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 Just the Facts Ma'am, Tag: Beau
Posted: Apr 3 2012, 06:18 PM


LIGHT ME UP WHEN I'M DOWN I DON'T THINK I CAN BE ANYTHING OTHER THAN ME Leaves rustled through the trees as a rare breeze passed through them. She stifled a shiver that had nothing to do with the potential cold that the breeze might have brought. There was nothing cold about Texas. It was something that her body still hadn’t had a chance to acclimate to. Meli was a winter-baby, through and through. She loved the snow, the icy bitterness and everything that went with it. She didn’t enjoy sweating while standing still and she liked even less the humidity that seemed to make every breath something tangible. Thick and hard to process.She looked up at the sky, judging the time. Something else she had never really been good at. She knew what noon was, and that was about it. After securing this area clear of the dead things, she had paced around the small building, trying to decide how best to proceed. The motorhome was nicer than anything they had trailing along at the circus. Or…it used to be. She had found it around the back of an abandoned strip center. It had definitely seen better days. A panther with a gleaming black coat and yellow eyes slinked across the side of it. ‘Panther Trails,’ was written underneath. The rich charcoals and dove grey colors wound around in an intricate pattern. The thing was large and body, one of the newer styles that boasted an aerodynamic design, if one of these big monsters could even know the term. Normally, she wouldn’t have stopped for such a thing, since a luxury RV was sure to be picked clean by now, however this one was different. Boards covered every window from the inside. The door was no exception. All the windows had been broken, though no one had penetrated the boards. The only hope that she could see was a little bubble of a skylight on top. She paced it for the fortieth time. Literally. With the box-like construction, she could not figure out how to get on top of the beast. It was just out of finger-tip reach when she jumped. There was nothing around that she could hop on top of. It was downright frustrating. THIS POST IS TAGGED FOR BEAU!, AND IS 621 WORDS LONG. MELI IS WEARING THIS. OH, AND I WANTED YOU TO KNOW Yay, thread!.TEMPLATE BY ASHOO ! OF CAUTION 2.0
Posted: Apr 6 2012, 09:54 AM

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While some men, most men these days, would on the very rare occasion brag about how they had gone camping or hunting or fishing or whatever the hell else these men did, and how, along their trip, things had gone horribly awry. "I survived five days in the woods!" "Yeah well I survived six - and I shot and cooked my own deer right out there!" This was something Beau couldn't help but think back on, wearing a lazy smirk on his lips all the while. Oh, if only they were here now, all so he could chime in with: "Yeah, well I survived Houston in the middle of the fuckin' apocalypse."

Let's just say he wasn't the city going type. He'd never actually been into a city until he'd wandered into Houston, not realizing just how bad of an idea it was; but how could he know? He was horribly unprepared but that stubborn idiot had insisted that, one way or another, he wasn't going to die in the city. So far, so good. It was a simple enough goal: don't die until, at the very least, you get to the suburbs. Somewhere out there, his truck was stowed away in a garage, cold and lonely and broken, sitting around waiting for Beau while he was stuck in the city, ironically, off gallivanting with another vehicle. She didn't purr like his girl had, though.

There wasn't a word that Beau knew to describe his surprise upon finding that motor home parked behind the strip club (what? he'd been thirsty). Joy? No. Redneck heaven? Probably. For someone that had grown up in a shoddy Winnebego, this thing was an absolute masterpiece - and it was his now. It hadn't taken long to take a look around and keep it safe. It had taken an afternoon, really. With not but a screw driver he'd taken the wood once used to hold up the stage the girls had walked on to board up the windows, the door closed from the inside. No, not a goddamn thing was getting in that thing. Aside from the new window furnishings, the place was spacious, and the sky light he'd kept open kept things considerably fresher (the driver had still been occupying the mobile).

Sitting at one of the many seats surrounding a pole that, he was sure, would have provided quite a show, Beau flipped idly through a magazine he'd found buried away, cigarette hanging from his lips and brows twisted in confusion. "What the..." He dropped the magazine open, nearly cringing as he tossed the magazine away. "What kinda fuckin' freaks were these people?" And that's when a sound caught his noise - the gentle sound of feet outside, shuffling around in the dirt and mingled asphalt. No, not shuffling - jumping? With one last drag from the cigarette, he snuffed it out and hopped to his feet, pulling himself up through the open skylight and peering around at the ocean of the parking lot before spotting the girl. Er, woman, whatever. He quirked an eyebrow, words rolling off his tongue: "Can I help you, ma'am?"

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