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GEORGE ROMERO Posted on Dec 1 2011, 10:06 AM

caroline montblanc

marion cotillard

The oldest child of Pierre Montblanc, MONTBLANC began working for her family's company at a very young age. Science has always been in her blood and after attending medical school in New England, she had a handful of brief internships in France with cutting edge geneticists thanks to her father's connections before returning to Thunder Bay. For the past five years, she was at the helm of the Rare Diseases department of the company. MONTBLANC is a genius when it comes to examining, splicing, and experimenting on the human genome though her strong work ethic comes with a price. She has always been somewhat out of touch with other people and not what one would call a "people person." She's respected and even feared for her work but certainly not well liked. In this day and age however, those who know her well suspect that she may be one of the last hopes for humanity.

idris elba

thirty-nine . area 9 director
Nowadays, DONOVAN mostly handles the administrative side of things for Whitesnd and is now "Director" of Area 9 though most who work under him aren't exactly sure what that position entails. When he first came to work for Whitesand he was a reknown biologist from the United Kingdom who studied under some of the most famous scientists and physicians of the time and it's rumored that his family has close connections with the Montblancs that go beyond just "doing business." A hard working individual who's often a little too serious for his own good, DONOVAN led the Rare Diseases department before MONTBLANC took over and there's something of a friendly rivalry between the two though it's obvious they have much more in common than they'd like for others to think.

Ellen page

twenty-five . intern
Working for Whitesand was pretty much the last thing STARK wanted to do with her life, she only took the internship with them to appease her overly pushy mother. If she was completely honest about it, she’d have much rather studied to be a vet rather than a doctor but, again, her mother had other plans. And, though she might not have wanted to be there, she’s definitely smart enough though it has been noticed that she has a lousy attitude. Having played enough video games, she knows that her best bet is staying with the people with the most guns but, from time to time, she has been known to wander to the other groups – much to the annoyance of RIGGLES (SW). The closest thing she has to a friend in Area 9 is BRANDON (NH) but sometimes she wishes he’d just go away and leave her alone.

Nicholas Hoult

twenty-three . research assistant
Science was the only thing that ever made sense to BRANDON growing up, a quiet but gifted child in Houston, he went mostly unnoticed in his large family up until high school where WESTON (MR) noticed something exceptional about the boy. By age seventeen he was studying at MIT and at twenty-two he had a masters degree and a place as a low level research assistant with Whitesand in Canada – everything he had ever dreamed of. Then it was all ruined by z-day. Honestly he’s terrified, not so much because he thinks he’s going to die – though by this point he’s pretty certain of it – but more because he can’t rationalise the zombies, he doesn’t understand them and the idea of not understanding is his biggest fear. He’s glad to have STARK (EP) around, even if she does sometimes seem annoyed at him for following her around.
aaron riggles

sam worthington

thirty seven . MERCENARY
RIGGLES isn't a soldier but a former athlete. He grew up in Vancouver but left to play college football in Boston before returning home after sustaining permanent damage to his Achilles tendon. It was actually a physical therapy program run by Whitesand that got him back on his feet and he's been with the company ever since. RIGGLES is extremely loyal to Whitesand and the people who work there - he's even been the personal body guard to the company owner, Pierre Montblanc. Montblanc, who had two daughters but no sons, took RIGGLES under his wing and eventually put him in charge of security at Whitesand. He's personally invested in the well being and safety of MONTBLANC (MC) and her group of researchers.
--- beckenbauer

anna torv

BECKENBAUER was one of the security personnel at Whitesand though her expertise was cyber hacking and computer crimes. During the Code Black, BECKENBAUER was responsible for wiping the hard drives of all the company computers clean and now, she's in charge of communications between the other Areas and Area 9. She's a down to earth girl born and raised in Vancouver who left three siblings behind after the apocalypse and lately, she's been more interested in finding out whether her family is still alive than she is on her job. She's become easily distracted and unfocused when it comes to her work and RIGGLES has begun to notice.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 19 2010, 01:42 AM

--- holden


thirty-one . drifter
HOLDEN has never been the sort to stay in one place for too long. Leaving home at the tender age of sixteen, he’s spent his life travelling from place to place working any dead-end job he could find before upping sticks and moving on to the next town and the next job. Despite living what most would consider a depressing and lonely life, Holden is anything but. Even in the face of the apocalypse, he’s rarely seen without a smile on his face, his glass is always half full and every cloud has a silver lining. He came across MATHESON (MO) and her brother just outside Houston and agreed to travel into the city with them. Since then the little group has bonded and while Holden would like to return to his nomadic lifestyle, he’s not sure he wants to leave his new friends behind or, rather, he’s not sure how well they’d do without him. That and he’s kind of growing attached to MATHESON (MO).
--- matheson


twenty-three . unemployed
It’s easy to see why he’s the screw-up of the Matheson family; he’s quick to jump into things without really thinking them through and speaks his mind a little too freely. However, his heart is in the right place, as his mother always used to say. He’d always been coddled by his wealthy parents, even more so since he realised he was gay at age sixteen. Of course, he wouldn’t have made it this far in life without his overprotective big sister – though you’ll never hear him admit it. She’s the first one he runs to when there’s a problem in his life and now her and HOLDEN (EB) are pretty much the only reason he’s not zombie-chow. The night before the outbreak he found himself in Baton Rouge with nothing but the shirt on his back after being cheated out of all his money in a poker game so he called his sister to come to the rescue. It took them almost a month to get back home through the chaos wrought by the undead.
--- matheson


twenty-nine . secretary
At the tender age of six she was introduced to her brother and told that she was expected to look after him and love him unconditionally and, to her credit, she does. Growing up, there were times when she felt more like a mother than sibling to him – their parents while warm and loving didn’t really seem to see just how much work he was. She would make sure he got up for school on time, would pack him a lunch and walk him to the gates. She would also deal with anyone that picked on him or tried to take advantage. Looking after him, whether she likes it or not, has always been her job. She might call him names or lose her temper with him but she’s more than ready to tear anyone apart with her bare hands for looking at him funny. She’d been to collect him from Baton Rouge the night before the outbreak and getting back to Houston took almost a month and that’s when they came across HOLDEN (EB). She finds him fascinating though she often disagrees with his optimism.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 19 2010, 01:41 AM

mall rats

alex o'loughlin

thirty-four . mall cop
MAXWELL never wanted to be a hero. He never intended to be anything more than a mall security guard. See, he tried he hero thing once. He was a detective in the city but after watching his partner get beaten to death by gang bangers in front of him and barely surviving himself he decided he needed a break. That was almost three years ago now. When the zombies first showed up at the mall he and the others were ordered to evacuate the mall and get everyone out. MAXWELL was the only one who realized how bad an idea that was and he instead stayed inside and tried to keep people inside with him. After that most people just deferred to his leadership and MAXWELL was forced into a position he didn't want. But maybe that's what makes him such a likable leader. He doesn't place himself above anyone else and strongly believes in everyone having a say.

doutzen kroes

twenty-seven . MIVD agent
This supposed "Dutch Socialite" surprised everybody when she turned up at the mall during the virus outbreak, saved by the selflessness of her fiance, and started pulling together the remaining survivors, organizing them and helping to keep them alive. It quickly became clear to the others around her that LEEUWENHOEK isn't all she appears to be and the woman has turned out to be stricter and more disciplined as a leader than her American counterpart. In truth, she's a MIVD agent on loan to the CIA though she keeps this little known fact to herself. Thanks to Magdalena's strong views and opinions that conflict with MAXWELL's philosophies, there is a divide in the mall between the survivors and they seem to be picking sides with LEEUWENHOEK and MAXWELL at the helm.
--- sanders

emma watson

twenty-one . student
Unlike her twin sister, SANDERS (JL), she was happy enough to stay in Houston after high school and attend university, despite having good enough grades to attend pretty much any school in the country. It was, of course, because she didn’t want to leave her boyfriend TAYLOR (LH). As much as she loves him, there was no way she was going to trust him enough to leave him on his own for three years. She’s got a fiery temper when crossed but, ultimately, she’s usually the first one to concede, even when she finds her boyfriend with another girl - even if that girl makes a sex-tape and posts it online. While she’d never admit it out loud, there’s a part of her that believes in the idea of a fairytale romance and that there are always obstacles in the way of true love. And TAYLOR (LH) is definitely her true love; of that she’s sure. They were at the mall when the outbreak occurred; having seen him only the week before making eyes at one of the girls in her class, Sanders decided to make her take him lingerie shopping to remind him whose boyfriend he was. Now she has to depend on him to protect her and needs to convince him that they should be out looking for her sister.
kevin taylor

liam hemsworth

twenty-two . student
Taylor was something of a rising star before the end of the world. Quarterback for the Houston University Cougars, it’s fair to say he’s your stereotypical jock; a cocky, self-obsessed, pretty boy. Ever since hitting puberty he’s had his choice of the girls and how he ended up with SANDERS (EW) he’s not entirely sure but he did and, for the last three years, she’s been there. Over that time he’s screwed around and cheated countless times, even had a sex-tape of himself posted online by DAVIS (WH) and she’s always forgiven him – even when he really hasn’t wanted her to. Now he’s stuck with her. Only months away from graduating, he had been on the verge of making a deal to play for the Patriots in Boston, something he’d kept from his girlfriend, fully intending to up and leave without even saying goodbye when the time came. He’s got no intention of leaving the mall to help her look for SANDERS (JL), who he’s never really liked, but he doesn’t want to break things off with her – after all, where’s he going to find another girl at the end of the world?
--- torres

zoe saldana

thirty-four . barmaid
Torres is one tough cookies – though calling her something cutesy like cookie to her face is a sure fire way to get yourself a broken nose. She’s not to the sort to talk about the past or wallow because the world is over. No, Torres lives day by day, a natural survivor in the post-apocalyptic world; some might even think she likes the world better these days – it certainly beats working a dead-end bar job. Caught in the mall on z-day, she was one of the first to volunteer to set foot outside and go looking for other survivors, though she never expected to find her ex, MONROE (BB) who had ditched her a year before, hiding out at Sam’s Club. It’s brought up a lot of emotions and memories she’d much rather forget, like a pregnancy scare two months after he upped and left her which was, frankly, one of the scariest and loneliest moments of her life. At the moment she’s torn between the feelings she used to have for him and hating his guts for not being there when she needed him. Around the mall, she’s known as the one to go to if you want something or need to get a message to one of the other groups. SANDERS (EW) has asked her to keep an eye out for her sister.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 19 2010, 01:39 AM

--- lewis

jonny lee miller

thirty-eight . consultant
Face it, LEWIS is smarter than you or, in the very least, accept the fact that you’ll never convince him otherwise. This British genius attended all the right schools thanks to a sizeable family fortune and what did he do with his life once his education was over? Well, not a lot actually. If you ask him he’ll tell you all sorts of things, some true others not so much. Sometimes he’ll tell stories about his time consulting for Mi6 or the FBI. Honestly he seems far too egotistical, too self-centred for such work but, actually, most of it is true, though he likes to embellish it a little to make himself look better. He’s not great with people and often comes across as a little bit rude and he has zero patience for people who don’t at least try to keep up with him. He was actually helping the FBI on a case when the apocalypse struck and now he’s stuck on the boat he and his handler had been using for surveillance and, what’s worse, he’s still stuck with his handler NORTH (OW).
--- north


twenty-eight . FBI agent
She didn’t sign up for this; she was supposed to be protecting her country from criminals and terrorists not babysitting some smart-ass Brit. She always knew that she wanted to grow up to be a ‘good-guy’ and being from New York, the FBI seemed the way to go. Cold and driven, she’s had to put up some walls to get this far in a male dominated environment. She was in Houston to watch O’FARRELL who was suspected of trafficking for the Irish mob. Now she’s stuck in Houston of all places, hundreds of miles away from home, with a man who seems bent on driving her insane with his antics. Honestly, most of the time she finds herself wondering why she puts up with LEWIS (JLM) and likes to tell herself that it’s still her job to keep an eye on him but, mostly, she just doesn’t know what she’d do with herself otherwise. As annoying as he is, and as much as she’d never admit it aloud, he is pretty damned smart – perhaps even smart enough to keep the two of them alive.
--- o’farrell


thirty . SMUGGLER
Law and order, right and wrong, are things that have never really meant all that much to O’FARRELL. A man who prefers to live by his own code rather than following the rules of others, he seems like exactly the sort of person suited to living in the apocalypse. Having grown up in Belfast seeing more than his fair share of bad things has given him a get-up-and-carry-on mentality and a sarcastic sense of humour. Before the world ended he was being watched by FBI agent NORTH (OW), suspected of trafficking arms to the Irish mob – he wasn’t, he was actually just a decoy. However that isn’t to say he’s an entirely honest man – if he wants something chances are he’ll find a way to take it and, over the months since the end of the word, he’s set his sights taking the bay and the waters beyond it. After all, there’s a wide world out there for the taking and he intends to get it first but before he can, he’ll need to put together a crew and TAM (JC) seems as good a place to start as any...
--- tam

Jamie Chung

twenty-eight . unemployed
A true rebel at heart, TAM has never been the sort to do as she was told despite her strict upbringing. Her father had always planned for her to join him at the family business, which is why he spared no expense when it came to her education. As a child, she wanted for nothing and that made her bored. She disappointed the family by dropping out of business school and heading off to see the world, managing to deplete a pretty hefty trust fund in the process. Three months before the apocalypse Tam returned home to California long enough to convince her mother to give her some money and to steal her fathers yacht. Ending up in Houston, her yacht became one of the top places to party on the bay – that is, until the zombies started showing up. There’s a part of her that thinks O’FARRELL (CO) is delusional and that he’s just a man-child wanting to play at pirates but she is bored and, even she has to admit, it sounds like a lot of fun.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 19 2010, 01:35 AM

jack monroe

billy burke

forty . US Army
Over the years there have been several theories about why Monroe is the way he is, some think it’s because he grew up in the shadow of his over achieving brother while others just think he’s naturally a cold-hearted jerk. As a kid he was always the sort to wind up in trouble, everything from fights, to wild house parties to stealing his parents car and attempting to drive to California from Chicago. A lot of people thought he’d end up in jail or stuck in some dead end job; he surprised everyone by joining the army. Military life gave him structure, a place where his achievements and failures were properly recognised and it got him away from his family. He settled down somewhat and was content to stay where he was rather than trying to get promoted through the ranks. It took him and SYKES (JR) a few weeks to find Sams Club after deserting their post as it was overrun on z-day, the type to want to cut and run when things get difficult, most think he’s just out for himself but, really, he’s not as selfish as he likes to make out. At the moment he’s trying to keep his best friend, SYKES (JR), sane while also trying to deal with ex-girlfriend TORRES (ZS) who has a tendency to just turn up. Slowly but surely, his fuse is getting shorter.
james sykes

Jeremy renner

thirty-six . us army
Born and raised in a trailer park in Nebraska, Sykes saw enlisting in the US army as his only real way out. He was always a good kid, quick with a joke and the first one to forgive and forget. As he grew up, he developed a taste for the ladies, some would even call him a bit of a womaniser but he still remained pretty likable. The army became his life and the men and women that he served with like family but none more than MONROE (BB) who became a brother and best friend to him. The pair survived z-day by abandoning their post in the city the moment things started to look bleak. It was a few weeks before they found themselves in Sams Club and, having seen the living as well as the dead kill their way through the streets of Houston, Sykes has started to realise that someone needs to step up and take control of the situation; someone needs to stop the chaos and take charge. And he’s starting to think that he might be that someone. Now, these days, he’s more likely to shoot someone than forgive them; after all, sooner or later someone is going to have to deal with all the assholes who’ve come out of the woodwork.
--- davis

Willa holland

eighteen . student
Ask anyone that knows DAVIS and they’ll tell you she’s a pain in the ass. Born into a rich family she firmly believes that she should get everything she wants, and what she wants more than anything is attention. When your mother is a high court judge and your father would rather spend his free time on the golf course rather than at your ballet recital or school play, you come to learn how to make people pay attention. Her most recent efforts include being caught shoplifting, getting thrown out of a nightclub for fighting (not to mention being underage) and posting a sex-tape of herself and local football star TAYLOR (LH) online. On the day of the outbreak she was supposed to be at home, grounded, instead she was on her way to a party and had stopped off a Sams Club to try and buy beer with her fake ID. Now she’s trapped there with nothing to do and few people her own age and she’s starting to realise that she’s going to need to start taking care of herself and the first step is getting SYKES (JR) or MONROE (BB) to teach her how to shoot.
--- scott

Elizabeth mitchell

forty . psychologist
Sometimes love just isn’t enough to make a person happy and it didn’t take her years of experience as a psychologist to figure out that her ex-husband WESTON (MR) hadn’t been happy. How they came to be so miserable after almost twenty years of marriage, she still doesn’t know though there’s a part of her that has always wondered whether the fact that she couldn’t have children was a factor. A clever but caring woman, she would have made a great mother and, as such, tends to be the first one to stand up as the voice of reason and try to calm difficult situations but she’s no push over. Far too smart and good at reading people, she’s rarely intimidated, though there’s something about SYKES (JR) that puts her on edge. Despite varying degrees of success over the months, she’s intent on looking out for DAVIS (WH) even if they ungrateful teen doesn’t want her to.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 18 2010, 11:41 PM

--- weston

Mark Ruffalo

forty-one . science teacher
Bad luck incarnate; that’s how he sees himself. Nothing ever goes right for Weston; last year his wife left him, then there was a fire in his apartment, a week before Easter his car was stolen and now he’s living through the zombie apocalypse. Obviously, none of these things were all his fault, but you try telling him that. A high school science teacher by trade, his job has always been his reason for getting out of bed in the morning; he always loved teaching, got along well with the other teachers and even the kids liked him. Now that’s all gone all he has left is the Lost Boys and, really, he doesn’t often feel like he’s much help to them. On the day of the outbreak he found an old student, SANDERS (JL) and brought her with him to the camp. These days he often finds himself wondering about ex-wife SCOTT (EM) and whether she’s still alive.
--- monroe

tracy spiridakos

twenty-one . student
Grew up on stories about her uncle MONROE (BB) and his antics and, despite only meeting him twice in twenty-one years, she came to idolise him a little. But, unlike her uncle, she had her father as a good influence in her life. Tough but fair and honest, Monroe can take care of herself but chooses to stay with the Lost Boys and help out. Since the end of the world she’s become pretty handy with a crossbow and is often out in the woods helping with the hunting to feed the group. She found her way to the Lost Boys about a month after Z-day, after her father was killed by a man trying to take their supplies. Her father told her that her uncle, MONROE (BB), had been in the city and that she should find him, that he would be her best chance of survival but, as of yet, she hasn’t dared stray too far from the group – they still need her. But with SANDERS (JL), her best friend from high school, wanting to leave to look for her sister, Monroe might have to leave sooner rather than later.
willa sanders

jane levy

twenty-one . student
She always wanted to escape Houston, wanted to travel to different places and meet new people. Houston was just too small for a girl who dreamed of New York, Milan and Paris. Sanders grew up across the street from MONROE (TS) and by high school the pair were practically inseparable and remained so until she moved to New York and started at NYU. She was back home in Texas for Easter and to celebrate her twenty-first birthday with her twin SANDERS (EW) when the world ended. At the start of the outbreak she was found by her old high school science teacher WESTON (MR) and the pair soon ended up at the Lost Boys camp. It’s always been her plan to go looking for her sister and family and now that MONROE (TS) is around and wanting to find her uncle, she’s starting to get a little impatient – she knows that they can help the Lost Boys but family is more important, right?
--- shaw

Donald glover

twenty-seven . engineer
Growing up no one really noticed SHAW; he was the quiet kid at the back of the class who always knew the answer but kept his hand down. No one would have guessed that he’d have an idea that would revolutionise the cell phone, an idea that would make him billions – well, at least it would have if the world hadn’t ended. He’s a technical guy who likes to think outside the box and is always coming up with plans and schemes to try and make life that little bit nicer for the Lost Boys. Despite not being the most forward of guys, he really does have a heart of gold and will do pretty much anything for anyone; though his zany way of approaching problems means that he rarely attacks a problem head on. The end of the world has really brought him out of himself and he’s started to enjoy the company of those around him, especially SANDERS (JL); he could (and does) sit and listen to her talk for hours and he’s constantly trying to rope MONROE (TS) into helping with his schemes.

MAX BROOKS Posted on Dec 18 2010, 11:08 PM

Reservations are held for THREE days after you reserve. Each character is a part of a faction and each faction has their own characteristics, to find out about that go to the extra information forum. Reply to this thread once you have found a desirable canon and remember to POST IN CODE. No competitions and reserves are first-come-first-serves. After someone's reservation expires you're free to apply and reserve. Taken characters have a first name, open ones are just last names! Many characters are interconnected so use the F3 button or search for other mentions of your chosen character.


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