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 Does Anyone Ever Check This Board?just In Case?
Posted by Nick F - 12-18-11 11:09 - 0 comments
Does anyone ever check this board, just in case?
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 Vote For Your Elders
Posted by Zog - 11-27-10 21:15 - 6 comments

Nominations for Elders is in


You will need to cast a vote for the elder of your choice by 6/12/2010

If you cannot get to the Klub PM me with your Vote. (you can vote for 2 people. ie Karl and Les ... etc...)


Zog. cool.gif
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 Happy Birthday
Posted by Ollie - 04-27-10 21:41 - 1 comments
According to the forum your 31 today!?

Have a good one
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 How To Get To Us
Posted by Zog - 12-6-09 12:23 - 0 comments
Hi all!
this is for you guys that are Browsing though here and can't find out any info on us.

‘Da Boyz Klub’ or Penn Wargames Klub.

A little about us:

We have been running a Wargames Klub since Orktober 2001 at ST. Barts Church in Penn Wolverhampton.

We are Part of the Games Club Network.

We play all manner of Games Workshop Games. Plus Many others. We also have a Yearly event called ‘Da Burfday Bash’ in October that is a 3 game Tournament with Prizes

The Klub is open From 7:00ish to 10:00pm Every Monday. (We don't open on Bank Holidays)

We have the Facility to have 7 tables up and running at a time on a normal night.

During the Tournaments we have the facility to have 14 Tables up and running!!!

If you are in the area and fancy a game or just a chat we’d love to see ya!

Just see below for for a map of how to get to us.

Hope to see ya soon

ZOG! (Klub Elder)

How to get to us: By Bus.

To get to the club you need to catch a bus that goes down the Penn road, You can get to the club one of two ways:
1. Get off the bus just passed the Rose & Crown Pub then walk back to Church Hill and go to the top of the road, the club is held in the church hall opposite St Bart’s church next to the small car park.
2. Get off the bus Opposite the Holly bush Pub then walk up Vicarage Road to the top of the road, the club is held in the church hall opposite St Bart’s church next to the small car park.

Catch the 254, 255. 256 or 256S you can find out timetables here : http://www.travelwm.co.uk

user posted image

Meeting Address:

Vicarage Road
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 Alumwell Or Wmms
Posted by Robbie - 02-9-09 02:23 - 7 comments
Alumwell Wargames Society


WMMS 2009

West Midlands Military Show

Sunday 8th March 2009


Aldersley Leisure Village
Aldersley Rd

Doors Open 10:00am until 4:00pm

45 Trade Stands
25 Demo & Participation Games
Modelling Club Displays
Living History

Free Parking
Bar & Food
Bring & Buy.

Adults £3.00
Children £1.00
Family Ticket £5.00
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 Da Night Before Orkmas
Posted by Zog - 12-16-08 18:59 - 4 comments
Da Night Before Orkmas

It wuz da night before Orkmas, when all thru da hut
Nuffin wuz stirrin, not even a grot

Da holstas wuz hung, by da smoke hole way up
In hopes dat Yellowsquig would finally show up

Da gretchin wuz curled-up, all crammed in da shedz
While dreams of sugar-squigs tromped in dere hedz

And da boss in ‘eavy armor, an me in me flak
Had just settled our brainz, an jumped in our sacks

When out by the drops, dere wuz such a big fuss
I jumped from my bunk, ta shoot What it wuz

Over to da gunport, I stumbled wiv a crunch,
Tore open da shutters, an threw up me lunch

Da spotlights wuz shining wif a eye-hurtin glow
Lit up brite uz day, on da drops below

When What did I eyeball, woz making da noize
But a ‘uge battlewagon and eight, rite ‘ard boyz

Wiv a gnarled old kaptin, and a toof box so big
I knew rite off, it must be Yellowsquig

Faster than Speed Freaks, his flash gitz dey came
An he growled an shouted an called out dere names:

Now, Chinwart! Now, Chopgob! Now, Bogbreff and Bigzit
On, Stumpy! On, Stinkfoot! On, Lardbutt, an dat uver Git!

To da top of da pillbox! To da top of da wall!
Now dakka-dakka dakka-dakka dakka-dakka all!

Like a war-boar dat’s been shot in da gutz
When day see sumpin movin, dey charge an dey butz

So rite for da hut da gitz stomped dere shoes
Wiv a wagon full ov teef and Yellowsquig too.

An den in a bit, I heard on da walls,
Da pounding and smashin of his kannon balls

As I pulled in my skull an took my shoota in hand,
Down thru da roof, Yellowsquig came wiff ‘is band.

He wuz fitted wiff bioniks from ‘is skull to ‘is foots,
An his gear woz all splatterd, wiff What woz left ov da grotz.

A bag ov loot he had tossed over ‘is back,
An he looked like a mekboy, wiff ‘is favourite tool pack.

‘Is eyes, how dey glared! ‘Is teef, how enormous!
‘Is hide wuz like leather, ‘Is nose like a fungus!

‘Is great gaping gob wuz givin’ out a smelly blow
And da hair-squig on ‘is chin wuz yellow, like snow.

Da hat on ‘is head wuz all mouldy an blue
Wiff a deaths-head glyth, dat wuz stuck on wiff glue.

He had a right ugly skar an’ a cast iron spleen
Dat growled when he laffed, like a face-eater wotz mean

He wuz nasty an vicious, a right hard ol’ git
An’ he laffed when he saw uz, an spit in ‘is mitt.

A squint of ‘is eye an a kick of his boot,
Left me in no doubt he wuz after our loot.

He didn’t say much, as his boyz got stuk in,
Taking da loot, an given da boyz a thrashin’.

An’ puttin his finger, way up inside his snoot
An’ givin a belch, gave da door a good boot.

He tromped to his wagon,an’ to his boyz, gave a yell
An’ away dey all went, like sum batz out’a hell.

But I ‘eard him bellow,as he drove out’a site…..

“Shooty Orkmas ter all, an to all a good fight !!!


"Merry Orkmas!"

Merry Waaaghmas! to all n gud night!
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 Christmas Time Opening?
Posted by Tony - 12-3-08 10:10 - 5 comments
What dates will the klub be open/shut for over the christmas and new year period? Just asking so I know if I'll be able to leave leicester early enough to make a meeting.
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 Inter-club Challenge.
Posted by Hannah - 10-2-08 14:42 - 6 comments
Midlands Inter-club Challenge


The idea behind this Inter-Club challenge is to get all the clubs in the midlands who are members of the Gaming Club Network, actually networking with each other. If we can get a continuous and regular interaction between all the clubs we may be able to put on joint events in the future. That is the future, as for now I have been asked to try out this system and a colleague (Steve) in Yorkshire is doing the same. If the challenge is successful, then we hope to round things off at the end of a 12 month period with a tournament at Warhammer World to decide the winners of the challenge (Midlands v Yorkshire).

What is the Midlands Inter-Club challenge?

The system is simplicity itself, it will not interfere with anything the clubis doing or going to do. It does not require any extra equipment or new armies. It does require a small amount of ‘book keeping’, but no more than you have to do for a campaign or tournament – probably a lot less.
The challenge is taken up by individuals in the club, but they will ultimately be playing for the ‘honour’ of the club. To take part in the challenge each club member is allotted 150 points and these points are added to or subtracted from in the course of the challenge. The challenge can be played on club nights, during tournaments and during campaigns the club is engaged in, it does not affect or interfere with any f these things. All a club member has to do is ask their opponent if they want to make their game a ‘campaign’ game, if they both agree then the winner takes 10 points from the loser. Within the club a member can increase their total to 200 points, no more. A member cannot fall below 50 points, so if they play a ‘challenge’ on those points they can only gain points, never lose them.
Once a club member is on 200 points they can only gain more points by playing other clubs; this can be home or away, it doesn’t matter which. Any wargaming system can be played, even one to one card games (we will try to work a fair and equitable system for boardgames eventually). When you want to play opponents from other clubs then you can get in touch with me (Paul Giles) to arrange what you want to play (which gaming systems etc.), or you can do it direct with the clubs themselves. Hopefully this will bring about a regular ‘get together’ with the ther clubs and we can see what will develop from that.

When does this take place?

Right now, there’s no time like the present. Just fill in the form as each person plays a ‘challenge’ game and I will collate them every few weeks. Hopefully after a short time we will have our first Inter-Club Challenges.

Paul Giles GCN Knight

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Posted by Zog - 04-29-08 21:58 - 0 comments
A Coat was left on Monday at the Klub
If its yours let us know.

Remember We are not open on next monday [as it is a bank Holiday 5/5/08]


Zog cool.gif
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 Control Panel Problems
Posted by Les - 04-22-08 07:55 - 1 comments
Hi all,

Just to let you knw that there are a number of problems with the control panel settings at the moment, specifically when trying to use the personal messenger system.

Invisionfree (the hsts) are aware of this and are working on the problem.

Hopefully it will be resolved very soon.

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