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TERI JO - March 19, 2012 04:49 AM (GMT)
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orphan boy.

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Some people think I'm bonkers
But I just think I'm free


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teri needs her childhood bff real bad. i've called him remy in her app, but his name is easily changed. pleasee fulfill me? i will love you forever and always.<br><br>

teri and remy were diaper babies, and they were practically joined at the hip for 15 years. (16, for remy). they were a mischievous duo, and would do just about anything to have a good laugh - the side-splitting, ear-bleeding kind. they also ragged on each other a lot, but it was all in a harmless, joking way, and they cared about each other only like best friends / might-as-well-be-siblings can...until they both started to wonder whether they could be more than just friends. neither of them took the step forward, though, and in the midst of that confusion, remy got adopted, and teri didn't. cue the teen angst. <br><br>

teri wanted to beg him to stay, but she's never begged a day in her life, and she's stubborn as hell. so, teri being teri, she played happy-go-lucky and practically waved him out the door, and on the day that he left, she didn't say goodbye. didn't even show her face, actually, because she ran away from the orphanage and never went back. <br><br>

since then, teri has grown up, but not by much. her personality is basically the same as it was when she was 15. this is not the case for remy. he was once the more empathetic of the two, even if he didn't always show it, but at the orphanage he was the guy who took to looking after the most pitiful of the bunch. that remy no longer exists. <br><br>

his adoptive parents were monsters. i don't care how you depict them, or what exactly they did to constitute 'monster' status, but they buried the good-natured remy six feet under and left him a bare shell of what he ever was. part of this would also have to do with the fact that he felt like he had nobody to depend on during those years - aka some pretty hcore resentment for teri here. i'd like for him to be angry, flippant, manipulative, and all rough edges - the kind of guy who lashes out to hurt and laughs when you cry just to spite you. when z-day came, he would have either already left his adoptive parents, or maybe he stuck it out and then abandoned ship when everything went to hell. he can be in any member group, even mall rats if you want, except that he'll have to be a newcomer. i mean, what better time for a reunion than during a zombie apocalypse? <br><br>

anyway, if anyone's interested, we can get to plotting some epic stuff for these two. to clear things up, i will NOT label remy and teri as finals or anything remotely binding. i like leaving room for improv, and the situation is no longer the same as it was in the past, and that's why it'll be fun to play. everything can be tweaked and adjusted if you have any ideas. but, yeah. i'll stop here for now. feel free to ask questions/pm me with any concerns. <3


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