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  1. Pinned: Cow RP Guide
  2. Pinned: Guide to Roleplay
  3. Pinned: How to Spice your Roleplay Up.
  4. Unofficial CRP Guide
  5. Chemist Guide
  6. How to survive in Cow RP
  7. In-Charatcer v. Out-Of-Character
  8. Stephen: The sin of Pride - Guide to roleplaying.
  9. Important Info on the special classes
  10. Shotgunning a Beer
  11. Makanokos declassified noob roleplaying guide
  12. The Guide to Role Play
  13. The Rules of Cow RP
  14. Healer Guide
  15. Cake's Guide: Building!
  16. Alio, The Royal Rankings guide
  17. Alio Guide
  18. Tips and Tricks
  19. Alio Newbie Guide

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