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 Bent On Getting By, [Open]
Alonzo Bennett
Posted: May 2 2012, 03:49 PM

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Alonzo was not coping well. He was in pain and currently one-armed. Alonzo stifled a groan as the edge of his elbow bumped the edge of the table making his broken shoulder erupt in pain. His collarbone hurt bad enough when he walked around, but somehow he just kept jostling it. On the doorway, in the mess hall, in his sleep, and during every action in between. He gripped the edge of the table tightly as he waited for the pain to subside enough for him to continue working.

He had a few pain pills, to take as necessary, but Alonzo hadn't taken any yet. His dislike of pharmaceuticals paired with the knowledge that they had very few pain pills so go around ensured that he wouldn't be taking the pain pills unless he had no other option.

For now, he gritted his teeth at the pain and tried his very hardest to not move his shoulder any more than necessary. It made work aggravatingly slow. He couldn't do his own dissections, though he could still use the microscope. You just never thought of how hard it was to write properly in a journal when you could only use one arm.

As a result, Alonzo had not been a pleasant person to be around the last few days. He'd snapped at anyone he'd had a conversation with, and he was pretty sure the expression on his face had been a mixture of pain and rage that repelled every lab assistant for miles. His pride wouldn't let him use one anyway, even if he actually needed help in this case.

The pain subsided back to its usual constant throbbing and Alonzo straightened up, taking a very careful breath. Better. He withdrew his notebook from his jacket pocket and laid it on the table, flipping it open to where he'd left off that morning. Pen. He still needed a pen. He withdrew that from his pocket as well, awkwardly holding it while trying to re-open his notebook.

He dropped the pen. It flipped out of his hand, falling off the edge of the table. "Oh, bloody god-forsaken hell!" Alonzo swore, frustration at his clumsiness welling to the surface with all the anger he'd been trying to tamp down for days. He picked up his notebook and threw it with all his might at the metal cabinet across the lab from him.

Alonzo regretted that move instantly for two reasons. First, the movement required to pick up the notebook and throw it twisted his shoulder resulting in an almost unbearable shock of pain. Secondly, his notebook hadn't taken kindly to being thrown. When it hit the cabinet, the binding broke and pages flew all over the floor.

He stood there, leaning heavily on the table with his good arm for several moments. Alonzo hung his head and grimaced, trying to calm down and waiting for the pain to go away. Maybe he should call the day done. Give in, take some pain pills, and just do something else besides wasting his time in the lab where he was turning out to be useless.
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