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Title: Topics of Absence
Description: For the gap, since I'm lazy...

AEP: Master Creator - June 28, 2009 06:15 AM (GMT)

I'll just put the topics here, instead of making an individual forum for each one. It would take too much time, considering most of my conversations anymore are one-sided...

November: NaNo, in other words, I don't care... NO prompt
December 2008: Winter narrative of some kind (short)
January 2009: Historical fiction (short)
February 2009: Valentine's day [romance] (short)
March 2009: Superhero story (long)
April 2009: Same as above
May 2009: Fond Farewell [good-byes of some kind] (short)
June 2009: Journal [of summer?] (short)

That's all of them. I'll update the official records, and I'll actually put forums up in the strange hope...

AEPMC :lol: ;) :P B) :D :)

AEP: Master Creator - November 21, 2011 12:17 AM (GMT)
Here are some more prompts to try and catch us up. After looking back at this forum, I would really like to try and get it going again, because I know that there are some quality stories on here that deserve to be read.

July 2009: Vacation-related (short)
August 2009: Horror (short)
September 2009: Ode to some piece of nature (short)
October 2009: Halloween escapades (short)
November 2009: NaNo, no challenge
December 2009: Winter celebrations (long)
January 2010: Same as above
February 2010: Science fiction (short)
March 2010: Betrayal (short)
April 2010: Theater (short, unless scripted)
May 2010: Revision! (long)
June 2010: Same as above
July 2010: Underwater story (short)
August 2010: Mystery (long)
September 2010: Same as above
October 2010: Poetry
November 2010: NaNo, no challenge
December 2010: Reflection (short)
January 2011: New Beginnings (long)
February 2011: Same as above
March 2011: Horror (short)
April 2011: Prank-Gone-Wrong (short)
May 2011: Anticipation (short)
June 2011: Fanfiction (short)
July 2011: Athletic endeavor (short)
August 2011: Dog Days of Summer (short)
September 2011: Music-related (short)
October 2011: Thriller (short)
November 2011: NaNo, no challenge

Revision is specifically a time for you to dust off some old writings, and make them better, because as time passes, you will become more proficient at writing. Now beyond that, if you choose to add more material to existing stories, be my guest. If you choose to scrap the whole thing and rewrite it (please include the second part...), go ahead! If you want to make every single word count, full steam onward!

Another thing I should mention is the "little sibling" contest of NaNoWriMo, which takes place every April. It is called Script Frenzy, and the Office of Letters and Light (who sponsors both events) gives you resources to report your progress on a 100-page script by the end of the month. I will provide a link later, if any of you are interested in taking part next April.

These prompts are available for you to PM me and request as opposed to the current prompt if that so suits you. Let's get this going again!

AEPMC ;) :D :P B) :)

AEP: Master Creator - August 20, 2012 02:22 PM (GMT)
Since this month doesn't have any activity (thanks in part to my chaos at Challenge Central here), I will post the challenge here for later perusal. No contest this month, because I couldn't get stuff together in any decent amount of time for you to write a challenge of decent length. That being said, should you still feel up for it, go right ahead!

This month's challenge was going to be Trading Places. Two friends changing spots for a day, either through their own volition, or some condition put on them. A good example of trading places would be Freaky Friday (or Parent Trap in another sense).

From there, have fun figuring out your own set of conditions. Next month I'll be back with another challenge!

AEPMC ;) :D :P B) :)

AEP: Master Creator - September 30, 2012 06:49 PM (GMT)
Somehow, I again managed to let time get way past me. I am now way late on this challenge, so I will post the prompt here just to make sure you have a chance to see it.

This month is another Locale challenge: this time the story needs to involve a castle. Although, the extent of that is up to you.

As a great warmup to NaNoWriMo, I promise that tomorrow I will get another challenge up...

Happy writing! And look for tomorrow's challenge.

AEPMC ;) :D :P B) :)

Edit: You now see the power that you could have over me, by keeping me accountable. At least I'm only a week late this time... Let's get active!

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