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 THREE MILES DOWN, tag: salana!
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 09:45 PM


I'll slip out to the mountains where nobody knows me, I will make my home here.“God damn it, I’m going to kill that little bastard!”Joseph was fuming. This day simply could not get any worse than it already was. He had awoken at the crack of dawn, prepared to do a copious amount of scavenging before the weather became too hot to keep going without an ample amount of water. Not wanting to waste the small supply they did have, venturing out when it was still slightly dark and not near as sweltering was his best option. And that was exactly what he did.But things didn’t quite go as planned. He ran into a little trouble on his short trek back to his family’s small camp. A smug teenager with a gun thought it would simply be hilarious if he stalked the older man and robbed him at gunpoint for what little he had managed to find. Oh yes, it was absolutely sidesplitting. The boy- who couldn’t have been over seventeen- appeared from behind a tree, shoving the gun in Joseph’s face all willy-nilly, demanding that he hand over the few supplies he had bundled in the crook of his arm. With no time to reach for his weapon, Joseph was helpless. The kid moved closer to him, and before he knew it, he saw the pistol headed straight for his head.When he regained consciousness, the boy, as well as his supplies, were long gone. And that was why he was so furious at the world right now. Something like this? Well, it had never happened to him before, and he wasn’t quite sure how to react. But the easiest thing was to simply rage on about the little brat. Joseph took several deep breaths, in and out, making an attempt to calm himself down, but it just wasn’t working this time around. But it didn’t have to, because he was with Salana at the moment, and he knew he could let out all of his frustrations when he was around. No matter what. His tone was low at first, but by the time he was finished with his sentence he was screaming. “Lord help me, that fucking idiot is going to pay!” Obviously he had no way of making sure that happened; he’d never seen the boy in his life, and there was no way of finding out which direction he had headed. But it didn’t have to make sense. Joseph was furious and the only way of getting over it was to yell. “I don’t care if it was just a kid.” Sure Salana was right there with him, but he was saying this more for himself. “I’ll kill him with my bare hands when I find him!”© snap boom pow!

This is long overdue, sorry!
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