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Last 10 Posts [ In reverse order ]
Birdie Flynn Posted on Nov 22 2012, 05:23 PM

I love it! Yes! She'd want to listen, enrapt, to Amelia tell Flynn bedtime stories and she'll tell some of her own. I really do see these two being friends. She'd do her best to set Amelia's fears to rest, and when i comes down to it, she'd probably tell her that it's safer inside than anywhere else, even if that's just to Birdie's mind. SO! YES! I love the sound of that thread... she'll help Amelia with whatever needs helping and friendship will come. My plotting... sorry if it's lame...the next will be better! <3

AMELIA PARISH Posted on Nov 22 2012, 04:09 PM
birdie & amelia

They both worked in the same field though obviously birdie is more qualified then Amelia. I was thinking that actually given Birdie's personality she got interacting with Flynn and at first Amelia was apprehensive. Amelia has the whole mama bear thing going on after all, but then they get talking and they bond? If anything I could imagine Birdie sitting in when Amelia recites the Gruffalo from memory to Flynn to get him to sleep, if anything because she might not have heard it from where she's from. If they do become friends birdie would be the one Amelia talks to about her concerns about staying in the mall. Sorry its a bit lame my brain is mushing up.

LINCOLN SEPTIMUS Posted on Nov 10 2012, 06:42 PM
Link doesn't mind coming to visit! If he was being perfectly honest he kind of enjoys leaving Sam's Club so it's not a big deal, he really doesn't mind. As for the thinking about zombies in a different way, that's okay too! Link will try to understand and will talk to her about it and just be ilk "okay that's cool just don't get bit." Yes, these two have tons in common and he would happily listen about her brother and let her get it off her chest, and he could comfort her and tell her the story of his brother and they can bond over it and share cookies and it would be perfect. I would love to thread these two. If you want me to start one, just let me know!
Birdie Flynn Posted on Nov 8 2012, 06:33 PM

AHH THEY HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON. Don't worry, everyone needs friends, not romance! And sometimes having someone there who will be kind and keep her from thinking of terrible things is just the right thing. Well, about her brother... he died when he was four as well... and unfortunately, it wasn't a peaceful death... it was recently, just before she found the Mall... and it was because he was bitten. Birdie had to shoot him to save him... and that's something she can't forgive herself for. So if he bonded with her over it, she'd probably confide it and get it off her chest. She can't keep carrying around the guilt!

But... she doesn't think of the zombies in your typical way... she considers them her patients, just as much as the living... and sees them as just 'sick'. So... he might worry about that.. and yes, she does need people to protect her. She's one very silly girl. She thinks she can cure them all... so paediatrician, she might be able to offer Link medical care if he needs it... though she doesn't leave the Mall often. >.> It's a safety thing. He'd have to come visit!

LINCOLN SEPTIMUS Posted on Nov 8 2012, 05:16 PM
Hehe, this girl is adorable to no end and Link would love her. He'll be pretty much thrilled to see someone who is as innocent and sweet as she is even in all the aftermath of the apocalypse, and like his reaction to anyone else like her, he'll be ecstatic to see someone who isn't an asshole who is still alive. Pretty much he'd want to protect her and make sure she doesn't die and want to be her friends even if he doesn't even know how to defend himself. He could bring her supplies and stuff if she needs them and run errands for her and stuff and just generally want to do nice things because he's a nice person and would think she deserves nice things. Reading back on this now... that sounds all very romantic, but I really didn't want it to. He'd do it because he's her friend or wants to be her friend, nothing romantic involved. So don't get scared or anything. He's just... way too nice for his own good. AND then they could realize that they'd both lost their brothers and bond over that. I'm not sure how old her brother was or how he died, but Link's little brother was four and died pre-apoc. But a loss of a brother is a loss of a brother, and they could kind of share that connection and bond over it and stuff. And Link's brother died through medical means, and since Birdie was a pediatrist, there could be that as well? I don't know, let me know what you think!
WISTERIA GALLAGHER Posted on Aug 21 2012, 01:52 PM
" In this world we all need a friend. I think you'd be fun to be around, especially when all the world is dark and lonesome. I'm Wisteria, Wisteria Gallagher. It's crazy, isn't it? How all of a sudden a simple day turned into complete chaos. I was buying some art supplies for college when it happened. I was forced into a nearby salon by a few other survivors. So, what's your name, how did you escape? "

- Wisteria Gallagher
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Birdie Flynn Posted on Aug 21 2012, 07:24 AM

AH, I completely agree! When I was reading your app, I thought 'this guy would be a GREAT friend to Birdie' because they are very much alike in how they see the world. So yes! They must hang out and they'll be great friends (she loves everyone, it's true). So... if he told her he was schizophrenic, she'd not even bat an eye and then say something like 'nobody's perfect' and just keep going. Let's hope he likes someone who talks a mile a minute and gives spontaneous hugs. biggrin.gif

ZACKARY HOWLAND Posted on Aug 21 2012, 12:35 AM

zackary 'n' birdie
yeah, so these two should just totally hang one day. Birdie really is a lot like Zackary, in that he's most often got sort of a childish innocence and he really just wants to please everyone. He doesn't really like being alone, but upon hearing the word 'schizophrenia' people just seem to dart the other way. But anyway. I think it would be kind of cute to see two childish adults so close in age interact. I... I don't have any ideas other than that. D:
frank cooper Posted on Jul 22 2012, 07:04 PM
Okay, yes. We've discussed Birdie being the one to discover Frank, perhaps lurking outside of the mall, out of options and looking for a place to stay. Plus, my boy isn't the type to just assume someone's gonna take him in, so he needs a friend or two to tell him that they were all in this thing together. We shall plot further, perhaps some hilarity to go with it, That's always icing on the cake. I can't wait to get Franky integrated!!
RUSSELL SPENCER Posted on Mar 20 2012, 06:33 PM

Okay that's way enough of that. WEIRD PEOPLE UNITE, though. Seriously, Russ was born and raised in America and I think Birdie would probably know more about 'Merican social customs than he does. So that could be fun. That and spacey people of the world unite. I think that Russ and Birdie should thread. Regardless. Mall powah to the max?

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