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We ask that you respect our board rules by adhering to the following guidelines:

1) Do not share, trade, or distribute in any manner here, any copyright material, without the express written consent of the owner.

2) Spam is not tolerated on this site. If you spam you will be labeled as a spammer until you improve, or until you are subsequently banned upon any more infractions. Excessive use of smilies is a form of spamming, and will be treated as such.

3) Do not share your account or password to this site. Every individual contributing to the member areas of this site is allowed only to have ONE account.

4) In an attempt to keep this site safe and enjoyable for everyone, there are a few rules here that we'd like you all to respect and keep in mind:

a) Please do not use racist slurs, prejudiced comments, profanity, or derogatory statements. Swearing is censored to the best of our efforts, but your co-operation is of utmost importance in these matters.

b) Evading the censor by adding asterisk, or purposefully misspelling words to evade the censor is considered a higher offence than swearing normally, do not do this.

c) Do not initiate arguments of a personal nature. This will only cause the triggering of other members and make this site unsafe. We will remove anyone who explicitly ignores this rule.

d) Please put a warning on all material that could upset other members.

e) Be courteous to other users, even if you disagree with someone or believe that they are full of it. Refrain from flaming posts or comments. You may argue and debate, but do not make any comments of a personal nature. Do not use any profanity and no derogatory statements. This place is to help others, and to reach out for help... let's keep it that way.

5) Standard English is the language of this forum. Webspeak / text speak are not permitted here (people dislike it so much it causes many arguments!). Please take a few extra seconds to use standard English you will get better replies, and you will avoid arguments! Also, ALL CAPS TYPING is also discouraged it is seen as SHOUTING and that is considered rude & inappropriate. Also, NT (no text) posts are not allowed here, please take a few seconds to make a short title and write your question/questions in the body of the post.

6) Members that do not follow these rules will be issued a warning and have the offending post removed. Continual disrespect for our rules will result in that account being banned. Keep in mind that your activity on this board is monitored. If you are unsure about making a certain post, or activity on this board, please discuss it first with a Moderator. Do not take matters into your own hands and comment on others' behaviors.

7) No unauthorized advertisement. You must contact us for permission to advertise a website other than Da Boyz Club

We'd like to stress :: Our community consists of players of all ages and from all walks of life, and that includes teenagers, and even some pre-teens. That said, we would like to see less swearing on our boards, including: @#%$, pissing, tuna melt, Oh Sh*t, F**k the questions, WTF, etc. Sure, these are 'acceptable' words (because they are censored) and some even said on TV, but it doesn't mean they're right.

We understand that there are times when there is indeed something that causes so much excitement or grief in you that you just have to blurt out a swear word, but this need not be so often, and certainly not all the time. We'd prefer if it is kept in to a minimum.

Thank you for reading and respecting our rules.

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