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Title: Does the kitty need a band aid?

Kuno - April 27, 2012 03:54 PM (GMT)
Aiden was mad enough to spit. In fact, he probably had spit, he just didn't remember it. "Dat feckin kont shud lighten 'is blows..." he grumbled mutinously, referring to the to the weaponry instructor, Professor Abendroth, also known as Vodka. As usual, the neko had been mouthing off in class, when the Professor had challenged him to a match, presumably to shut his moth...Vodka had then proceeded to beat the tar out of the mouthy rich-boy neko. He limped down the hall to the nurse's office, bleeding from several cuts. The neko's only consolation was that Vodka had a few burns. A few. Courtesy of yours truly, of course. It wasn't really enough to soften the sting of the slash down his side or the cut on his left leg or the notch in his ear, or the...but the point had been made. Aiden was also sure he'd be finding bruises in the days to come. Lots of them.

But all these physical wounds paled in comparison to his tattered pride. News of his defeat (and that he could be defeated) would be in everyone's ears by the end of the week. Aiden's pride came not from his appearance (though that was fabulous, of course), but from his fighting prowess. He loved nothing more than slamming his opponents in the dirt, still smoldering. But when he was the one slammed, he didn't take it well. Yes, the fiery neko was a sore loser. A very sore loser... he thought ruefully, poking at the edge of one of the slashes that the werewolf bastard had inflicted upon him. It would take forever for him to get back to peak physical condition...and until then, oh the exercises he couldn't do...

Nari - April 27, 2012 06:00 PM (GMT)
Defeated. That was what everyone who was a someone in the school was talking about, the fire dominating neko had finally been defeated, not just defeated apparently, but he had been so out matched that people weren't even calling it a fight. At least, that's what all the Rezkjeh were saying, of course they would take jibes on a Djerade, it was in their nature. But still, word had indeed reached the little redheaded witch, completely by accident, some people just talked too much. For whatever reason, some weren't even sure who had done the beating up, rumors crawled that a incoming fourteen year old Sdgolo was behind it, but Andy knew better than to believe that. Other rumors pointed to a Rezkjeh who confronted Aiden after he had been hitting on the kid's girl, again Andy didn't believe any of that, but just in case he had hit on her, then he deserved the beating he had gotten, but only then.

Rounding the corner the witch strolled inside the nurse's office, where was the woman anyway? "So its true." The witch leaned against the wall facing the bloody cat, he looked more like a kitten after being beaten up. "Its too bad I'm not wearing my nurses outfit, I could have pretended to heal you up." She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. "Or I can curse your attacker, I'll need some ingredients for my cauldron. A unicorn's big toe, a vampire's left fang, an angel's strand of hair...." Perhaps it wasn't the time to be joking around, he didn't seem to be in the best of moods. "My poor little baby, who beat you up?" Too blunt?

Kuno - April 28, 2012 01:46 AM (GMT)
Aiden looked up at the footstep, ready to snap at some gawking idiot, there to see the "unbeatable" Aiden looking like he had met a cheese grater. He shut his mouth in time to not offend his girlfriend...what he had planned to say would have gotten him even more injured. Andy was a spitfire, the kind of girl he liked. Dare he say that he loved her? Well, he didn't know. Was that burning he always felt within his chest whenever he thought of her, love? Or was it something else? The neko wasn't sure. Calling it "love" seemed like a huge commitment to make...or was he just being a pussy about things, no pun intended?

"Yeah," Aiden grumbled in reply to Andy's first question. Obviously it was true. He was dripping red all over the nurse's tile floor. Well, it was her own fault for not being here, the stupid bitch. She'd just have to clean it up later. Aiden wasn't in the mood for Andy's playful banter. Right now, he just wanted some sort of powerful pain meds, and sleep. Yes, sleep would help. A lot. "Dat goddamned weapons instructor, Vodka. Abendroth. whatever de feck yer want ter call 'im." The neko resisted the urge to spit on the blood-spattered tiled floors.

Nari - April 28, 2012 02:16 AM (GMT)
Andy shook her head, "Whatever you did you sure got him worked up." Teachers just didn't beat up their students because they felt like it, if that were the case the magic professor, the combat coach and the headmaster would beat up someone every single day. The last two only beat up students every other day. "Look at you baby, you're all scratched and cut up." She moved from the wall over to him, skipping over the patches of blood on the floor. What he needed was some loving. "What you need is to be pampered and spoiled." Or was he in too much pain for that? He wasn't in the condition for anything, the witch didn't like that at all, no not at all.

Where was this woman anyway? The witch sighed heavily, "Let me clean you up while we wait for this stupid bitch to show up, maybe I can be your personal nurse." Andy winked before walking to one of the cabinets, she didn't know anything about first aid. She tried to remember some of the things from health, and maybe something that Rin had mentioned, but nothing came to mind. "We should clean you though, before anything gets infected." Water and soap? The witch gathered a few utensils she might need before washing her hands and strutting over to the bleeding corpse. Wetting the cloth in the small plastic tubby, she gently pressed it on the cuts around his face, "I think you would end up punching me if I tried to put alcohol near your ear." Alcohol on a wound just didn't seem like a good idea. She was no healer! She didn't know this shit.

Kuno - April 29, 2012 05:31 AM (GMT)
"Oi wus mouthin' aff loike usual, an' he challenged me," Aiden replied in a grumble. He hadn't expected the professor to actually beat him to a pulp, else he wouldn't have accepted the challenge. No pride was worth limping for three weeks. Speaking of pride...well, he at least still had his (somewhat), despite it being tattered. At least he didn't decline the challenge, like a little bitch. Aiden gave his girl a lopsided grin. "Oi don't tink yer want ter be bled on," he replied, voice losing its harsh edge. A single crimson eye followed his rouge beauty as she flitted around the cabinets...seemingly without a clue as to what she was doing.

"I'll 'andle me own ear. Can ye go find iodine in wan av de cabinets?" He asked, flinching a bit as the witch put the damp cloth on his cuts. Yeah, at least she hadn't put something like soap in the water. Alcohol was good to clean a cut, but goddamn it hurt. That's why he preferred iodine. Sure, it turned everything rust-colored, but at least it helped to prevent infection. "You're best thin' that's 'appened ter me since dino chicken nuggets," he admitted to Andy. If she hadn't showed up, he would've probably just stood there like a bump on a log until the truant nurse showed up and bled to death in the mean time. "Are there any pain killers in de cabinets over there?" he asked, looking hopefully in the direction of the light wooden structures. He hoped so. Falling into a drugged sleep sounded extremely pleasant.

Nari - April 29, 2012 06:13 AM (GMT)
Andrea smirked at his explanation as to why he was beaten up, she should have guessed it herself. "Well despite being in the condition you are in I'm proud that you're still alive to tell the tale." And maybe inflict some damage to the teacher, he was awfully annoying, then again most teachers in the school were annoying. "Iodine. Got it." She stood up again, tossing the cloth to the side of him. "Iodine Iodine...iodine." What the fuck was iodine? Andy didn't know anything about first aid, in her eyes there was only water, alcohol and then band aids. It took some time, but eventually the ginger found a small brown bottle with the word iodine written in it. That had to be iodine.

At his mention of dino chicken nuggets the witch busted out laughing was his head okay? "I'm glad to hear you hold me at such high standard." They were rather good, with some ketchup and french fries. Andy loved french fries. Now where was the box of painkillers? It was on the very top of the cabinet, she wasn't nearly tall enough to reach for them without giving him a full view of her ass. Oh well, he deserved It after being beaten up. The witch climbed on top of the counter, and then reached for the bottle of tylenol, extra strength. "Here." She said, jumping down from the counter. "A recipe for a good night's sleep." She commented, putting two pills in his hand and bringing him a small cup of water. "Then we heal you baby."

Kuno - April 29, 2012 11:56 PM (GMT)
Aiden gave the ginger girl a lopsided grin. "Oi may 'av jist gotten belt in de noggin too 'ard. That old basta'd 'as a mean punch," he admitted, ruefully. He openly ogled the witch's backside as she climbed atop the counter for the meds. Hey, who cared. She was his own girlfriend. And no one else was looking, anyways. What was the harm? "Sweet," he replied, palming the pills. The neko ignored the glass of water and gulped down the tablets dry. Following this, he picked up the cloth that Andy had abandoned in order to go find the iodine and Tylenol. Grimacing, the neko washed each cut methodically, liberally squeezing out drops of iodine on each cut. Sure, it wasn't precisely the proper method of doing it, but he really didn't care. It wasn't like he was going to die.

At last, he started bandaging the various cuts, leaving the one on his ear for last. He made a face as he put a small bandage on it. He was sure that it looked ridiculous. Ah well. "Ye may need ter 'elp me walk up ter me dorm..." he commented, standing shakily. He took a few stumbling steps. Now that the adrenaline had gone from his bloodstream, that high had left him completely bereft of energy, and now he could barely stand. "Yeah, you'll need te 'elp," he amended, slapping a hand onto the wall to steady himself.

Nari - April 30, 2012 02:59 AM (GMT)
"Ew, you're supposed to pass them down with water." Why was he always so complicated? What was she supposed to do if one day he did the same thing and they got stuck in his throat? She wouldn't be putting her fingers down his mouth to get them out that was for sure. "Maybe you shouldn't mouth off in his class." She advised, but who was she kidding, mouthing off came so natural to him almost as easily as breathing. The ginger watched him heal his own wounds, wasn't she supposed to help? Maybe she had done a bad job and he wanted to do it himself, she would need to take some classes on first aid. What class would that be? Health class? The teacher was insane, the man preached about them waiting to do it, and then he offered them condoms. Andy would never understand why they had hire him, he was...strange.

"You want to go to sleep?" She dashed to his side, placing on of his arms around her shoulder and placed her own arm around his waist to make it easier on her. Hey, she was still a girl and he was heavy. They both took off towards the Djerade male dorms, Andy didn't need guidance. The witch had been there way too many times, hell the people of his hall knew what would go down when she stepped foot there.

Kuno - May 1, 2012 03:40 AM (GMT)
Aiden shrugged, grinning lopsidedly. "Fish fuck in water," he replied simply. Plus, it was just easier to down them dry. And he was a cat! He didn't like water. He refused to go swimming even in the summer. He'd just sunbathe like all the chicks who refused to muss their hair or makeup. "Yeah," he responded, grunting as he took a few shaky steps with her help. "Ah've jist cum aff av an adrenaline 'igh...i'm jaded," he admitted, tottering. The blood loss likely didn't all.

"Isn't dat yer roommate's paddy?" he asked, crimson eye following a black-haired male crossing the hall ahead of them. The male in question was always dark-natured, but for some reason, he seemed worse than normal. Aiden wondered why, groggily.

Nari - May 1, 2012 03:54 AM (GMT)
Andy just shook her head in disbelief, he did realize most liquids contained water right? She was going to argue with him over this, he had, had enough for one day. "Alright baby, you just ignore water." She'll would be there the day he had to pass kidney stones for lack of water, then he would truly cry. Andrea would make sure Aiden was in his bed and then she would go check up on her roommate, the girl was a mess. "Hm?" Her roommates paddy? She looked at the teen ahead and deducted that had to be Lucian. "Aiden, do not move." She guided him so he could lean on the wall for support, once she was sure he wouldn't be falling over the witch stomped over to the dark haired teen, grabbing him by the shoulder and turning him around roughly so he was facing her. "You filthy horseshitting fucking insolent motherfucking asshole!" She screeched, as she kneed him in the crotch as hard as she could, it helped her knee was so boney. "Who the fuck do you think you are to go around and tearing people apart? Huh?! Do you think its funny to leave a girl half suicidal and dead?! Well let me tell you something buddy, she is not alone in this you little bitch. She has me to back her up."

Kuno - May 2, 2012 03:57 AM (GMT)
Aiden raised an eyebrow as his girl screeched profanities at the unfortunate shapeshifter. Well, it was an impressive tirade, he had to admit. Though she had instructed him not to move, he couldn't help but applaud after she finished yelling. Moving from the wall, he limped over to the male. Though he hadn't really spent much time around Rin, he did consider he a friend. He was cool with her. "Oi don't nu what's 'appened, but if you've 'urt Rin, there'll be 'ell ter pay. Ah've seen dat lassy take down a vampire twice 'er size." Well, he had sorta helped. That leech pissed him off...maybe when he wasn't limping, he'd challenge him again. He was still at the school, right?

Lucian's eyes widened to saucers as the redheaded girl went off on him. She seemed vaguely familiar. Was she Rin's roommate. Wait. Why the hell did that even matter anymore. Rin was dead to him. She didn't exist. That's what he kept telling himself, anyways. When he wasn't abusing the piano and brooding in the dorm, he was beating the hell out of the training dummies in the Arena. He had gotten much better recently. Even Thunderballs and Vodka admitted it. Speaking of thunderous balls, it felt as if the entire world had just smashed into his crotch. The male doubled over, groaning, every single witty, smart-ass remark he wanted to make to the ginger evaporating as he cradled his injured scrotum.

Nari - May 2, 2012 12:39 PM (GMT)
Andy looked at Aiden from the corner of her eye as he approached her, hadn't she been clear to tell him she didn't want him moving? He was going to open a wound and bleed through the bandages, then they'd would have to return to the nurse's office. Aiden knew Rin? Andy hadn't seen that coming, not that she was jealous or anything, she knew Rin didn't like Aiden in that form and Aiden had never mentioned her. A vampire? Those pesky creatures, they thought they were better than everyone in school when in fact they were just plain annoying. "I'll tell you what happened," the witch returned her violet gaze on the shapeshifter, "He dumped her because she cared too much for him, that's apparently considered a sin now. Heaven help us for trying to keep others from getting hurt." The blonde hadn't gone into details but Andy knew it had to do about keeping a secret from him because she didn't want to hurt him. Whatever that was. "You're lucky I don't break your face, you deserve that and a hell of a lot more."

Kuno - May 5, 2012 05:26 AM (GMT)
Aiden raised an eyebrow. " 'eavy stuff. Let's go, oi nade sleep," he said, already putting the unfortunate shapeshifter from his mind. He slung an arm around Andy's shoulders, picking up the girl's other arm and draping it around his waist. He could, technically, walk on his own. However, the uses for this technique were twofold: he could make it even more abudantly clear that she was his, and it was much easier with assistance. It was unfortunate that he really was just going to sleep when he got up to the Djerade male dorms, however, he just wasn't physically...capable of any other activities at the moment. Maybe...well, definitely, it was happening when he could walk without assistance. He just couldn't wait until he reached his bed...god, he needed sleep.

Nari - May 6, 2012 09:13 PM (GMT)
Andy turned her head away from the dark haired shapeshifter, sticking her nose up in the air. "Let's go baby, we'll get you to your dorm so you can rest." There was no need to stay around and talk to the other boy, Andy had showed him how much she despised him. "There's no need to stick around this piece of trash." She made sure to say it loud to make sure the kid heard her. Now that she had met him, Andy could vote for Rin to stay or go for Travis, the kid was alright, he wasn't the best looking lad around but he could make her smile which had to count for something. "Let's go sweetie." She rubbed his side carefully making sure not to apply enough pressure for him to be in pain, she wanted him to be in tip top shape, he had neglected her for too long, she wanted kitty witch time soon, but that wouldn't happen in his current state. Once they were far enough, she wanted to bring her job up. "I got a job a few weeks ago, its fun."

Kuno - May 14, 2012 12:32 AM (GMT)
Aiden nodded, acquiescing quietly to Andy's statements. He didn't know the kid, or the kid's situation, well enough to have an opinion, like Andy so obviously did. He just knew that he was a musician and that his mother had died a few months back. Other than that...he got nothin'. He respected Rin, she was cool. He always liked a girl who could fight. Rin wasn't precisely his type, though. No, that slot was taken by Andy, his ginger belle. "Ye got a job? Where?" Aiden asked, glancing over at Andy with a single crimson eye. He was curious. Why would she need a job in the first place? He'd happily buy her anything she wanted. He had more than enough money. Maybe she felt like a mooch?

Nari - May 14, 2012 02:00 AM (GMT)
Andy smirked when she had caught his interest, she liked doing that, catching him off guard. "I got a job as a dancer at Wild foxy crabs downtown." Of course she never actually went out and stripped, she had her own illusion to do that. She was only there because Lexa needed the money for her kid, otherwise Andy wouldn't even bother with a job although now that she was receiving money it would be hard not to have a job. "Its a lot of fun, Lexa works there too, that's mainly the reason why I'm there. I didn't want to leave her alone. However it is a fun place." The fun part was sneaking out of the school at dead of night without the other two girls in the dorm noticing. Andy would never ask Aiden for money, that was embarrassing. "You should come watch me one of these days, or I could just give you your own private." She'd never do privates for customers, she had enough respect in her relationship to not do that to Aiden, it wasn't cheating if it wasn't her doing it anyway.

Kuno - May 20, 2012 05:35 AM (GMT)
"A dancer?" that had to be a euphemism. Wild Foxy Crabs? What the hell was that? He'd heard some of his Djerade buddies say the name before; wasn't it a strip club? Oh god, why did she have to bring this up when he was too tired to get angry about it? Was that part of her plan? Why was he asking all these questions? "Or a stripper? There's a diff'rence, lass." He wasn't precisely thrilled about all this. Aiden was a territorial male, he didn't like other men even looking at his girl. And now his girl's job was to have men look at her? Oh, when he was more conscious, they'd have a long talk about all this. A loooong talk. "We'll talk about this tomorrow. Oi'm too tired ter quite tell waaat you're sayin'."

Nari - May 22, 2012 01:49 AM (GMT)
"I prefer to call it exotic dancing Aiden. Don't make it sound so vulgar." Why wasn't he more excited about her job? It was not like she went in the stage and took her clothes off, that was just her illusion doing the dirty job for her. Still, the witch didn't understand why they had to talk about this until tomorrow, she wanted to talk now and get the conversation over with, waiting a couple of hours would just make her nervous. Shit, she was a nervous wreck now. "That's fine, we'll talk tomorrow then. Until tomorrow however you should try to think about all the benefits of me having a job brings." Like not asking for money because she clearly didn't have any, and she got to eavesdrop on interesting conversations, and and...and there were other benefits Andy clearly wasn't benefiting from, she didn't need them she had a boyfriend.

Kuno - May 22, 2012 03:21 AM (GMT)
Aiden rolled his eyes. 'Exotic dancing', 'stripping', what was the difference? They were the same thing. Either way, it involved men looking at her. Didn't she understand that that was his problem? He wouldn't give a damn if she had gotten any other job, but this one...this one was a problem. Perhaps he could convince her to get a job as a waitress instead? Or as a barista? Anything but stripping. Well. Anything but stripping and prostitution. Those were the only jobs he had problems with. Seriously. She knew how territorial he was. She had to know. Didn't she? "I'll think about it..." he agreed reluctantly. He said 'think'. Not that he'd come around to her side of the argument. Hell no. He was adamant about this. Maybe he'd have to get a job there as a guard or a bouncer or something. Maybe that'd help him sleep at night.

Nari - May 22, 2012 03:28 AM (GMT)

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