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Title: The Announcement you all have been waiting for
Description: Are you ready for some football?

njndirish - April 28, 2007 12:19 AM (GMT)
Just over a month ago war ravaged Planet Bob. Casualties mounted up in the millions fighting for different causes, but that is not what brings this announcement. The war is past and a greater peace has fallen upon Planet Bob for probably what will be the longest time ever. Like I said before, I am not here to talk about war.

With this peace established nations will now grow and prosper. Planet Bob will expand back to its pre-war population if not even greater. This growth must be celebrated. No, not through o/, huzzahs or good jobs, but rather through competition. At this I would like to open up the door for registration for the Cyber Nations World Cup.

The Cyber Nations World Cup divisional rounds will probably occur during late may through june and the official date for the cup is still TBA.
Myself and a few others who want to help set this up will create the seeding and will be announcing the divisions on May 17, 2007.

Now my and their hope is that this cup will be the greatest organized non-warfare event ever on Planet Bob. We know that this will be very difficult to fulfill and as a non profit organization we want our participents to be rewarded. Thus we have an Advertising forum for all those who wish to adverdise their alliance, senate election, or a CN related product. For example you can buy the naming rights to the cup for $6 million.

If you wish to join the forum is here:
Thank you njndirish, head of the CNWC Committee

Edit: we will be playing on the game system

njndirish - April 28, 2007 02:52 AM (GMT)
BTW, the Cup itself will start on June 13th, the 1st aniversary of CNFIFA

njndirish - May 6, 2007 02:19 PM (GMT)
We currently have five members and need a sixth to start the cup

Melkoumian - May 7, 2007 11:47 PM (GMT)
I'll give it a shot.

bigwoody - May 8, 2007 05:15 PM (GMT)
Also interested (just signed up for the game server as well)

EDIT: and your forums

njndirish - May 8, 2007 08:28 PM (GMT)
if we get one more person we can have and even 8 teams

Mykester - June 4, 2007 08:21 PM (GMT)
I'm interested.

Khazak Empire - June 5, 2007 03:59 AM (GMT)
I hope you recognize the past World Cups.

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