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 Do Or Do Not, [Open!]
Eliza Beecham
Posted: Apr 1 2012, 11:19 AM

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Who liked blind dates? Well, not Eliza.

Talk about acting out of character, she had to actually be forced and argued with before she chose going out that night over staying in. Why? A good friend told her that SHE knew someone who would be, in Julie's words: 'freaking perfect' for her. Yeah, she's never seen it, never believed it, never thought there was anyone perfect out there for Eliza Beecham. Why would there be, only to get disappointed when they left?

Okay, maybe she's a little bitter. That's what a horrible breakup could do to a person.

She'd been with her former boyfriend, Tristan, for weeks. Yes, he was always great, considerate… often kind, but suddenly she noticed that sometimes he seemed distracted, not happy, uncaring. And when she noticed those things, of course she noticed, too, that he didn't seem so keen to go out, or he'd work later than usual. It was odd when he was always the kind to like going out, visiting with their friends, having parties… anything to show her off. At least in the beginning, anyway.

So as time went on, she got more and more paranoid. Okay, who wouldn't? She wasn't stupid, so she confronted him… and then found out the truth. He was cheating, he had been for a while, and… it was over. She kicked him out of their apartment and threw a hissy fit, ripping a few of his nice suits to shreds (since he loved them more than her, obviously)… just before collapsing entirely.

She left him that night, moved out of their apartment, crawled to Julie's place and over a pint of Strawberry Haagen Dasz, compared him to Emperor Palpatine and said he'd used Force Lightning on her heart. Yeah, she was shattered, broken, and was for a while… and in fact, didn't want to meet anyone else, didn't want to go out, visit, anything. No parties, no dates, nothing. She wasn't interested in getting hurt again.

But that night, Julie finally worked on her, told her that this guy she knew, he was kind, warm, smart… and that he'd get her better than anyone else. She even guaranteed that she would at least make friends with him… if not be asked out by him. Eliza asked why, Julie clammed up, and that's what did it.

Eliza was twice as curious as any cat, and her friend knew it. So… that's why she dressed up in her favourite white dress, let Julie do her hair… and that evening showed up at her favourite outdoor Italian place. The reservations were for 7 but she showed up fifteen minutes early, making her nervous.

But she was ushered to a table, and as she sat down, she turned her face away from the front of the restaurant and sighed. She wasn't feeling very hopeful even if she was so curious about what it could mean, what her friend said. What is it about this guy that made him so special?

If this doesn't work, I'm getting a cat.

Posted: Apr 19 2012, 05:44 AM

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The black widow strutted in her skyscraper heels and frame worshipping dress. Crossing one leg in front of the other, there was no immediate need to reach her destination even if there was someone waiting for her. She knew. They would always wait. With the hunger of her soul satisfied, she stepped into her favourite Italian restaurant. All eyes on her, she flicked her hair to one side feeding off their stares. Ursola relished being under the spotlight.

Around her neck was a gold necklace, a trophy won from her last sumptuous meal. She twirled the cross pendant around her fingers, waiting for the maître d'hôtel and her face shone with a smile well practiced, well timed. “Danilo, how are you doing?”

“Madam Espinoza, it is lovely to see you again and so soon. Please follow me Madam Espinoza.” Ursola quirked a corner of her lip upwards as she followed him to her usual booth. He passed a menu over and complimentary champagne before exiting to see another set. There were many reasons why Ursola frequented this particular restaurant. They were attentive to her every need, the wonderful ambience along with the driving accompaniment that was the food itself Ursola defined this as a basal emotion of contentment. But the most important of all, she had her choice of rodents to pick and murder.

She sipped on her glass as she picked her phone out, swiped the screen to check on her messages. There was nothing pressing and so she checked the time, speculating when the rodent’s body would be found. A smile stayed put as she felt a rush run through her. She hoped the body would be decomposed by the time his woman realised he was not going anywhere with her.

At the return of Danilo in a perfect three minutes later, Ursola gave him her order. In wait, her eyes trailed over to the bustle of waiters, the customers drinking and enjoying their company. Until her eyes fell upon the nearest table to her right, with a curious woman sitting alone, Ursola studied the colour of her hair, the length of her lashes and the shape of her philtrum. Perhaps seconds were not a bad thing. “Excuse me, miss.” Ursola leaned in. Bright eyed and a semblance of a kindred spirit, she scooted closer on the edge of her table. “I’m so sorry to bother you but I wanted to tell you, your dress looks amazing.” A toothy smile. A shark baring a smile before it widened its jaws and took a bite. “I don’t usually do this but I really love your dress. Where did you get it from?” Then her phone rang. With a sigh and a huff, she excused herself. “I’m so sorry here I am cutting in from your dinner or your date, my name is Elisa. Elisa Espinoza and I have to take this call. Excuse me.”

She exited outside to answer a call. Her husband. Her lover. The list grew with all the possibilities holed together. It was nothing significant but as always Ursola enthused over the person on the other line. Just like any other woman on the face of the earth. At her return, ten minutes later, Ursola waved at the other. “You’re still waiting?”

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