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 I got burned, but you're the real loser, ~{Gwen}~
Gwenneth Gallagher
Posted: Mar 31 2012, 10:16 AM

Second Year || 16

Group: Child of Poseidon
Posts: 172
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Joined: 17-May 11

Gwen was buried underneath so many layers of different emotions it was hard to distinguish which was the strongest. She couldn't even understand most of them, but she heard her heartbeat in her ears, and her own sobs. She felt the cold and wet of the tears running down her cheeks in contrast to the heat that had risen to her face. It always happened when she cried and she was sure her cheeks were red or pinkish by now. They always did. But that was the last worry in her head. She wasn't even worried about crying in public now. This was it. The consequences of mistakes, something she had never really known before, they were happening now and they were abysmal. He was... he was sad, and hurt, and crying and it was all her fault. Because of one bloody kiss with someone she hadn't bloody known and who she really didn't care about! And now it had ruined the best thing she had ever had.

But he was hugging her. And she couldn't tell if it was a goodbye hug or... or... she hoped it was anything else but that. What would she do, if she couldn't have Ethan? What if... what if he found someone else? Just the thought made her shiver and then it hit her: wasn't that what had happened? Perhaps in his head? She hadn't. She hadn't meant for it to look like she had found someone else because she hadn't. She hadn't even spoken to Kyle since then! Guilt and shame as well, he must think of her what Ethan was thinking: the cheater. The worse girlfriend in history, a bad person, lacking morals and incorrect. But she couldn't think about that now, because he was so close to her again. It always made her somewhat foggy minded, like she couldn't process things properly. But she was crying into his chest, and she could feel his chin on her shoulder.

And then he was stroking her hair and his words made her bones melt and she felt herself wobbly. He wouldn't leave her? Really? She whimpered somewhat in relief into his chest again. "I'm so sorry, so sorry, so sorry," she whispered again, between hiccups and sobs. So sorry.

[out <3]

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Ethan Anderson
Posted: Apr 4 2012, 08:42 AM

Second Year || 17

Group: Child of Hermes
Posts: 186
Member No.: 72
Joined: 30-June 11

Ethan had experienced more tears in the past few days than in his whole life. If he told his mother this, she would probably have blamed it all on puberty. Damn you puberty. It wasn't that, it was just that he had been foolish enough to love a girl so much. But he should have known. With love came also the heart break. And although he didn't want to believe it, that's exactly what had happened in this situation. But then again there was also that other thing: what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And he was still very much alive, so he figured he'd be stronger now. Gwen was very much like him in some points actually. He wasn't thinking on concequences either, at all. He always did before thinking about it. And then afterwards he knew it had been a stupid move, had he only thought about that earlier. But it was too late for that sometimes, as it was too late for Gwen to take back what she had done. All he could do now was forgive her and forget about it.

The hug he gave her was not a goodbye hug, never. He couldn't do that. Not that he was all dependant on her, he wasn't. He just loved her, and he figured that a relationship should be able to take more than one incident right? It wouldn't be immediately broken by this, or at least it wasn't supposed to be broken by this. That would make it a weak relationship. And that wasn't what their relationship was, at least not in Ethan's eyes. Besides, he could leave if he wanted too. Sure he was upset that she had kissed Kyle, but he knew now and all he could do now is forgive and forget. Okay that's easier said than done, but he would get there eventually. He just hoped it had really been just a mistake, not that she thought Kyle had been better than he was. Maybe he was better than he was, but Ethan refused to think of that possibility. He couldn't be better.

He closed his eyes. It was hard to see her upset like this. Had it been his fault? Yes. Most likely. It was bad of him to do, but maybe it was just her own guilt. But that was good then, then at least she knew she was wrong and that she probably won't do it again, or at least not anytime soon. That was a relieve to him.

ďI know,Ē

[out <3]
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