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Title: Cannibal's Hymn
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Luke Martin - April 1, 2012 07:10 PM (GMT)
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What was Luke doing? He wasn't sure why, but there was this uneasy feeling that he was being watched.
Of course he KNEW he had a guard, since this tall strong and decidedly scaring looking bloke was hovering around nearby. He wasn't accustomed to working while someone was hanging close by and holding onto one of the biggest guns he'd ever seen, but he was trying to ignore it. There was only so much he could do, though, and recounting the genus of the species of fish in the lake wasn't really cutting it.
Part of the problem was that there weren't many fish to be had… and dipping one of his containers for a sample, he could see why. The PH level of the lake was off the charts… making it so that only the hardiest of species would likely be able to live in it. There was soap in that water, all kinds of chemical agents that he knew would only be diagnosable back at his lab… and twisting the cap on one of the plastic containers, he just muttered to himself about the bloody fish and how they were supposed to live in that lake. Their habitat… ruined.
Sighing, he turned to stuff the container into his backpack when he noticed movement on the other side of the lake. The banks weren't that far from one another, and thus he could make the figure out easily. A person, with wide eyes and lots of hair, mid-drink of water. He was about to speak when he noticed that she looked petrified of him and he realized why. Rambo behind him, with the gun. He turned to look over his shoulder and softly told him to take a little walk, that he was okay…. and then turned back to give the other person a smile.
With that, he raised his hand to give her a tentative wave… and then raised his chin. "Are ye okay then? Over there?" he called out and then blinked. "I wouldn't drink that. It's not fresh anymore. Ye might get sick. I have bottled if yer thirsty," he added and reached in his bag for a bottle of water. "I promise I won't bite..."


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