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Title: Requesting Permission
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Truhijo - August 30, 2007 11:40 PM (GMT)
Someone to nation sit my nation until this college term is over in late December. I know this is going to be a longer than usual Nation sit, so Im asking for special permision. I PM'd a senior game mod about it with more details, but he ignored me so I assumed that wasn't the proper way to go about it, so now Im trying here.

The reason why I can't check my nation this college term, is that I was just made a Jr. Development Research Partner in Massachusetts's, at my college , and this term I will be undergoing a process of total emersement, in the research lab, to gain a real life experience to the life of a research engineer.It is a fantastic opportunity, but the Lab has no general Internet access for me to check my nation in CN(it has a one way communication to the colleges main server), and I will not have a chance to leave the lab until right before the term is over theres even living quarters and everything.

My alliance needs my nation, it cannot afford to be deleted, and in all honestly, It would suck to have my nation deleted, I love this game. There are many volunteers to nation sit for me, I would like mod approval before hand fact I need it.

Top Cat - August 30, 2007 11:45 PM (GMT)
The maximum we allow one person to sit for at a time is 6 weeks, if you can find people to accomidate around this rule (i.e. more than one nation sitter) PM me.

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