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Posted: Feb 1 2012, 02:23 PM

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They were given essentially a grocery list of supplies, what few firearms Will Harper was willing to spare, and a truck with enough gasoline in it to get into town and out with little to no stops in between. Suspecting that most of the inner city had been ransacked and ravaged by scavengers and rogues already, the group figured their best bet for fresh supplies would be closer to the bay. There were survivors there too, of course, mostly living on boats and assorted sea vessels, but rumor had it they had their own supplies and wouldn't bother with hanging around the rest of the marina.

It wasn't food or water that they needed - at least, those weren't the pressing items. Together, Ruth, Will, and a few other adults compiled a list of medical items they'd need if they wanted to establish any sort of hospital. Unfortunately, most large pieces of equipment were out of the question and the lack of electricity was severely limiting.

The list came down to the bare necessities - prescription medication of any kind (be careful not to ruin or tear off the labels), syringes and needles, plastic bags, duct tape, bandages, gauze, and fabric of any kind, cutting utensils incuding but not limited to knives, scissors, hatchets and handsaws, and rubbing alcohol. Lots of rubbing alcohol. At the bottom of the handwritten list, Ruth had written a rather encouraging message.

Use your goddamn imaginations! Anything that looks useful might be useful!

With that, the group set off on their truck and headed toward Morgan's Point.

Posted: Feb 2 2012, 09:05 PM


They told me I was hot No duhThere’s a time to be a sarcastic fuck, and then there’s times where we need to man the fuck up. Unfortunately, no one had ever told Lloyd this. They had injured children, one dead, and Orlando had been missing. The adults had decided it was about time they put together some sort of neutral zone, a hospital of sorts. The fact that the lost boys were leaving the woods on this venture had Lloyd scared, but he knew his experience could aid some bit. One of the kids, he didn’t remember which but he was sure as hell knew it wasn’t him, received a list of supplies that the adults would need in order to run the damn medical facility. Whilst they scouted out locations, Lloyd and the others, under adult supervision, were to retrieve what was on the list and anything else deemed as useful. What this boiled down to was risking his life for those damn children. Again. At least he wouldn’t have to babysit them.There had been rumors that there were survivors by the bay, so they drove the truck over hoping they would give us some medicine given our situation. The bay… Lloyd remembered one of his avid Tumblr followers who lived near the bay. He was a cute guy, do not get him wrong, but he was a bit older than Lloyd. His thoughts immediately ran off into possibilities of him still being alive. Knowing how much God loves gays, he was probably dead though. Dammit. The drive over to the bay was mostly encounter free. Yes, they did see some walkers, and yes, they were tempted to run them over, but the fact they may ruin the car come collision quickly put that to a stop. Oh well.Lloyd knew the scavenging would start soon. The banswagon was almost at the designated area, and the group was ready for everything. Well, mostly everything. Lloyd betted they didn’t expect him to ask for a pistol. Sure, he didn’t know how to use it, but shit was getting serious, and Lloyd knew his dodge and weave tactics would not last much longer. He got lucky those twenty or so times. Lloyd was not eager to make it thirty. We’re off to find the wizard, the wonderful wizard of free shit. TY SOPHIA OF CAUTION & SDS.
Posted: Feb 6 2012, 07:52 PM

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Percy dreamt with his eyes open. Flowing in and out of interstellar dimensions, he was chasing after clouds of smoke. Albert Einstein stuck his tongue out at him as he rode shotgun. He told him: God is subtle but he is not malicious, before phasing out into thin air. Josh was dead. Orlen was missing left. No, he was taken from them. There was a couple. They came to camp and then just left without an explanation but the woman smiled at him. A gesture that stabbed the Antarctic ice into every centimetre of his skin, Percy finally understood her as Ruth roared at his absence. He swore by it, disregarding the benefit of a doubt as well as the fact he did not get a chance to inspect their van for a wounded boy. If only he looked. If only he took more notice. If only, things could have been different and Josh didn’t have to die.

Percy gnawed the insides of his cheeks. Fact of the matter was two of their own managed to shoot each other. How, he was unsure. Why, now, he did not want to know. Since that day, the stones in his backpack sized into boulders and Percy could only take one day at a time. He sniffled, wiping his nose with the back of his forearm. Pulling on the straps of his Cabesa blue Jansport backpack, Percy corrected his posture. “Pharmacies would be our best bet, if I can remember…there’s one round West Polk Street called Thrifty Pharmacy and three more near the high school, the La Porte High school.” Twiddling with the straps of his bag, his eyes pointed on his Chuck Taylors. “One time during a chess match with the Bulldogs, I got attacked by a Maltese cat, specifically the Fel d allergen secreted by its saliva and sebaceous glands…I owe Nedy Kennedy my life, I wouldn’t be here if he didn’t…” He looked up at his companions, sniffled as his eyes glossed over. The boy crumpled in himself. Throwing his gaze up at the sky, he held his tongue.

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