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Posted: Jan 9 2012, 04:11 AM

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The NPC is the sociopathic counterpart to the psychotic Ursola Moliakaniikeola, a fixture attached to her, devoted in the seams of lover, user, abuser, an accomplice to the murder of her most recent ex-husband. Together they take wanderers, torture them before dumping their bodies around Houston.


That man in front of me is not my son, no, no no. My dear child has been long since dead. That thing is possessed by the demon. The spawn of evil, when I look at him, there is only a living void of darkness. The child of an ex-convict and his schizophrenic squeeze, Khaled grew up unwanted by his father and the brunt of his mother’s illness. He blended in the shadows, attempting his hardest to be the good boy he knew he could be. The first few years of living with his mother was not a cat and mouse game, but the catalyst to an early onset of fear and loathing. His mother’s words and teetertottersome scale of affection shaped Khal to the man he is today.

Volatile, violent and vindictive, Khal buried himself in so deep that he no longer cared, hoping the light at the end of the tunnel was a train. He was shipped off to one foster home to another and managed to get out of the system unscathed. Khal was just that eerie boy who kept to himself and enjoyed gardening as a means of calming him in a way medicine never could. However at the prospect of living independently, he was left unprepared and society chewed him out as another mongrel deemed unfit for its time and effort.

Khal doesn’t mean to hurt anybody. Despite his explosive temper, he feels the guilt from all the consequences of his actions, his addictions. He was simply drifting away, posing as a gardener for rich folk at the ready to rob them blind to get by and pay for his mother’s hospital bills. He’d been swimming along just fine until he found someone who truly believed in him. He turned into her knight in shining armour. She fuelled him with what he needed to hear and sparked the potential lurking underneath his veins. He found love in a hopeless place and despite the drawbacks of the dead reanimating back to life, no one will stop him from worshipping his goddess. He is whatever his counterpart needs him to be. Asserting himself as a dominant male with very little or nothing to say, he lets his actions speak louder than his rarity of words spoken. However, his dominance is a mere front and is his woman’s lapdog.


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