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Title: Article on King Junkalunka's powers

Junkalunka - July 5, 2007 06:20 AM (GMT)
Published by John Walker, P.H.D., University of Waianae.
Waianae Times

The mysterious powers of the King is a fascinating subject for science to scrutinize, and many theories have been given over the years. Some say it is magic, others say it's a hoax. But I recently sat down and had an interview with the King, and based on his information I will put forward my ideas regarding the matter.

King Junkalunka says he is at least one hundred and fifty years old, certainly a feat for one who demonstrates his level of strength and stamina. In addition, during battle past he demonstrated a level of invulnerability and some unusual powers, such as wht could be described as telekinesis.

He also has an ancient ring which he says fuels his powers and long life. All this I will attempt to explain.

His ring is apparently one of the last, if not the last, surviving ring of power. It is general consensus in the Neo Waianae scientific community that the events of the books of Tolkien, or events similar to those described by the man, happened in the distant past. According to the linguist and historian the lesser rings died with the passing of Sauron and the destruction of the master ring, but this is not the case.

Several "dwarf" rings are unaccounted for in the books, and it is not impossible, perhaps, that one of the nine rings survived. It appears that through some highly improbable event the powers of the ring Junkalunka now has survived the destruction of the one ring.

But what are the powers of this ring, and how does it work? Perhaps contrary to Tolkiens portrayal, the ring the King possesses is actually a machine that exists in another dimension. The ring is literally a shadow or tip of the iceberg of the machine in the other world.

By machine, we are not referring to mechanical or electrical machinery, but rather a sort of quantum level device that stores and absorbs power and transfers it over to our dimensions.

In addition, over time Junkalunka began to be abosrbed by this other dimension, so that most of his "substance" is in the other dimension and perhaps machine, and only his shadow is present here.

Thus, his shadow does not mean a literal shadow, but rather a small portion of his self is present. He still takes on a material form. One of the practical results is that, if Junkalunka is "killed" in this world, so long as he has a small foothold here, he can move and regenerate, taking a true invisible wraithlike form.

So long as the ring survives as a bridge between these dimensions and it's, Junkalunka will always be present, unless he himself is undone, like the Witch-king upon the Pelennor fields.

Interestingly, Junkalunka takes on an invisible form. Not invisible as see-through, but rather like a black hole: light is absorbed and transferred to this other dimension, giving him the most absolute blackness in nature. Against the pitch black night sky, the "shadow" of Junkalunka is darker. Also, although material, he seems to not be solid, but rather a sort of mix between a solid, liquid and gas: Quite substantial, but not a rigid solid form. Somewhat comparable to a cold plasma.

Obviously Junkalunka's weakness is his bridge, the ring: if the ring is severed from him for longer than an undetermined length of time at an undetermined distance, Junkalunka will begin to lose much of his print on this world, becoming more and more powerless; a true wraith. All he must do, however, is find the location of the ring and begin rebuilding.

Wickica - July 5, 2007 06:01 PM (GMT)
Hail black-holes.

Hail Junkalunka.


Nice article.

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