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Month of March

”These are dangerous times. To say what you feel is to dig your own grave….”

“The island of Ilmatar is no longer the haven for the supernatural world. Enchantments and magic were not enough to keep Cosmos or the town of Avalar safe. We should have seen them coming. When our children were killed in other lands, we should have known. This revolution…it cannot be contained, it’s too late now. A spark has caught in the hearts of students and an inferno will bring about chaos and darkness, however, it would be wise to know that fire will always shine the brightest in complete and utter darkness.”
- Aloric Cornelius Wolfgang (February, 19th, 2115)

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 The Way It's Always Been, open
Posted: May 7 2011, 05:13 AM


Siofra Yumiko sat entirely alone in the flower garden. Well, entirely alone isn't quite true. Her small pup, Zephyr, was curled up underneath the bench on which Sio sat. There was no use talking to the animal whilst he was eating so Siofra sat in silence. To keep her hands and her mind busy, she worked carefully to fletch a new batch of arrows she'd been working on. It could take forever to find the right feathers to use, but she had done it. So now she sat, quiet as a mouse, working tirelessly. She was already just over halfway done with the batch when Zephyr trotted out from under the bench, happily licking at the fur around his mouth.

"Any more star fruit mommy?"

"No Z. You ate them all. I have to go buy more tomorrow. I told you not to eat them all, but you wouldn't listen." With a sigh, Siofra sat her half finished arrow aside and looked down at the dog. "Why isn't there ever anyone for me to talk to?"


Sio smiled before picking her pet up and cradling him in her lap. "I mean humanoid anyones Z. Haven't you ever noticed that I don't have any friends? I've been here since I was fourteen and still the only person I talk to, or that talks to me, is you." She sighed again, setting the pup back on the ground before turning to survey the garden. "It's not that I don't want friends. People here are so different though. And I don't think they like me all that much either." She stared across the garden, lost in thought.

Siofra giggled softly, her concentration broken, and looked down to find Zephyr licking her hand. She reached up and gently scratched the pup behind the ears with a sad smile before looking out across the garden again. The flowers were all in bloom, and the fountains were crystal clear. She suddenly remembered the dime novels the young wives in her community would read. "This garden would make a perfect romance scene for one of those books." she mused quietly, lost in thought again. She didn't even notice Zephyr's stiffened stance or the person walking towards them.
Posted: Jun 2 2011, 08:05 AM

You can turn us down but you can't deny the din!

Group: Mod
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"Hey! Come back here, you!"

Fintan looked and felt like an idiot. After all, what kind of fool builds a clockwork bird with the ability to fly and lets it fly off. Him, that was who. And he was an idiot for it.

It truly wasn't his fault the damn thing had flown off, though. He had been finishing the final touches on the paint when an attractive female underclass....woman? had asked him for help on some mathematics problems. How could he refuse? Well, he had decided to help, and lo! The buffle-brained girl had laid eyes on the little contraption. And proceeded to wind it and set it loose.

And so, now he was the one chasing it down, not the fool who let it fly free. "God...dammit!" he exclaimed, seeing it fly towards the flower garden. Why me...? he asked himself, proceeding to continue jogging after it.

And then it entered the same area as an attractive young woman and her puppy. Well, he could see if it was possible to make use of this.

"Hey! YOU! Catch that bird!"

  Posted: Jun 5 2011, 03:14 AM


Zephyr noticed the mechanical bird a few moments after seeing the man that was moving towards them. He began barking happily, watching the bird above them. Of course Siofra was used to him barking at anything from people to butterflies and simply ignored the commotion he made. It wasn't until she heard the frustrated shout of the man behind her that she began paying attention.

"Hey! YOU! Catch that bird!"

Her first reaction of course was to spin on the spot to see who had spoken. Blonde hair and fox ears. She recognized him from somewhere but couldn't quite place his face from memory. He seemed frustrated, jogging toward the place where she sat. After studying his face for a brief moment she turned to see what Zephyr was barking at. A mechanical bed flitted about above them. That must be what he's chasing.

Of course, Sio's first response was to grab her bow and string it. Once she had it ready she grabbed one of her finished arrows and fit it to the bow. Drawing back, she took aim at the mechanical creature. It took her brain moment to register the fact that the Neko jogging toward her might be upset if she skewered his bird with one of her arrows. Slowly, she let the bow fall to her side. Setting her bow and arrow carefully aside, Sio began searching the ground for a stone. She needed something large enough to knock the bird from the air, but small enough nor to permanently damage it.

Zephyr conto he'd to prance around beneath the bird, switching between barks of happiness and squeals of "Look mommy!" It took some time but Siofra found the stone she needed. Picking it up she once more took aim at the mechanical bird, with the intent of knocking it from the sky.
Posted: Jun 5 2011, 05:09 AM

You can turn us down but you can't deny the din!

Group: Mod
Posts: 1,318
Member No.: 2
Joined: 1-April 11

As the dog started to bark, Fintan's ears immediately twitched. The Neko did not like dogs. The lot of them were stupid, smelly creatures. His nose twitched as well, catching its scent. The bird glinted above them, now flying around in circles. Now, why couldn't it have flown in circles before I had to run all this way...? he asked himself exasperatedly.

"NO!" he shouted, seeing the...elf, was she? try to shoot the delicate clockwork bird with a bow and arrow. He had spent literally weeks crafting each delicate part of the artificial avian. He didn't want it to die by impalement. Luckily, it seemed she heard, for she put down the bow. He breathed a sigh of relief. But then she was looking around...and picked up a rock. This time, he nearly shat himself.

The Neko put on an extra burst of speed, entering the clearing in which the elf girl and her dog resided. As he did so, he leaped upwards with all his determination (which, considering weeks of work was in danger of being smashed, was quite a lot) and at last clasped long fingers around the small mechanical bird.

He swiftly unwound it and dropped it into a shirt pocket. Note to self...don't let anyone touch your gadgets and toys ever again, he thought, wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.

"Sorry 'bout that," he said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. That whole fiasco was slightly embarrassing.

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