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 Demographics (Sancta Terra), population, language, currency etc.
Posted: Feb 20 2011, 09:45 AM

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Sancta Terra

The Physical Realm composed of humans, animals and their spirits.

In 1951 when the war of the two realms began a great portion of the physical planet was torn asunder. The current population is estimated to be a small percentage of what it was before the war. The remaining humans flock to the major cities in their struggle to survive and live their lives in the post apocalyptic world.


Est 200 mil. (Nobody can be sure exactly how many humans survived the apocalypse. Not all humans register at the official city registries. Some don’t even know the cities or registries exist.)


‘Common Tongue’: a language developed from the most commonly used languages of the survivors. For the sake of this board it looks, sounds, feels and smells just like English. Other hermits may speak other languages.

Demonic: An ancient language used by old demons and mages tapping into demonic magics.

Others: Fae, Venerable and the Spirited may all have their own languages and dialects too. Keep in mind that some species do not use speech to communicate but rather thoughts and feelings.


Credits: (major) This is an electronic and written currency kept by human banks.

Coins: (minor) This is a tangible currency used by vendors and traders in the Scrapyard. Bigger businesses may use Credits. (100 copper coins = 1 silver coin. 100 silver coins = 1 credit).

Favor: (major) Made via verbal and written agreements that cannot be broken. Usually one or more of the traders of favor are a race that is physically incapable of lying or just cannot break their word. Favor is the most powerful type of currency of the two worlds. Those that know how to play it to their advantage can use it to become very powerful.

Soul: (both major and minor): For those that deal with souls (ie, are able to extract or gain ownership of a soul that does not belong to them), this is a minor currency. For those that depend on souls to stay alive (those that have souls or consume them) it is a major currency. It can be traded accordingly as part of a written or spoken agreement.

Flesh and Blood (minor): Works the same as coins with the difference that flesh and blood are generally measured/weighed before being traded for anything. Magical flesh and blood is worth more than non magical as it is more potent.


All of these major cities are nothing like the cities that existed before the war. They were torn down by ‘natural’ disasters during the war and rebuilt from the ground-up by humans to accommodate the new living standards.

St Petersburg (Russia):
Also known as ‘Refugee City’ or ‘Sanctuary City’ to those that refuse all connection to the ‘holy ones’ (Venerable). A lot of major and small businesses operate in Refugee City as it is where the Terran civilian population is believed to be at the greatest. The citiy’s dwellers have completely rebuilt the city by hand in a grid system. The city is divided into rings. The innermost ring is the central business district, outside of that is the entertainment district. Outside of the entertainment district is a ring that serves as the market district. On the very outskirts of it is the suburban population.

London (UK):
One of the first major cities to fall. London is the above-ground United Sancta Terra Resistance base. The below-ground is in Frankfurt (Germany).

Washington (US); Toronto (Canada):
Smaller human cities with minimal military force (deployed from London). The Cities are governed by control centres in Frankfurt and St. Petersburg.

New Brisbane (Australia):
Fae and Human alliance headquarters.


Motorised Vehicles: Salvaged Off-Road and All-Terrain vehicles are used as personal transport. Public transport includes ‘Road Trains’ (busses designed for rough terrain transport) or trucks with trailers designed to transport humans.

Organic: Large flying creatures from the Eternus Obscurum can be summoned for long air journeys by skilled magi of water or earth element (mostly water). Horses, donkeys, camels, elephants, pigs, zebras etc can be used where applicable.

Magical: Human magi specializing in gatekeeping can open transportation portals to the Obscurum that may be used as travel. Others may just know someone that can teleport and fly.

Other: Walking, catapults?


Due to the war, the technology has suffered a massive setback to what it would be without the war. Some technology may even have integrated magical components.

Either way, don’t expect to see plasma screens or 3D cinema in Coalescence. Computers, telephones, internet etc are all restricted technologies for the elite (government, powerful organizations etc.). Most homes may have a television. Large news screens are posted in many public districts all over cities to inform the population.

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