenish hued gold that had just landed. 'I'll be the wind that fills her sails come the day she rises'

The comment drew a low sound of panic from Dr'us "Chase her? by the shell please tell me I'm hearing things ..." Looking up Dr'us caught Morganth's right eye (his eye patch was upon his left eye) and tried to make out if his bond was being serious, and found that he was. "Morganth you've gone insane, us - weyrleaders? Point Drammar would be in flames before the week is out, and all of the rum would be gone in a day!" As he talked Dr'us became more irritated, and his arms moved through the air as he spoke. Dr'us always had been one to speak with his hands when he was stressed, and judging by the movement of his hands he was feeling particularly stressed out in that moment.

'Don't ye be lookin at me like that young'un, I didn't lay one paw on yer booze' The brown nodded his head firmly, and then turned his head as polly appeared from between with a loud squawk. Circling the pair she make to snap at Dr'us, then moved to take her usual perch upon Morganth's shoulder, her eyes whirling red as she eyed Dr'us while chattering angrily away at the human for daring to blame her master for something. Shaking his head Dr'us decided to leave the pair alone, and walked forward toward Klasht with the intention of introducing himself to the lovely lady while Morganth was suitably distracted with molly coddling his pet.

Timell | Point Drammar
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Posted: Aug 13 2011, 09:50 AM

cool like fire, yo

Group: Moderator
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Joined: 28-February 11

((Perhaps the queen and queenrider should be placed up for adoption? And how are we determining the winner of the flight, choice, dice roll, vote? I would prefer vote I think if it makes sense. ((unless a lot of people submit characters for the chase)) Plus it’s canon ion a way because the Weyrfolk are capable of leaning mentally on the dragons and encouraging them in flight. It’s in book one. If the whole Weyr likes a certain male he’s apt to feel their support and win.))

Y’se and Tipuleth were among those who gathered. Y’se was surprisingly sober and well rested. He had wanted to here the political opinions of the new ‘queen.’ Being of the peace loving sort Y’se was uncomfortable at best with the war and most of the time downright hostile to it. However he played along for the moment so nothing would happen to him or Tipuleth. And soon he would likely make for gentler waters and find a hold like whence this dragon had come once he graduated. In the meantime he and his partner laid low. But the addition of a new queen and an open mating flight seemed promising. Perhaps there where others of his mindset within the Weyr just bidding their time and they would soon take leadership. And if the whole Weyr felt the way he did. Tired over the death toll this silly war was causing and ready to return to the old ways than maybe the collective would spur any peace desiring candidate on to victory.

While Y’se was pondering all these things Tipuleth was babbling on about the importance of open mating flights, as in mating flights where females could chase. After these few months Y’se had learned to tune out Tipuleth unless what she was saying was important. He knew her tone when giving a speech compared to conversation and she was definitely in rare speech giving form today.

Y’se was disappointed when the green-gold did not state their particular views but instead when straight to fielding questions. He wondered how he could bend this conversation to where he needed it with out looking like a traitor. Perhaps . . .

Do you see an end to this war under your future leadership? projected Tipuleth loudly into all but the densest of minds. There mine, I have spoken for you. I hope it was sufficiently camouflaged as it could be a question of victory and not truce. spoke the dragon privately.

Thank you mine. Y’se thought with a nod. Despite Tipuleth’s flightiness in allegiance to most things he could always depend on her help. Well except for that time she had decided a drudge would’ve made a better rider. But that had lasted a week tops. He stroked his chin and glanced up at his green. Blue was seeping into her generally green eyes. This could mean only one thing. She had found a new romantic interest and was about to swear her undying love to them, again, for like the tenth time in her eight month old life. He glanced around to see where her gaze was falling and it was straight ahead at the little green-gold.

Oh mine, isn’t she the most glorious thing you’ve ever laid eyes upon.

Not really. Tipuleth huffed in response and then said I think I will rise and chase her!

Are you joking!? Your heart will burst trying to keep up with those bronzes. Not to mention the fact you just learned to fly.

Who’s to say when she will rise I might be even bigger and stronger! And I am a green we fly the highest in thread fall if I am fast I could win the flight.

Oh yeah, and thread could start falling Between.

Tipuleth huffed and stormed off to greet the new dragon like some others were. She would not put up with her bonded disagreeing with her. She should never have bonded to him anyway. That drudge . . . what was her name? . . . well she would’ve been better. She waited her turn in the crowd and when she was in front of the green-gold she gave a very exaggerated bow with her wings outstretched. Even then she didn’t take up a whole lot room.

Oh lovely Qlesaith you are the most beautiful queen I have ever laid eyes on! I hope you do not rise too soon after coming here so that I might have chance to participate in your first flight milady. You see now I am only a small weyrling but soon I will be much larger. I am certain I can defeat the bronzes in flight and win your love.

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